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Thread: Short stacked heading into day 2

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    Default Short stacked heading into day 2

    I'm short stacked heading into day 2 (Sunday) of a 100K poker tourney. I played well enough to win a seat thru a main event satty and outlasted more than 75% of the field in my flight but now I'm faced with a predicament... Is it even worth going back to finish the tournament knowing that I will have to probably push all-in within about 4-12 hands, although I could see over 20 poker hands before I am grinded and anted out? My strategy road map for making it to day 2 worked out according to plan. In stage 14 late in my flight, the last stage of day 1 of the main event there was a crucial hand that I folded pre-flop Q,10 diamond suited, after seeing the flop I realized I had the potential to more than double up. At that moment I believe I watched the tournament slip out of my fingers after 7 hours of playing poker. It was my biggest mistake of the day, I'll remember that hand for a long time. If I do go back to finish the tournament I have to be ultra aggressive right up front to double up, that's the only strategy that I see. That seems like my only out. What do you guys think, should I go back and finish?
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    Of course. You probably play like a stereotypical cash player. So, learn how to play tournaments before trying again next time.


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    I've decided that I'm going to go back and play my remaining chips down to a result. I'm going to need a lot of luck at this point in the game but if I can manage to double up I think I can make a deep run. In your words how does a stereotypical cash player play? I've been playing a bit of tournament poker here lately but not games consisting of an ante. I hate the ante but it can work in a players favor or grind on them if their short. I am sitting light but I did manage to accomplish a few short term goals by getting to this point in the game. I did do what I said and thought I intended to do. I will get the answer that I seek with the sun in my face here soon enough.
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