Arbitrage: My $45k bet that couldn’t lose

Wednesday, 19 Nov at 12:25pm by Luc Pettett

For an arbitrage punter, it's essential that the numbers stack up...

Once one of the biggest arbitrage punters in Australia, Luc Pettett - CEO of - shares his personal pro punting journey. From building an automated betting program, to (almost!) risk-free $45,000 wagers, to ultimately being shut down by the corporate bookmakers, Luc’s story provides a unique insight into the razor-thin opportunism of arbitrage betting.

Three years ago I was the biggest arbitrage punter in Australia, having built a ‘bot’ to exclusively place my bets.

At its peak, my automated computer program was in 24-hour operation, placing about 700 bets a day and using six servers hosted offshore.

And on most days - as is the nature of arbitrage betting - I could not lose on every single race or sporting contest that the bot chose to bet on.

My bot wouldn’t get drunk and reckless, bet with its heart or start chasing losses. It would simply do what it was told - all day every day - by honing in on any betting market it considered to be potentially profitable.

This is the beauty of a bot: entirely automated, largely risk-free, and capable of placing bets with any of the major Australian bookmakers or TABs in less than 1.2 seconds.