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Thread: Good Dealer V Bad Dealer

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    Default Good Dealer V Bad Dealer

    Good Dealers versus Bad Dealers

    31 March 2015

    By Frank Scoblete

    It’s Thanksgiving for Good Dealers

    If you play slot machines, your only worry used to be getting your hands dirty from the coins but today that is no longer a problem since coins are things of the past. Now everything is paper. Yes, you could have a problem if a stiff wind blows through the casino, ripping the paper from your hands and blowing it to who knows where.

    For table-game players often what makes or breaks a game are the dealers who come in the usual range of human personalities from sun-shiny to pleasant to sour and scowling. Some are even worse than the worse. Let’s take a look at the good and bad dealers and offer a hearty thanksgiving for the good ones. For the bad ones? Well, if they don’t like their jobs then they should go into another career such as writing operas.

    Bad dealer at any game: You put your money on the table. “Could I have some white chips with that? Say ten white chips.” Those white chips are going to be for tips. He ignores you and gives you 20 red chips. When you mention you wanted white chips too, he rolls his eyes as if you’ve asked him to take out his own heart and eat it.

    Bad dealers at craps: This is called crosstalk. He says, “So Jenny wanted to buy that car.” “Yeah, yeah, my girlfriend bought a new car too.” “I thought you broke up with her?” “Nah, we….” You say, “Uh, sir, you forgot to pay me for my hard six.” He says, “Just a minute, just a minute, I’ll get to you; anyway we got back together and then I found out she was cheating…” You say, “Hey, you took my winning Place bet of six.” The dealer rolls his eyes and pays off. You say, “I still haven’t gotten paid for my hard six.” He says, “So we’re going to go to this picnic and….” You say, “My hard six.” The dealer rolls his eyes.

    Bad Boxman at craps: You like to set the dice and take care with your roll. You are fast doing this, just as fast as someone who wings the dice all over the place. You also enjoy tipping the dealers. Then the Boxman snorts: “Do you really think you can win shooting like that? That won’t help you beat craps.” You get a little annoyed, “Do you tell other shooters they can’t win?” The dealers laugh and the Boxman rolls his eyes.

    Bad blackjack dealer: She says, “Sir, I don’t have all day for you to make your decision.” You say, “I just can’t figure out this hand.” The dealer rolls her eyes.

    Bad floor person: “If there’s anything you want Mr. P. just let me know.” An hour later you say, “Hi, could I have two comps for dinner at the steak house?” Floor person yawns: “I have to check the computer.” He comes back 15 minutes later. “I can give you a two-for-one at the buffet.”

    Good dealer at any game: “Hi, sir, welcome to the table. Best of luck to you.”

    Good dealer at craps: “Okay I think we have a good shooter here!” Shooter makes his point. “Nice going, shooter.”

    Good dealer at blackjack: “Take your time deciding what to do, sir. No rush. I’m not going anywhere.”

    Good dealer standing at empty table: You pass the table and she smiles at you or nods or says hello.

    All casino table-game players know that the dealers have nothing to do with you winning or losing. They are merely the messengers of Lady Luck’s caprice. However, sans winning or losing, a pleasant, professional dealer makes it seem as if he or she is rooting for you or, at the very least, enjoys dealing to you.

    Now, I am fully aware of the fact that dealing with the public can be a royal pain in the bottom and that one or two creepy players can ruin a whole day for a dealer. Talk to any teacher in America and ask them this, “If you teach 150 kids a day and one of them is a raging idiot of the highest order who is always giving you lip and is constantly nasty and disruptive do you go home and think, “Oh, I love my 149 students,” or do you go home and think, “I hate that kid” as you toss and turn through the night knowing that this horror awaits you again the next day?

    Truthfully, dealers don’t have to like their patrons or their jobs --- they just have to pretend they do. They merely have to act pleasant and interested in the people they service. When an actor has to do a scene in a movie or on stage, even if he is depressed or has a headache or his main squeeze has run off with Chris Hemsworth but the scene calls for him to be jolly and, well, darn it, he better be jolly or he won’t be acting for long.

    I am reminded of a great moment in the careers of Laurence Olivier and Dustin Hoffman. They were doing a scene for “Marathon Man” where Hoffman’s character had been up for 24 straight hours. To get into the mood for the scene Hoffman (a “method” actor) stayed up for 24 hours. On set he couldn’t remember his lines or his blocking (where he was supposed to be) and finally Olivier said, “My dear boy, if you had learned how to act you wouldn’t have had to stay up all night.”

    And that is my advice to bad dealers --- learn the art of acting. ~ Scobe

    Reply from Wm Yanusaites:

    Frank, I used to train dealers,dealt for 2 years,7 years as a floor. I would like to take exception to a few things in this article. First, some casinos push dealers on hands per hour,you get called in the office,if you dont keep the pace,I wont name the casino chain,as not every casino in their network enforces that rule. Dealers become very cocky,especially in "KEEP YOUR OWN" environments. I cant imagine a dealer not wanting to give you white checques to tip them with,as that is how they survive. Unfortunately SOME of them have gambling problems,and if your not tipping them,they become extremely moody,just like the PLAYERS do,if your not "letting them win" NOTE: PEOPLE WITH GAMBLING PROBLEMS ARE VERY MOODY.

    Its a addiction !!! We all know that dealers have no control over players winning or losing. As for floor people,,,"Let me run to the computer and check your points",,Frank that is all a floor person is allowed to do,,,they no longer have ANY comp power,,,and in fact,,a very good friend of mine got FIRED for "taking care" of a outstanding player,,who didnt have enough points for the steakhouse,our hands are tied,,no matter how good the player,,our hands are TIED,,we can not "GIVE" you anything,,,EVERY casino,that I know of is based off the points system on the main floor UNLESS you are playing in their VIP lounge. If you truly want comps above and beyond your normal point system,get to know the shift manager,bring him a few cubans,call him,,befriend him,,as HE is the only person beyond a casino host with any power on the floor. Sadly,the floor job, no longer has much authority,and if you try to use any authority,you get in trouble.

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    Bad dealers can be a pain to deal with. I've never played Spanish 21 in the casino but since the strategy is different than in blackjack I would wonder how many times throughout a session that a dealer would try to play someone's hand for them if the player is using basic strategy and a counting system. I would have to guess that they use a lot of blackjack dealers to deal this game. Franks responder said, "We all know that dealers have no control over players winning or losing." This floor person obviously doesn't think that dealers can cheat players. He should know better than that. The house edge is apparent in every game they have.

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