The Soviets Did NOT Defeat Germany!


Just how massive was the free arsenal of state-of-the art goodies which FDR shipped to "Uncle Joe" via never-ending Arctic convoys? Chew on these numbers, Dr. Roberts:

  • Trucks: 427,284
  • Tanks and Combat Vehicles: 13,303
  • Aircraft: 11,000
  • Bombers: 3,000
  • Anti-Aircraft Cannons: 8,000
  • Motorcycles: 35,170
  • Ordnance Service Vehicles: 2,328
  • Radar Systems: 400
  • Petroleum Products (gasoline and oil): 2,670,371 tons
  • Explosives: 300,000 tons
  • Field Radios: 40,000
  • Foodstuffs (canned meats, sugar, flour, salt, etc.): 4,478,116 tons
  • Locomotives & Railway cars: 13,000.
  • Tommy Guns (fully automatic machine guns): 135,000
  • Metal Cutting Machine Tools: 400,000
An entire tire plant was actually lifted bodily from the Ford Company's River Rouge Plant and transferred to the USSR. There were also secondary Lend-Lease deliveries from the UK to the USSR, most of which were just re-transfers of US aid given to the UK.

More essential goodies:
aircraft engines, battleships, destroyers, submarines, mine sweepers, sonar sets, anti-submarine batteries, naval guns, rocket batteries, gear-cutting machines, drilling machines, cast-iron pipes, X-ray tubes, electric furnaces and even essential items such as socks, boots, razors, clothes.