It’s fair to say that Bob Marley probably could not have imagined that 33 years after his death, his name would be lent to what is about to be the newest entrant to the burgeoning legal marijuana market.

The reggae icon was perhaps the most prominent and outspoken advocate of the drug throughout his life and at the height of his fame. He viewed it as a spiritual and creative force that was probably more likely to be legalized by “Christ’s government” than governments here on Earth.

But times have changed – in a big way. Look no further than Tuesday’s announcement by Marley’s family that it plans to piggyback on successful efforts to legalize marijuana in the United States and elsewhere by introducing a new brand of marijuana products bearing the late singer’s name.

“Marley Natural” is being launched by Privateer Holdings, a cannabis industry investment firm, and products will reach the market in late 2015.

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