The fight between God and Satan. Boob job or not.

I am on bible God’s side for perhaps the first time in my life.I too think a boob job in order for Satan.

No offence Satan. Perhaps Michel Angelo was disturbed about putting those boobs on what the church has perpetuated as a man; --- while subliminally showing our inner minds a woman.

Rather misogynistic and sneaky that for an honest church.

As above, so below. God and a womanized serpent above and Adam with Lilith, the uppity bitch to the men who deny women equality.

Perhaps that is what motivated the pope. A twisted form of misogynistic Father Complex. F1genesis%2F4sin%2F04_3ce4e.jpg%3Bhttp%3A%2F%2Fwww sis%2F4sin%2F04_3ce4e.html%3B1135%3B770

And Christians follow such a church.

But all that misogynistic talk aside, we men do not want to talk of that, so the real important issue I wish to discuss here is if God was right in wanting Satan to get a boob job.

I only ask because the other evening my wife and I were watching T. V. and there were real women but few had natural parts.

Did God want Satan to get a boob job?

Did Michal Angelo purposely make Satan an ugly woman just to serve a misogynistic Vatican?