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Thread: America's Conspiracy of Silence

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    Default America's Conspiracy of Silence

    NEO – America’s “Blacklist” Conspiracy of Silence

    By Gordon Duff February 12, 2015
    Thousands of Americans are currently gagged and silenced from reporting crimes against the people of the United States & the world at large

    This is another Gordon classic that did very well at New Eastern Outlook. The timing was interesting, as I just published the CIA torture whistleblower story on John Kiriakou getting out of jail yesterday, and it has over 4000 reads on it at VT.

    We don’t wish to be the only media source to publish material like you will read below. We have become so mainly due to default, with mainstream media being so in the bag on the “big” issues. They will never live down how they rolled over on 9-11, forever disgracing any legacy of American free press.

    Our military sources continue to confirm that military and Intel contracted-out projects continue to be untraceable as to what the money really gets spent on and who is accountable. The firewalls are there for all to see, and Congress seems to be not too concerned — or corporate media for that matter.

    What could cause so many to just bend over to what is patently a parallel shadow government operating with public funding but not accountable — one of the biggest stories of our time?

    It is the kind of non-action one would have expected to see after the Bush regime 9-11 coup, and we did, but why does Obama let it continue… and General Dempsey, too? Inquiring minds would like to know
    High level sources within the US Department of Justice tell us that every major investigation undertaken since 1990 — financial fraud, terrorism, narcotics, espionage — all have been quashed, all involved silenced, removed, discredited and even killed.” … Gordon Duff


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    Default Connections?

    Is this related to the sprees of mysterious deaths of bankders and microbiologists?

    See: http://www.zenzoneforum.com/threads/...quot-in-7-Days
    And: http://www.zenzoneforum.com/threads/...Being-Murdered

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