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Thread: Zionist Plan to Steal River Nile Water

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    Default Zionist Plan to Steal River Nile Water

    Zionism Exposed

    By: Jonathan Azaziah

    The usurping Jewish regime is not subverting its North African enemies for oil and land alone as it is so often said; "Israel" wants their precious "blue-gold."
    PHOTO: Zionist engineered NATO, the attack dog of international Zionism, murdered more than 100,000 Libyans including al-Qadhdhafi himself, in another Zionist-designed genocide.
    Abdullahi Al Azreg, Sudan’s Ambassador to Britain, recently gave a stunningly candid interview to the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Press TV in regards to the ongoing conflict between his nation and the artificial country known as “South Sudan”. Ambassador Al Azreg stated unequivocally that the South Sudan regime was engaged in a “proxy war to execute the projects of the Zionist movement”; he further declared them “puppets,” not only carrying out “designs” against Khartoum itself but “other Muslim and Arab countries.”

    He slammed Jewish Hollywood as a prime mover and shaker against Sudan and accurately noted that the “Save Darfur” campaign was the product of several powerful American Jewish organizations. He also pegged the seemingly nonstop propaganda against Sudan as “mainly Zionist propaganda (1).” These admissions are echoed and fully documented by an abyssal Mask of Zion investigative report on Jewish Hollywood’s symbiotic relationship with the usurping Zionist entity and how it routinely targets the enemies of “Israel” through its films, television shows and actors (2).

    What lies at the heart of the criminal Zionist regime’s subversion of Sudan, beyond the obvious prize of oil and the immediate objective of balkanization, is blue-gold; water, lots and lots of water, and not just any body of water either, but the ancient Nile River itself. This plot, developed in 1974 and known as the “Yeor Plan”, would see Nile water diverted from Egypt’s northern Sinai region through tunnels underneath the Suez Canal and ultimately, through the illegally besieged Gaza Strip into al-Naqab, referred to by occupying “Israeli” Jews as the “Negev”. The Zionist regime initially suggested that 1% of the Nile’s precious water would be sufficient for its needs.

    The problem with this seemingly tiny amount however, was that the 1% desired by usurping Jewish entity belonged to Sudan. Despite the Zionists’ ambitions and the notorious Egyptian collaborationist Anwar el-Sadat’s treacherous willingness to oblige them, Egypt could not transfer any of its water resources unilaterally; it needed approval from its Nile partners: Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Zaire (3).

    The only nation here that was operating from a staunch anti-Zionist stance of course, was Sudan, and disapproval from just one of the nine nations, invalidated any such dispersal objectives. Sudan had to be ruined and put under control for the Jewish supremacist enclave’s “H2O hegemony” could be established.

    The Yeor Plan was concocted because “Israel” is suffering, and has always suffered from a water crisis and thus far, it has proved to be completely incapable of solving it, generating more and more political instability with each passing moment (4). This is due to the Zionist occupiers being nothing more than the equivalents of parasites.

    They consume, consume and consume, caring not in the slightest about the land they are literally bleeding dry (5). Every one of the rivers that flourished with pristineness before the advent of Zionism is now polluted, some to devastatingly deadly levels, except the Upper Jordan. The Lower Jordan on the other hand is used by the usurping, occupying Jews as nothing more than a dumping ground. 88% of the wells in the occupation capital of Tel Aviv are polluted, and this is just the tip of the iceberg (6).

    Read More: Zionism Exposed

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