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Thread: Healing Recipes: Herbs, Food, Water

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    Red face Healing Recipes: Herbs, Food, Water


    Healing Recipes:

    Herbs, Food, Water

    Nervous System and Head Diseases

    I. Nervousness, nervous weakness, neurasthenia

    What causes neurasthenia? The unnatural human life, devoid of the Devine. Whenever he loses his connection with the Devine, a man becomes a neurasthenic. And in general – when a man is missing something significant, he becomes a neurasthenic. It is terrible to deprive a man of Love, as the food for his soul! This is a truth known to all people. Therefore, when one is devoid of all the significant things in his life, his nervous system is disordered. What’s the remedy then? Only God’s Love can cure neurasthenia. If God’s Love visits the sick, he gets well immediately.

    First option

    1. Hell is in the intestines of a person, therefore, when someone is to be cured, he must first cleanse his stomach and intestines.

    2. In the summer mornings, put some water out in the sun to warm-up by 1 p.m., and then pour that water on the sick person. Such a bathing with solar water is also to be practiced by the healthy person, while the one, having nervous weakness may bath in this way twice a day.

    3. Three times a week, in the evening, wash with warm water the waist, the stomach, the groins and the upper part of the thighs. Wet a towel in warm water and make a massage. In order to provoke a reaction, the distance from the knee to up to 25 above it, must remain dry. Such a bathing improves the blood circulation and immobilizes the body power.

    4. Wash the feet with warm water every night.

    5. Only eat vegetarian food, which must be nourishing.

    6. Eating a lot of apples is necessary, because they contain energies, which relieve nervous weakness and headache.

    7. In the morning, at noon and in the evening drink two glasses of hot water in small gulps.

    8. Eating grated white and black turnips with a little lemon and olive-oil at noon has a healing effect.

    9. Maze water is also to be drunk for some time. It is prepared in the following way: a kilo of maze is boiled in 1 ¾ l water, until only a liter of liquid remains, which is then strained and drunk in three parts during the day. New maize is to be boiled on the next day.

    10. Carrots and peppers are to be used when eating.

    11. Every morning practice the six main gymnastic exercises.

    12. Every day, without exception, go for early walks before sunrise and not later than one hour after the sunrise, because this is when the solar energies heal man’s nervous system and one must expose himself to these sun rays.

    13. Excursions and stays in the mountains are strongly recommended, because they rejuvenate and heal the nervous system.

    14. Every day learn by heart a sentence of the book “Sacred words of the Мaster “.

    15. A man has to have a Devine Thought, which is basically the understanding, that everything is for good and whatever happens, the balance must not be lost. When the Devine thought is assumed, the harmony between the ethereal and physical bodies will be restored. If this harmony is disturbed this can cause a lot of diseases.

    16. Only easily digestible food is to be consumed, and it must be chewed a long time.

    Second Option:

    For one month the sick must eat bread toasted on well inflamed coal so that no moisture remains in it. The carbon energy gives firmness to the character. You may spread butter or something else on the toast.

    Third option:

    You can try the following thing: take some garlic outside in a bottled, then put some water on it. When someone is sick with neurasthenia or if he is in abnormal condition, leave that garlic outside for an entire week, when the nights are clear, so that the garlic can taken in the light of the stars. When this garlic is fed to the sick with a spoon, the sick gets well. When the light, taken in by the garlic, enters the human body, it helps.

    II. Headache

    The reasons for the headache are numerous, but mostly it is caused by troubles and worries.

    First option:

    1. The one, who has a headache, may spend some time at a high mountain, where he must expose his spine to the sun, but only to the early morning rays, when the sun rises and a little time after that, and not later.

    2. Drink only warm water, every night wash your feet and every second day – the groins also with warm water.

    3. Put some strawberry leaves for 5 minutes in hot water and resulting liquid is to be drunk every time a headache appears.

    4. In some cases the following thing can also be done: a magnetic person must put his both hands on the temples of the one suffering from headache and it can go away, because a magnetic field is formed, which takes away the energy, accumulated in the head.

    Second option:

    Put some warm leaven on the temples, as that place must be smeared with some olive-oil in advance; the leaven stays there for about 10 hours. This can be done 2-3 times a week. The leaven acts magnetically, and that is why I recommend it not only for headache, but also for meningitis. The leaven and milk compress are to be preferred to the cold compresses. When you treat or are being treated, you must pray.

    Third option:

    If your head aches, you must drink 3 glasses of hot water in gulps. And after that you should take a purgative; when you relief your stomach, you will then take a warm bath and go to bed. You must not stay long in the bathroom. If your stomach aches, the head will always ache as well and vice versa. Sometimes one suffers from headache and from insufficient blood in the head — in the brain. Indeed there should not be a lot of blood in the head but there shouldn’t be less than necessary either.

    III. Facial Neuralgia

    First option:

    The sick must wash his feet and lower legs, up to his knees, every evening, using warm water before going to bed and stay inside after that. Only the feet up to the ankles are to be dipped in the basin, but he must wash his legs up to his knees, and each tow is to be massaged separately for about 5 minutes. After washing his feet, one has to put on his socks and only that wash his groins with a sponged dipped in warm water, massaging with his fingers the area from his diaphragm and stopping, when he reaches a point 25 cm above the knees.

    He must wash his groins like that for ten days, and after a five-day break, he must redo the ten-day cycle, and keep washing only his feet every night during the break. Apart from that, every morning he must drink a glass of cold water in small gulps. But he must first leave the tap flowing until quite a lot of water pours out, before filling his glass. The glass must be of 150 grams. This is to be repeated for fourteen days. Each sip must be kept for some time in the mouth and moved around, so that the tongue has enough time to take the prana out of the water.

    Second option:

    Hot oak ash is to be mixed with just a little water, so that it does not turn into thin mud and then put in a towel and placed on the face, where pain is felt. It must stay there 5-10 minutes. After the ash¬ is removed, rub some clean olive oil on the sensitive place on the face. Then take some empty honeycomb, which must be fresh. By empty honeycomb it is meant the substance that remains after the honey is drawn out, as well as the wax. So warm-up this empty honeycomb, place in on a towel and put it on the aching place. After that again rub some pure olive oil on that place. Apart from that every morning whip a whole egg with some sugar and drink it. In case of neuralgia one must eat apples and pears.

    Third option:

    Take a thick piece of cotton and spread some hot water on it. While the cotton is still hot, put it, without wringing out the water, on the aching place. If the cotton is too hot, wait for a few seconds, until the face can withstand the heat. Put an oilcloth on the cotton and cover it with a thick woolen fabric. Keep that on the face for 3-4 minutes. After that take it down, wring out the water, then once again soak the cotton in hot water and repeat the procedure. This is done six times every evening. This is how you draw blood to the aching place, and this acts in a healing way.

    You must speak a formula while making each compress. When the first compress is made, put both hands on the aching place and say: “The Lord is in the hot water. And with this water every ailment will disappear, for God is one and health is in God!“

    During the second compress: “The soft principle will soften and break off the sickness. Softness has the power to remove the alien from the body. God is manifested in the power of His softness.“

    During the third compress: “The power is in the number 3. It carries every achievement – health.“

    During the fourth compress: “Health will come through contradiction, this is what hot water will do“.

    During the fifth compress: “The achievement is in the number 5. The unity of the five virtues of the five powers — nobleness, justice, every art, every deed and Love. This unit will bring health.“

    During the sixth compress: “Without any doubt you will be healthy, because the righteous thought, the right feeling and the right deed exclude any sickness“.

    If the sick can say the formulas, let him say them himself, and if his condition prevents him from speaking due to severe pain, than the person, doing the compress, should say them, whether out loud or just in his thought. It is important to focus on their pronouncement, for they act through the thought.

    After finishing the compresses, rub some olive oil on the aching place and wrap some woolen fabric well around it to preserve the warmth for some time. These compresses are to be done at night, just before bedtime to avoid any colds. Do those three nights in a row or more – depending on the need. Use new cotton for each new compress, because the used cotton has already drawn out the morbid magnetism from the aching place.

    Fourth option:

    The sick must drink warm water in concentration. Make him take thirty spoons of hot water in half an hour. This is to be done throughout the week, before bedtime.

    IV. Insomnia

    First option:

    The sick goes to bed early. He must wash his feet with warm water every night, before going to bed. He must connect to healthy people, for a healthy person has a positive effect through his health. The sick person must turn to vegetarianism. He must look at everything with calmness and optimism. In the mornings, at 5 a.m. he must come to the Izgrev area for gymnastics. He must drink hot water in the morning, at noon and in the evening, and he must sing, he must sing a lot!

    Second option:

    If you can’t fall asleep for a long time, rub your body with a towel, soaked in warm water, and go to bed.

    V. Internal nose inflammation

    The sick must take some of the small chamomile (matrikaria), and after it is brewed, he must sniff some of the concoction and wash his nose from the inside. Do that for ten consecutive days — in the morning and in the evening. After that a ten-day break is taken, and then the procedures and breaks are taken in turns, until the problem is solved. The chamomile can also be used internally at the same time – drink a small cup of warm concoction without sugar every morning. Do that also for ten days and alternate it with ten-day breaks, again until the complaints are gone.

    VI. Meningitis

    Shave the head of the one suffering from meningitis and make him a “hat” of home-made leaven. This leaven will take out the fever, the temperature will be regulated. After several applications the leaven must be replaced. The leaven will remove the inflammation¬ and the sick person will get well.

    VII. Tingle in the ears

    The tingle is caused by blood circulation, it is due to the worries, which a person must turn his back to. Drink six glass of warm water every day – two glasses in the morning, at noon and in the evening. You can also do the following: every morning for ten days drink a coffee cup of chamomile concoction, then make a ten-day rest. Drink that three times for ten days with two breaks.

    VIII. Ringing in the ears

    This is caused by worries. The affected person must expose his back for half an hour or up to one hour, to the sun. He must perform forty of these sunbaths.

    IX. Purulent flow from the ears

    Make a doctor flush the years, sunbathe the spine.

    X. Ear inflammation

    In case of ear inflammation squeeze some roasted leeks juice and, while still warm, drop some in the ear, and then apply homemade leaven on the same ear.

    XI. Inflamed and bloodshot eyes

    1. Cut some raw potatoes put the cold slices on the temples and bind them with a handkerchief. The potatoes take out the fever from the eyes. Instead of potatoes, you can also put some homemade leaven on the temples.

    2. Every night, before bedtime, cover the eyes with a warm compress, having washed them with a chamomile concoction before that.

    3. Boil some dry cornels and drink the water, while still hot.

    4. When the vine sticks are cut, the vine oozes. This is often referred to as “vine tears“. Wash the eyes with this sap.

    XII. Weakened vision

    This is caused by troubles. Try to find out what God’s will is and you will bring peace inside of you. Apply the following methods:

    1. Using your both thumbs, make circles back and forth on each eye. You start from the inner corner of the eye and end the circle again at that point. You will make to types of circles – forward and reverse.

    2. Then make a lot of circles in only one direction, without interruption, passing the thumbs on the eyebrows and below the eye.

    3. Write an 8 on the eyes with one thumb, and then with the other. The left hand balances magnetism, and the right hand – electricity. The thumb is an expression of the Devine world. The foundation of the Devine world is Love, and that is why the Mont of Venus is located at the base of the thumb, on the side of the palm.

    4. It is recommended to make eye-baths with lukewarm water, left to warm-up in the sun. The water is placed in wide containers, the eyes are dipped inside and kept open in it for a minute or two.

    5. Drink sun-warmed water.

    6. Wash your entire face three-four times a day with warm water.

    7. It is very good to practice eye gymnastics as well – this is done in the morning and at night in standing position. During all motions of the eyes, the head must be kept still – let the eyes exercise, and not the muscles of the neck.

    Day one. Starting position: eyes look straight ahead.

    a) Without moving your head, move the eyes ten times to the left and ten times from the left to the front.

    b) Move the eyes ten times to the right and ten times from the right to the front.

    c) Move the eyes ten times from the left to the right and ten times from the right to the left.

    Day two. Starting position: the head is upright and the eyes are looking down or ahead.

    a) Move the eyes ten times to the left and ten times from the left to the front.

    b) Move the eyes ten times to the right and ten times from the right to the front.

    c) Move the eyes ten times from the left to the right and ten times from the right to the left.

    Day three. Do the exercises from day one and day two, then proceed with the following exercises:

    a) Move the eyes ten times from the centre to the left and ten times from the left to the right.

    b) Move the eyes ten times from the front to the right and ten times from the right to the front.

    c) Move the eyes ten times from the left to the right and ten times from the right to the left.

    From the fourth day perform the exercises, already performed in day three and continue that for ten days. Then proceed with a ten-day break. Then repeat the cycle of exercises, already performed in the first ten days. Then proceed with another ten-day break and only after that start with more complex eye movements, applying the following mixed exercise:

    à) The eyes look up and front, then shift them to the horizontal position looking front – do that five times in a row.

    b) The eyes look down and front then shift them to the horizontal position and front; do that ten times in a row.

    c) The eyes look up and front, then move them down and to the front; do that ten times in a row.

    d) The eyes look up and to the left, then shift them to the horizontal position and left; do that ten times in a row.

    e) The eyes look down and to the left, then shift them to the horizontal position and left; do that ten times in a row.

    f) The eyes look up and to the left, then shift them down and to the left; do that ten times in a row.

    g) The eyes look up and to the right and then shift them to the horizontal position and right; do that ten times in a row.

    h) The eyes look up and to the right then shift them to the horizontal position and right; do that ten times in a row.

    i) The eyes look up and to the right, then shift them down and to the right; do that ten times in a row.

    XIII. Sty

    For sties, it is recommended to apply a chamomile compress. Boil the chamomile in a paper bag, then place it on the eye, and – as with the warming compress – put an oil-cloth and woolen fabric on top, then tie the compress down, so that it can stay on for some time.

    XIV. Inflamed Gums.

    Rinse your mouth with a chamomile concoction.

    Drinking some wine is good too. I can even recommend those, having weak gums, to take some wine and rinse their mouths with it.

    XV. Toothache

    First option:

    Boil some walnut leaves and rinse your mouth to the horizontal position and front; do that ten times in a row.

    c) The eyes look up and front, then move them down and to the front; do that ten times in a row.

    d) The eyes look up and to the left, then shift them to the horizontal position and left; do that ten times in a row.

    e) The eyes look down and to the left, then shift them to the horizontal position and left; do that ten times in a row.

    f) The eyes look up and to the left, then shift them down and to the left; do that ten times in a row.

    g) The eyes look up and to the right and then shift them to the horizontal position and right; do that ten times in a row.

    h) The eyes look up and to the right then shift them to the horizontal position and right; do that ten times in a row.

    i) The eyes look up and to the right, then shift them down and to the right; do that ten times in a row.

    XIII. Sty

    For sties, it is recommended to apply a chamomile compress. Boil the chamomile in a paper bag, then place it on the eye, and – as with the warming compress – put an oil-cloth and woolen fabric on top, then tie the compress down, so that it can stay on for some time.

    XIV. Inflamed Gums.

    Rinse your mouth with a chamomile concoction.

    Drinking some wine is good too. I can even recommend those, having weak gums, to take some wine and rinse their mouths with it.

    XV. Toothache

    First option:

    Boil some walnut leaves and rinse your mouth es in a row.

    XIII. Sty

    For sties, it is recommended to apply a chamomile compress. Boil the chamomile in a paper bag, then place it on the eye, and – as with the warming compress – put an oil-cloth and woolen fabric on top, then tie the compress down, so that it can stay on for some time.

    XIV. Inflamed Gums.

    Rinse your mouth with a chamomile concoction.

    Drinking some wine is good too. I can even recommend those, having weak gums, to take some wine and rinse their mouths with it.

    XV. Toothache

    First option:

    Boil some walnut leaves and rinse your mouth with that water.

    Second option:

    When your tooth aches, in your thought take a piece of pure beeswax, melt it, leave it aside to cool down then put in at the aching place, as a compress. If the pain is not relieved by the first mental compress, then do a second one.

    XVI. Hair loss

    1. Soak the hair in lukewarm water four times a day.

    2. Rub the hair with a concoction of burdock roots.

    3. To strengthen your hair, it is good to drink nettle roots concoction all year-round. This may even return the color to white hair.

    4. The hair is strengthened if you walk bareheaded outdoors in good weather, so that it can benefit from the good effects of the air and the sun.

    XVII. Stuttering

    Usually those, having stuttering problems, talk in rushes or nervously. In order to teach them out of it, they must do the following:

    1. Always take deep breath, before started talking, ensure deep breathing.

    2. When talking – do that at slow rate.

    3. Every night they must wash their feet with warm water and do that very slowly, moving their hands on their feet with slow movements. This is how, applying their will, they will get used to the necessary moderation.

    4. When putting some utensils on the table or books on the shelves or when making-up their bed, or if they make up a room, they must think about each movement and get used to a proper rhythm. At first they must do everything markedly slowly, in order to temper their will with steady movements, which will be reflected in their speech.

    5. The mother must tell her child with an expressive voice things, full of goodness and beauty, and then prompt him to tell them himself, paying attention to the pronouncement. An environment of mildness and understanding must be established around the child.

    6. The child must take a deep breath and, when exhaling, he must pronounce very slowly a word, for example “kindness“, saying that several times. Then, he must pronounce in the same way the word “peace“. Then, he must say two words, when exhaling – “kindness, peace“ or the words “joy, light“.

    XVIII. Sore throat

    In case of sore throat apply a milk compress. It is prepared as follows: boil one liter of milk and as soon as you take it down from the stove, immediately squeeze a lemon in it, and while still hot, the curdled milk is strained through a gauze and this thick substance is laid on the aching place. An oilcloth is placed on the gauze and then – a piece of woolen fabric, tied around several times, and then all that is bandaged. It is important that the oil-cloth and the woolen fabric are placed firmly, so that no air can get beneath them in order to keep for a longer period of time the warmth of the curdled milk – if possible until the morning. The milk compress is placed in the evening, in order to stay there for twelve hours. This is done several times.

    XIX. Palsy

    1. Rub olive oil on the spine. The passage must be performed along a vertical line on the back, the hands moving downwards.

    2. In order to remedy the nervous system, breathing exercises should be done. In the morning, at noon and in the evening – deep breathing, taking seven breaths and keeping the air in as long as possible.

    3. Drinking hot water.

    4. Every morning the sick must make sunbaths on the spine. The spine is a battery for solar energies. The early-morning solar rays have a healing effect on the suffering from this disease. The spine is exposed to the sun, and the head must be in the shadow. At first the duration of the exposure must be half an hour and the time is to be increased gradually, until it reaches an hour and a half. The starting time must be 7 a.m.

    5. Vegetarianism.

    6. The sick must be calm and quiet, without worries and frustration. He must pray, and be read the Gospel and the lectures.

    7. Living faith.

    8. He must wash his feat with warm water every evening.

    9. Three times a week, he must wash his groins with warm water.

    XX. Mentally Ill

    The mentally ill are possesses by lower spirits. When we speak of good influences - these come from higher spirits, and the possession comes from mischievous lower spirits. When the lower spirits creep into somebody, his mind stops functioning properly. This is not craziness, there is no craziness, but the sensitivity of that person has increased and he takes in various thoughts from everywhere. One talks to him one thing, another – some other thing, and he thinks that everything is related to him, while he is just under the influence of various beings. There are sound reasons for that: disharmony, conflict between the heart and the mind, between thoughts and feelings.

    It is good for such a sick person to spend the summer high in the mountains, it will strengthen, adjust and heal the nervous system. The sick person must make baths with sun-warmed water, use garlic – crushed and mixed with pure, raw olive oil. This has a positive effect.

    Apart from that, a spiritual method can be applied: a group of six-seven people shall practice a seven-day fasting, eating together, only in the evenings at specified time. And at 3 a.m. they must get up and pray for the healing of the sick person. But outside that group, no one is to know about its existence and activity, the sick person must not know either, otherwise the force will be lost. There must be a complete harmony between group members.

    XXI. Epilepsy

    The following explanation can be given for epilepsy: lower spirits attach the sick person and then he has a seizure. During that time, they suck out his vital juices – the prana – and after that they leave him and go to the woods, where they spend some time. During that time the sick person has no seizures. After that they come again, and with them comes another seizure. Here’s a treatment method:

    1. Deep breathing.

    2. Wash the groins with warm water and rubbing every evening. This washing must cover the entire area between the diaphragm to 25 cm above the knees. This procedure must continue for four months.

    3. Drink only warm water.

    4. Eat only plant food without any excitatory meals. In the evenings eat early and include in the meal one or two cloves of garlic.

    5. Wash your feet every night with warm water before bed.

    6. Take short walks on a daily basis.

    7. Massage every day for 40 days the solar plexus and the area right above the nave of a child, suffering from epilepsy. Use olive oil for the massage.

    XXII. Tonsils

    First option:

    1. In case of inflammation of the tonsils – apply homemade leaven on the outside.

    2. After the water in a coffee-pot starts boiling, put inside three sumac leaves and immediately take down from the stove, and let the concoction stay under a lid for some time. Drink one coffee-cup in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

    3. In case of purulent tonsils – put milk compresses on the neck several times. After the compress puts also some homemade leaven.

    4. In case of purulent tonsils, apart from that you can make a throat-wash with chamomile concoction.

    Second option:

    Warm up old, 4*5-year wine and wash the throat with it several times a day.

    Third option:

    Blow in sick-person’s throat some pure, ground coffee with a pipe. After that the sick person must not eat or drink anything for an hour. Repeat this procedure every day until the edema is gone.

    Fourth option:

    Whenever you have a throat-ache, take some hot garlic. This is a good way to treat the tonsils and a good throat disinfection.

    XXIII. Fever

    There are some people who get fever every other day. As soon as the fever is gone, and the temperature is normal, one feels a strong urge to eat – severe hunger. This fever, which makes you eat, it lasts for months, 2*3 years. On the other day, after the fever you eat until you are full. On the third day you get the fever again. Then the fever is gone one more time and you eat again etc. So you may say: “What causes that?“ The nature of this hunger is very different. Do not eat! Nothing else! Try to fast a little. With this hunger and this eating, you support the fever.

    Quinine suspends the fever, but it does not cure it. Instead of using quinine, drink hot water for 3 days, without eating and the fever will be gone.

    This is also how you can treat a runny nose.

    XXIV. Malaria

    If someone suffers from malaria, he must crush an onion and put it on his feet.

    XXV. High temperature

    First option:

    If your child has a high temperature, first give it some purgative, then make it drink a cup of hot water, and then thin potato broth or apple or plum compote. Make it a good massage and cover it well with a blanket, to warm it.

    Second option:

    When you have high temperature, drink one of these two: you must either take a purgative and drink 2*3 glasses of hot water, after that, or boil some potatoes of about 100 g each, then eat them and check if your temperature is not back to normal after half an hour. The water and potatoes must be warm, even hot. The potatoes must not be in the form of a soup, but just boiled with their skin, and you must chew them well – they adjust the unnatural heat.

    XXVI. Memory Loss

    Look at people today — sometimes they suffer that their memory has become week. You tend to forget... It is an accumulation of the so-called lactic acid. Often, when lactic acid accumulates in the brain, it becomes indolent, it can’t work, there is not enough electricity. Then the lactic acid foes down to the solar plexus. Then the human magnetic field is disturbed, you become indisposed, and feeling unwell. No medicines can help.

    Two things can help nervous¬ diseases: pure food, well chewed food. When you eat, don’t think of anything else. Be thankful that you can eat. If you want to fix your life, you must breathe carefully, and not think of anything. You must get enough air.

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    Red face Healing Recipes: Herbs, Food, Water II

    Lung Diseases

    I. Tuberculosis

    Tuberculosis occurs when the mind and the heart are in conflict.

    The young must be taught that, in order for a person to be relieved of any sickness, he must have a strong yearning to serve God, to work for God – to use all his powers to work for God out of Love! And then he will be cured.

    The tuberculosis is caused by the disharmony of feelings. And when they restore their proper character, then this disease disappears. This is the strongest method of treating tuberculosis. The lung tuberculosis is a deposit of the feelings in the lung cells, and that is why the lung becomes sick. This starts a decay process, which is a nourishing environment for germs. The tuberculosis is born out of love lost, in case of love disappointment. Everyone who loses love, may get tuberculosis, if he does not transform his condition. A person, who has lost his love, may contract tuberculosis. How can that be cured? He must restore the lost harmony in himself. If a person, who loves God, has tuberculosis, it will just get out of him. The one having tuberculosis must be filled with Love, he must connect to healthy people.

    There is a lower life, which can penetrate man, attack his lungs and start eating them. Sometimes great fear also produces tuberculosis deposits. If a person looses a significant amount of money, he can become infected with tuberculosis, if he does not transform his condition. Tuberculosis comes upon one also if he gets a cold and from other external reasons. Sometimes it occurs, when souls are quarrelling. Quarrels produce bad breath. When a person is angry, bad smell comes out of him and this is a reason for tuberculosis. When you are angry, you can be infected with tuberculosis. The following methods may be applied to cure tuberculosis:

    1. The sick person must drink in one go four to five glasses of hot water. This is done several times a day, and – if he sweats – he must change his clothes immediately. Drinking hot water is a good method to treat this disease, in this case the germs loose there favorable environment in the body. Using hot water must take place in the first periods of tuberculosis.

    2. In the first period of tuberculosis, the sick person may practice deep breathing: blocking the right nostril and breathing through the left, and then vice-versa. These exercises are to be performed three, six or ten times in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

    3. Make massages with olive oil on the back and chest and let the oil be absorbed by the skin.

    4. Wash the groins with warm water for ten days, then make a rest of several days. Repeat this cycle several times.

    5. Was the feet with warm water every night, without exception.

    6. During the Summer, the one having tuberculosis must stay in the mountains, above 2 000 m and to go for long walks, causing sweating, and change his clothes. If it is not possible to spend much time above 2 000 m, he can at least go to a place at 1 000 m, but it is better if it is over 1 000 m.

    7. In the first phase of this disease, when it has not advanced yet, the sick must expose his back to the sun — early in the morning after sunrise, through thin clothes, but this depends on the temperature and the sensitivity of the sick person. After 9 a.m. no sunbaths are to be taken. If the sick person has a fever, he must not take sunbaths.

    8. The sick person must take one or two lemons a day.

    9. Vegetarian food.

    10. In May one hundred tips of young pine branches must be picked and boiled in a liter of water for one or two hours, until they soften. After that add a kilo of sugar and let the mixture boil, until the sugar melts down, then the tar of the pine tips will be extracted and stay in the water. Take a tablespoon of this mixture, together with the pine tips, in the morning, at noon and in the evening before bedtime.

    11. In order to get vital magnetism, the sick person must spend several summer months near sheep. He must make a higher bed in their sheep-pen and spend the nights there. Sheep’s magnetism heals.

    12. The sick person must eat raw garlic. But he must observe the combination of foods. Garlic protects from infections and must be eaten by the healthy for health. Fresh milk cannot be consumed with garlic.

    13. The sick person must have faith, he must study the gospel, in order to change mentally, and create an atmosphere of hope and renewal. What one believes in is what happens.

    14. The sick person must drink wheat water. After wheat is boiled, drink the juice.

    15. After maize is boiled for one hour, drink of the maize water.

    16. Every day go for slow walks – in the morning and in the evening – for a total of two hours. If you go for a walk in the morning you can skip the evening walk. The duration of the walks must be increased every day, but they must be made in the forest, so that the magnetic emanations of trees are absorbed. Prolonged standstills often aggravate the condition of the sick person – then an inert state occurs in him and he constantly thinks negative things.

    17. Every morning and evening, before going to bed, the sick person must take a spoonful of pure olive oil. If there is a lung hemorrhage, no breathing exercises are to be performed, in order to prevent any further damage to the capillaries and increase of the hemorrhage.

    II. Advice for the weak-chested, susceptible to frequent diseases

    1. Use the skin of sour apples. Chew them a long time, so that all the juices they have are absorbed, and then spit them out.

    2. Send multicolored light to your body in your thoughts, and especially to your lungs. Do that, as follows: imagine that a shower of white light pours on you, then imagine a shower of orange rays, and change the colors in this way until you imagine all the colors.

    3. Speculate in complete seclusion and concentration, the most elevated verses in the Scripture, for example: “Those, who wait for the Lord, will have their power revived “, or upon the verse: “I came to give life and to give plenty“.

    4. Use sweet red onions. Eat that, chewing it well – at least an onion every day, or even a little more.

    5. Every night wash your feet with warm water with a little salt.

    6. Deep breathing.

    7. In your thoughts, go for walks at the high places.

    8. Be brisk, have no fear. As soon as one decides and promises to serve God, there is nothing to be afraid of. A person, who serves God must not be afraid, because God is at his side and he will protect him. Those who do not serve, must be afraid.

    9. Wash your groins every night with warm water, with some salt in it.

    10. Every day read a psalm and learn by heart the strongest verses.

    III. Coughing

    First option:

    1. Use the outer red skin of ten onions. Boil 700 g water, put the onion skins inside and let them boil for 10-15 minutes; drink this three times a day: in the morning, at noon and in the evening. The water must be hot, when you drink it. Do that for one week. Then rest for a week. Then apply the treatment again – drink the extract for three weeks.

    2. Obtain some nutmeg, honey and black pepper. The honey is melted down, and the nutmeg and black pepper is crushed. Mix these three things and you will obtain treacle which the sick person must put in his mouth and throat, but without swallowing. This treacle warms the person and the coughing goes away.

    3. Against coughing you can take cough-grass, boil that for fifteen minutes and drink the concoction. Then daub the throat with olive oil and also drink some of it. The olive oil, on one part, is nutritional, and on the other – it has a healing effect. You will get to know the cough-grass. Many people speak badly about it, but it is a very good doctor, and it has a pleasant taste.

    4. Boil some horst chestnut leaves and drink that water.

    Second option:

    Take the dried skins of ten onions and boil them in water; strain the water and put in it half a kilo of honey, one-two teaspoons of crushed mustard seeds, one-two teaspoons of linseed.

    Take one teaspoon of this mixture three times a day, in the morning, at noon and in the evening. Nature put so much healing power in onion’s skin, and you throw it out. Coughing is the result of the human lovelessness. Whoever is coughing, he is trying to find someone to love him. In order to deal with coughing — love it. When you start to love it, it will leave you. If two people start loving the one who is coughing, he will soon be cured. Coughing appears in case of reduced vibrations of the body. As soon as they increase once again, coughing is cured. Love is capable of increasing the vibrations of the body.

    In order to cure coughing, the lungs must be cleared of the impurities and the sleazy liquid, which blocks the bronchia. It is important to use the onion skins, as a cure, and the ultimate curing of coughing will again come from Love.

    Third option:

    Grate some black turnip and drink a coffee-cup of that juice every evening. It acts very well on the stomach as well. Take one clove of garlic with some salt. Do that every night, until coughing stops.

    IV. Hiccups

    Drink two or three glasses of hot water or breathe deeply. The hiccups are caused by a slight upward shift of the diaphragm, which is the roof of the stomach, and when the roof goes up, the floor must go a bit down. Man also hiccups when he does not think right.

    V. Breast pang

    The breast pang is a feeling of pinching in the chest and pain, but without short-windedness. It is a suffering on a nervous basis. This is a disease of the nerves, which innervate the blood vessels, feeding the heart and its surrounding areas.

    1. Deep breathing six times in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

    2. Walks and excursions in magnetic mountains, such as the Rhodopa Mountain.

    3. Drinking a concoction of the outer red onion skin in the morning, at noon and in the evening before bedtime - one coffee cup each time.

    VI. Pleuritis

    1. Deep breathing.

    2. Apply a milk compress to the side, where the pleuritic pain is.

    3. In case of adhesion of the pleura, put some homemade leaven, smeared with honey and some at the adhesion point.

    VII. Pneumonia

    1. Milk compress.

    2. In the evening – before bed – multiple cupping of the patient for several hours.

    VIII. Stiff Back

    A young man from Yambol had a water pleuritis. The liquid was removed, the pleuritis passed, but his back got stiff and he wasn’t able to move. The Master gave him the following advice:

    1. To sunbath.

    2. Rub the back with olive oil. The rubbing must be performed downwards.

    3. The aching part of the spine must also be rubbed with olive oil.

  3. #3

    Red face Healing Recipes: Herbs, Food, Water III

    Diseases of the Cardiovascular System

    I. Tachycardia

    Do deep breathing exercises. In some cases the reason for tachycardia is in the diaphragm, which is shifted upwards and presses the heart. Through deep breathing the lungs expand more than usual and push the diaphragm down. It is good to keep the air in as long as possible, and if the reason for the tachycardia is the diaphragm, then after five or six deep breaths, it will pass. You must drink warm water and go for walks. Wash the feet and the legs below the knees with warm water.

    Often tachycardia is caused by worries, anxiety and frustration. This is explained as follows: the heartbeat is caused by an electric current, which passes through it, but in case of anxiety, fear and worries its proper rhythm is disturbed and tachycardia or other cardiac disorders can occur as a result. This is one of the important reasons for any cardiac disease, and that is why – in order for one to get well, he has to wake up in himself internal spiritual powers, which will help him solve any anxiety, fear or worries issues. The inner spiritual life of a person is capable of preventing or curing heart attack or other cardiac diseases.

    However one has to take some external measures for his curing: every morning drink a glass of cold water in sips, keeping the water in your mouth, until it is warmed-up. Do that for forty days in a row.

    II. Weak heart and feet edema

    Sit on the ground cross-legged – with your right foot on top. When you get tired, change the position of the feet – bring the left on top and the right - below. In this position perform deep breaths, keeping the air and slowly exhaling. Every evening wash your feet with warm water, and every other evening – wash your groins. Every day go for walks in the nature. Sunbath moderately, and not for prolonged periods, covering the cardiac area with a fabric. Keep calm, and don’t worry.

    III. Cardiac spasm

    It is observed in instances of severe anger, anxiety, frustration.

    Wash your feet, groins and rub with a wet towel the solar plexus every evening. Drink warm water in sips.

    IV. Anemia

    1. Pour on yourself in your thoughts the seven colors of the solar specter: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, dark blue and violet rays. At first imagine that you have a shower of red rays, covering your entire body and penetrating it. After that proceed with the seven colors of the specter and in the end bath in the white, radiant diamond light. This is the end of the exercise, which you must practice every day.

    2. Wear a bright red scarf on your neck and often look at it and touch it.

    3. In your thoughts climb up to the Seven Rila Lakes or another high place, where you have felt a surge of power. During such mental travels, you actually visit that location with a part of the ethereal double, you receive energy from there and feel rejuvenated.

    For cases of a severe anemia and insomnia the Master advices the following:

    Project a rainbow with a crystal prism; when the light is dissolved, focus on the red light and mentally pass it on your brain and body, as if it comes from a shower. At first try with the prism, so that you can imagine vividly the red light, and then continue during that with only your mind. And when there’s no sun, do this exercise only mentally. Then you must speculate every day on one sentence from the book “The world of the great souls“. With the red rays, read and keep in your mind the first ten sentences of the book “The testament of the colorful rays of light“: “God is Love. I am your God. I am the flower of Saron...“ etc. While reading this verse, summon the red color on yourself as a shower.

    After that do that with other colors, together with the respective verses given with them. But for now work mainly with the red color. Anemia is the absence of red color. Coldness dominates in the sick person, and this coldness must be transformed into warmth.

    Use all the red fruits — cherries, watermelons, raspberries etc. Contemplate red flowers and think about them – they have been created by the red rays. Wear a red scarf. (...) The red color is the symbol of life.

    Do special breathing exercises to take in the prana.

    Drink hot water in sips.

    Every night wash your feet with warm water. Use this water to wash your feet and legs up to a point above the knees. Keep your feet in the water for four-five minutes.

    A brother suffered from so strong an anemia that his face was yellow and lifeless, and the eyes – listless. The Master advised him as follows:

    Breathe deeply and keep the air in as long as possible.

    The brother started practicing deep-breathing with keeping the air in with strong will and persistence and reached 3 minutes without exhaling. The master further advices:

    Walk in the nature every day.

    In the summer camp at the ridge of Stara Planina.

    Eat strong and abundant vegetarian food.

    V. Influenza

    The disease, known by the name “influenza“ or the “Spanish flu“ caused many deaths and took down to bed many people, as an epidemic in September and October 1918. Everybody who applied Master’s methods, got well in two or three days.

    The influenza comes to take off the surplus ballast of human minds and hearts; if it comes, drink hot water, eat boiled potatoes and don’t be afraid.

    1. Castor oil.

    2. Every day in the morning, at noon and in the evening – three glasses of hot water — at least nine glasses.

    3. Eat only boiled or roasted potatoes with a little salt. Eat no bread, no milk, no sugar, because they increase the temperature and the boiled or roasted potatoes reduce it.

    VI. Cold

    First option:

    In case of a severe cold, take an apple, peal its skin and chew the skin a long time then spit it out. The boils some blue gentian, wormwood and colt’s foot flowers and drink one coffee cup per day.

    Second option:

    Drink a large glass of hot water, when you get a cold, spoon by spoon for half an hour, so that you sweat well, change your clothes, and the hot water will cleanse everything from your body – everything stuck there. The heat of the water must pass through your body.

    Third option:

    You catch a minor cold – and again you wait on me to help you. Take some ten-year old wine, homemade, warm it up, put in some black pepper, 5-6 sugar cubes, and when you drink a cup you will get warm, and your cold will be gone. You will feel fine, and get rid of the cold, brighten your spirits – but don’t indulge in such feasts every day.

    VII. Runny nose

    First option:

    Whoever wants to cure his runny nose easily, should do the following: as soon as winter comes, he should buy at least 1 000 pieces of leeks, and as soon as he gets the runny nose, he should eat leeks 3*4 times a day. Bulgarians are naturally practical, they seek cures in folk medicine and has come to the following results: when you get a runny nose – eat leaks.

    Second option:

    When you get a runny nose, make some coffee and treat the runny nose with it, and don’t drink it.

    Third option:

    If you have a runny nose, warm up some water, put some salt in it and sniff some of the salty water. Do that several times in the evening and the next morning. After 2*3 sniffs, the runny nose is gone. Salty water prevents the multiplication of the cold-causing germs.

    VIII. Blood-stopping methods

    In case of bleeding, either from the nose or from another part of the body, here’s what you should do: burn some unwashed wool in a plate and take some of the ash with a knife, but it in the mouth and keep it there until it is dissolved, and then swallow slowly the spittle. Do that every day – two or three times a day — in the morning and in the evening. Take the ash¬ before meals. Do that five days in a row or until the bleeding stops.

    IX. Nettle Rash

    1. At first take some castor oil.

    2. Clean air, moderate temperature in the room.

    3. Drinking hot water with a tea-spoon.

    4. Rubbing the rash with pure olive oil.

    5. Exclusively milk diary diet — fresh milk and yoghurt. The following recipe can also be applied: grilled onions, boiled potatoes, potato broth. Choose one of these two diets.

    X. Cancer

    First option:

    This disease occurs in case of disharmony between the brain and the sympathetic nervous system. Then some cells in the body individualize and start multiplying in their own way, and not according to the needs and objectives of the body. This is how the so-called “tumors“ are formed. Apply the following treatment methods for this disease:

    1. Sunbaths.

    2. The violet color has a curing effect in case of cancer. That is why one must have violet items in his room. He can also wear a violet scarf, violet handkerchiefs and other violet objects. There may be violet decorations, violet curtains in the room.

    3. Eat raw onions every day. The ones eating onions don’t get cancer, and if they already have it – it is cured.

    4. Restoration of the harmony between the brain and the sympathetic nervous system. The main method for eliminating disharmony between the mind and the heart or between the brain and the sympathetic nervous system is Love of God, Love towards everybody, faith, hope, righteous thoughts feelings and deeds. A complete internal transformation must take place within the sick person – he must become a new person, to go in another direction, to go with God. Then he can be healed.

    Second option:

    Take some hellebore roots. Stick them in an apple and roast the apple in the oven with the roots in it. After that take the roots out of the apple, boil them and drink the resulting concoction.

    Drink also sun-warmed water (warmed in bottles in the sun), do never drink cold water. The primary water in nature was hot, then it cooled down and became cold. Do not eat meat, eat only simple food, mainly onions, and fast one or two days in the week, before breakfast take one spoonful of olive oil.

    Third option:

    Often suppressed feelings cause cancer. Against cancer – eat roasted onions and keep saying: “I am not sick!“, “I am fine!“ — do this for several months. Drink warm water, love people more, to strengthen faith.

    XI. Varicose veins

    Various veins are the result of a sedentary life.

    1. Every morning — gymnastic exercises.

    2. Every evening – washing the feet with warm water.

    3. Every day – deep breathing exercises.

    4. Every other night – washing the groins.

    5. This sick person must use lemons — eat a lemon every day.

    6. Prepare a concoction of oak bark. Let the oak bark boil, until the water is colored reddish-brown. Use bark not from cerris oak, but from the oak that is called “white oak”. Take thick socks, soak them in the oak leaves concoction, put them on and bandage them tightly.

    7. Massages.

    8. Sunbaths.

    XII. Furuncles

    1. Boil linseeds in milk and sugar and put them on the affected area.

    2. The following method can also be applied: boil okra with milk and sugar is place on the affected area.

    XIII. Scrofula

    Sunbath before noon, keeping the head in the shadow. The scrofula is healed by the sun. Start with fifteen minutes and gradually increase the duration to an hour an hour and a half.

    XIV. Arteriosclerosis

    If someone gets arteriosclerosis, the first rile is to eat, if possible, less and simpler, pure food — boiled wheat, boiled rice, fruit.

    1. The patient must use garlic: crush several cloves and mix them with olive oil take this mix orally. Garlic extract may also be used instead.

    2. Every evening wash the feet with warm water, to improve the circulation.

    3. Do not use alcoholic beverages.

    4. Tranquility, no worries.

    5. Switch to raw veganism for some time.

    XV. High blood pressure

    1. Every evening wash your feet with warm water.

    2. The sick person must use little food and little water. Every day he must drink 300-400 g water. The water better be distilled – it helps reduce the blood pressure. In general the sick person must take less liquids and less liquid food.

    3. Vegetarianism.

    4. Avoid any sour, hot and salty food. The food must have low salt content.

    5. Eat the following types of food: raw, grated carrots with a little lemon and olive oil; boiled beetroot with olive oil and lemon; fresh nettle, scaled with water, again with olive oil and lemon; boiled wheat instead of bread. Do not eat bread, while you follow this regime. This regime helps a lot in case of high blood pressure.

    6. Switch for some time to raw veganism.

    XVI. Low blood pressure

    1. Stronger food. Eat butter, eggs, more hot water and soups.

    2. Nettle, prepared, as explained in the previous recipe.

  4. #4

    Red face Healing Recipes: Herbs, Food, Water IV

    Digestive System Diseases

    I. Diabetes

    1. Prayer.

    2. Singing.

    3. Faith.

    4. The sick person must forget that he is sick. He must be with high spirits, because one of the reasons for this disease is anxiety. He must expel from him all the thoughts that worry him.

    5. Change clothes as many times a day, as you sweat. Otherwise poisons accumulate in the body.

    6. Wash your feet every evening with warm water.

    7. Do not overeat. Choose only food, which makes you feel well.

    8. Eat boiled wheat, boiling it for one hour. Chew it well.

    9. When wheat starts to ripen, take wheat-ears, take the grains out and eat the milky grains – 50 g. per day.

    10. Boil some corn. Eat the grains and drink the juice, taking more of the juice.

    11. Every morning at sunrise, go and do the six gymnastic exercises.

    12. Sunbaths.

    13. No sugary food or fats!

    14. Use just a little bread — every day about 100—150 g.

    15. Eat more vegetables: spinach, salad, peppers, tomatoes, carrots etc. Do not eat beans. Eat fruit, but rather sour, not sweet.

    16. Eat dry ground dough.

    17. Reduce the use of sour fruits, and use lemon instead of vinegar.

    18. Do not eat dairy products, such as cheeses, and as for fresh milk – limit its consumption.

    19. Control also the intake of salt.

    20. Often consume tea without any sugar, but with lemon in it. A cup of tea with some bread and butter are perfect for this diet.

    21. Excursions.

    II. Gastritis

    1. At first take a purgative – castor oil.

    2. After that drink not warm, but hot water, with a spoon.

    3. Consume chamomile concoction. Drink one coffee cup three times a day before meals.

    4. Maize water us good for the stomach — it acts as a laxative and purgative e. It is good to drink wheat water, maize water, simple potato broth, drink a tea-spoon of olive –oil before meals. Eat toasted bread.

    5. Drink every morning for forty days one cup of cold water before breakfast. Keep each sip in your mouth until it warms up and then swallow it. So you should drink water slowly in sips.

    III. Disturbed stomach

    If you play an instrument, you can make use of music. When my stomach bothers me, for example, I sing a “C“. While I am singing, I fix my stomach homeopathically. But what I am telling you is of no use for you, because you don’t have faith. You say: “How can that be?“ You want to understand that. What remains concealed is what is real. You think you know. I sing the “C“.

    A brother had a disturbed stomach, reduced production of stomach juices and the food in his stomach remained indigested, which caused him pain and vomiting. The Master advised him, as follows:

    1. Drink chamomile concoction. You can use wormwood concoction —one coffee cup in the morning before breakfast.

    2. Turnip juice. You can obtain that juice, using a press.

    IV. Stomach Acids

    First option:

    A sister had acids in the stomach and aching in the pit of the stomach, which occurred at about noon and at 4 p.m. She also suffered from severe stomach belching. The Master instructed her this:

    1. To have faith and not to worry.

    2. To consume ground coffee, boiled leeks, boiled carrots, boiled beetroot and cauliflower. To eat boiled okra as a salad — to pour out the water and eat the okra¬ with lemon and olive oil.

    3. Washing the feet and legs up to the knees with warm water every evening.

    4. Washing the groins with warm water several times a week.

    Second option:

    For abnormal stomach acidity I recommend boiled rice without any herbs or spices, boiled red onions, boiled carrots, boiled beetroot and easily digestible food.

    When excessive acids are produced in your stomach, you must eat red onions, pepper, garlic, sweat more. The hot Bulgarian peppers are recommended.

    V. Stomach and abdominal pain

    You can cure a nervous stomach with oranges.

    The oat flakes are an excellent food for people with weak stomachs.

    Your stomach aches, because you are nervous, irritable, there’s a dissonance between your feelings and thoughts. Olive oil absorbs all the acids from your nervous system and your condition is easily transformed.

    First option:

    1. Castor oil.

    2. Milk compress.

    3. Drinking hot water.

    4. Drinking milfoil concoction.

    5. In case of weak stomach consume toasted bread, dipped in water.

    Second option:

    If your stomach aches, you can do the following: every morning drink 10 sips of hot water every 5 minutes. Hot water, taken in sips, purges the nervous system of all the deposits, which block the human thoughts and feelings. It relieves him of the pressure, exerted by the nervous system on him.

    Water is one of the powerful cures. I recommend taking water one teaspoon per minute. If your stomach aches, take one teaspoon of water per minute for 3-4 hours. If your thoughts participate as well, there will be results. For this purpose you must use clean mountain water.

    As a cure, when you are sick, drink 5-6 glasses of hot water, spoon by spoon within half an hour. This may be too much for you, but it will cure you.

    Your stomach aches – drink 2-3 glasses of hot water, spoon by spoon.

    Third option:

    In case of disordered stomach: one spoon of pure honey, well mixed with two glasses of pure cow’s milk per day, must be drunk slowly, sip by sip.

    Fourth option:

    If your stomach aches, try to eat only onions and bread for forty days, with just a little olive oil. Eat only that for forty days, conscientiously, with joy, as the onions are preferably roasted or boiled.

    VI. Stomach or Duodenum Ulcer

    First option:

    1. Day one: in the morning¬ take several glasses of hot water to wash the stomach and intestines and, after that — one coffee cup olive oil before meals. In the evening take some hot water and after that — coffee cup olive oil. An hour after that drink some wheat water.

    2. Day two: the same with respect to the hot¬ water and olive oil, but take oats water instead of wheat water.

    3. Day three: the same with respect to the hot¬ water and olive oil, but in the evening take some potato broth.

    4. Day four: the same with respect to the hot¬ water and olive oil, but in the evening take some fig broth without the hard parts.

    5. The fifth day is like the first, the sixth – like the second, the seventh – like third, the eight – light the fourth, the ninth – like the first, the tenth – like the second. After the tenth day stop taking olive oil, and have tea with rusks and butter.

    Second option:

    1. Power olive oil on the flowers of St. John’s wort and let this mixture stay in the sun for forty days. After that take one table spoon every morning and evening, half an hour before bedtime.

    2. Drink a table-spoon concoction of St. John’s wort before meals.

    3. If you have an ulcer do not consume sour, hot and overly salty food or any beans, lentils and peas, unless the peals have been removed.

    4. Boil some water in a coffee-pot and as soon as it starts boiling, put inside three sumac leaves, immediately remove it from the stove, cover the pot and leave it stay for some time. Drink one coffee cup of this water three times a day, half an hour before meals. Use the leaves of the sumac¬, but it is good to pick the sumac, when it is blossoming, for it is strongest at that time.

    5. For weak stomach eat toasted bread, soaked in water.

    Third option:

    150 g. pure olive oil is mixed well with finely crushed garlic, in order to obtain a thick gruel. Take one tea-spoon three times a day: in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

    Fourth option:

    The one suffering from ulcer should sunbath in the summer his stomach and abdomen, drink a coffee-cup of olive oil every day – this is to be done for three months in a row.

    VII. Pylorus Constriction

    Take one coffee cup of olive oil in the morning, at noon and in the evening one hour before bedtime.

    VIII. Purulent Colitis

    A sister had a purulent colitis in the rectum. The disease spread to the small intestines, it got worse and she discharged pus and phlegm, by the hour. She asked the Master for help in August 1927. The master recommended that she went up to the Camp at the Vitosha Mountain and undergo a strict diet:

    Ten days – only blueberries without any bread or anything else. At the same time warm the abdomen in the sun and make shower-baths with sun-warmed water.

    On the eight day the sister woke up with severe abdominal pain and fever. In the evening she discharged a lot of pus and blood without any feces. She immediately sent someone to tell the Master about her condition. The Master said:

    This is a crisis, but it will pass. As soon as the crisis passes, eat some roasted potatoes and onions. Boil the blueberries and drink the concoction.

    After the ninth day the sister did what the Master had recommended and returned to the Izgrev in good health. She had no colitis or aches any more. She continued to eat boiled and roasted potatoes and onions for one more week and then started eating what she liked, observing the last instruction by the Master:

    Do not drink any fresh milk for some time, only yoghurt.

    IX. Constipation

    If you have constipation this means that you have too little mucus in your intestines, there are surpluses, the intestines have lost their dynamics and they cannot get rid of the dirt.

    Constipation is caused by too little Love or no Love at all and by insufficient water in the blood. When the feelings are warm, the feet, hands and the entire body are warm, a person is high-spirited, well disposed.

    Cherries act as laxatives on the stomach. Note that all the plants, with 5-leaved corollas, act as laxatives on the human stomach.

    Cherries, watermelons, cornels, pumpkins regulate the stomach.

    First option:

    1. Use whole meal bread – from ground wheat, without removing the bran. Such a bread is rough, but tasty and improves the bowel movement, so it is impossible to have constipation then.

    2. People, susceptible to constipation should drink a glass of hot water half an hour before meals in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

    Second option:

    If you have constipation, take some castor oil or drink hot water, to relieve the hardness. Instead of taking castor oil, you can drink 5-6 glasses of hot water within half an hour.

    Third option:

    Here’s an exercise to be done for 40 days. It will produce a result if it is not interrupted, but if you persist— you either do it or not. Every morning for 40 days drink a glass of cold water in sips before breakfast. Drink slowly, focused, calmly, without any hurry. You will know that you are doing great work for your stomach. Those of you who have tight stomachs will feel a relief - the stomach will be regulated. This exercise is also significant for tempering the will. Even if you have to carry it a long way, always drink clean water.

    Fourth option:

    For irregular stomachs - immerse 30 plums in water and eat those in the morning before breakfast.

    X. Diarrhea and dysentery

    Drink germander concoction.

    If your stomach is disordered— take three tablespoons of turnip juice in the morning, at noon and three more tablespoons in the evening. Take three spoons three times a day for ten days and everything will be fine.

    XI. Appendicitis

    First option:

    The treatment must start when the moon is on the wane. At first take some castor oil, to cleanse the intestines. After that fast strictly for four days, without eating or drinking anything.

    During the fasting the sick person must lie on his back, put something warm on his abdomen – like a bag of warm bran, a wound-up hot brick, electric pillow etc. When the fasting is over, put a woolen warm bandage on the abdomen. The returning the normal eating regime takes place, as follows:

    The first day – potato broth, where the sock person only eats the liquid and not the potatoes, this can also be a spinach broth but without the spinach, but do not use bread; you can drink a glass of hot water before the broth;

    On the second day eat a potato broth with the potatoes, but without bread;

    On the third day you can take some bread and soft food — okra, leeks, potatoes and gradually shift to regular food in the following few days.

    Second option:

    Put a milk compress of buffalo’s or sheep’s milk at the aching place. After boiling two liters of milk, take it down from the stove, squeeze a lemon in and strain it through gauze. Rub sum olive oil on painful place the and put the curdled¬ milk, while still hot and wrapped in cheese-cloth. Then cover it with an oilcloth and wrap it with a woolen scarf, then bandage it, so that no air can get in. Put on the compress every evening and take it out after twelve hours. Repeat that several times.

    Third option:

    In case of an appendicitis crisis – lick some powdered sugar and go to the mountains.

    XII. Inflammation of the blind-gut

    Strict fasting for a few days without any food or water. In some cases the inflammation¬ is caused by an alien substance —food particles or something else in the appendix. During periods of hunger, the body – deprived of any food – absorbs those particles, the reason for the inflammation¬¬ is removed and it is cured.

    In case of inflammation of the blind gut – do not eat any meat for one month, wash and immerse the feet in warm water and then go to bed.

    XIII. Hemorrhoids

    In May the sick person must drink a germander concoction – half a tea-cup three times a day, because hemorrhoids get worse in May and that is why bleeding occurs. And every time hemorrhoids appear – no matter what time it is, again a germander concoction is to be used. If there are external growths, put some roasted leeks on the place — the leeks are to be oven-roasted. Bandage the place, after placing the leeks. Do that in the evenings. After each bowel movement the place must be washed.

    XIV. Liver disorder (slight enlargement)

    First option:

    For this disorder drink a chicory concoction. Use the entire plant— roots, stalk and leaves.

    The liver gets sick when, the feelings of a person are sometimes warm, sometimes cold, which transforms in a similar manner the electromagnetic currents in the body and this affects the liver. The liver and gallbladder diseases are caused by the excessive activities of the lower feelings, by the overproduction of disharmonic feelings.

    In case of liver disorders it is good to use sour foods, especially lemons. Avoid any oily food and – if possible – give the liver a rest – the sick person must eat lighter food.

    If your liver is disordered, eat two lemons every day. The lemon peels contain a lot of vitamins.

    Don’t eat meat. Drink a kilo and a half of hot water — in the morning, at noon and in the evening; the water must never be cold and there should be no deposits in it. Don’t be afraid to work for that – if necessary – go to the mountains and get your water from there.

    Second option:

    I will give you a method, which you can use to act in case of a liver disorder. Put your right hand on the stomach, with your palm towards the body, and the left – at the lower back, again with the palm facing the body, and in your thoughts pass the solar energies to the centre of the Earth. If this method fails, turn in your thoughts towards Him, who carries harmony in Himself. In order to find out what is the condition of the liver, look at the color of your face, the light of the eyes and their vitality. The look of the eyes must be focused, and not wonder around.

    Third option:

    If the liver is disordered, you will permanently be indisposed. In this case cut a piece of lemon and put it in your mouth. Keep it there for some time, then put there another piece, a third and a fourth. The color of the lemon and the acid in it will have a positive effect on the liver, the disposition will disappear, the face will be cleared and you won’t see the world as so bad a place. If the liver is disordered, you look at things in the wrong way.

    Fourth option:

    For a disordered liver: the sick person must eat sour lemons. Let him start with one lemon per day and increase the number by one piece each day – the second day – two lemons, on the third – three etc. until the tenth day – ten lemons and then do that in reverse: ninth day – nine lemons, eight day – eight etc.

    XV. Albumin in the urine and renal inflammation

    1. Drinking hot water.

    2. Diet: easily digestible food, avoid any sour, over-salted and hot foods, as well as those, rich in proteins – albumin. Eat more fruits: apples, pears, boiled plums etc.

    3. Improve your faith¬, connect to God every day, pray, read the Gospel and the lectures.

    XVI. Kidney sand

    Take sixty willow leaves, boil a liter of water, and drop the leaves inside to boil for ten-fifteen minutes. Drink one tea-cup of this concoction in the morning, at noon and in the evening or just in the morning and in the evening. Every other day prepare a new concoction. After drinking five liters of willow concoction, make a rest of fifteen-twenty days and after that start taking it again.

    Do not eat spinach — depending on the type of the kidney sand. Do respiratory exercises every day eat fruit and drink warm water.

    XVII. Gallbladder sand and gallbladder stones

    Sour foods are good for the gallbladder: lemons, sauerkraut.

    1. Use willow leaves as with kidney sand.

    2. Put hot cotton compresses at the painful place.

    3. Keep the abdomen warm, wearing a wool belt.

    4. Take a handful of common knotgrass, which grows in the stone-streets and in the yards, and put that in boiling water for several minutes. Drink this concoction as tea twice a day — in the morning and in the evening.

    XVIII. Bedwetting in children

    1. Sunbaths of the spine.

    2. Put something warm on the abdomen.

    3. Make massages of the back, and especially of the spine.

    XIX. Intestinal worms

    You can cure yourself like this: three-four days of strict fasting, than eat some raw, pealed pumpkin seeds.

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    Red face Healing Recipes: Herbs, Food, Water V

    Some Contagious Diseases

    I. Plague

    In case of plague, billions of germs develop within 24 hours and the substance they discharge poisons the blood so the affected person dies. The first thing to do in this case is to drink several glasses of hot water. This will interrupt the multiplication of the germs. Drink hot water - 4*5 glasses in a row. Germs can’t live in such an environment.

    Plague is cured with hot water. The person, suffering from plague, must be separated from the healthy and he must be given a glass of hot water every hour. When he drinks that water, the blood serum, which serves as food to the germs, is diluted and they gradually stop multiplying.

    Throughout the duration of the disease no food should be eaten. The connection of man with God is a force, which affects germs like electric lightning. In this way, attacked from both sides through hunger and direct attack they cannot multiply, so they gradually perish. 24 hours of intensive battle with the plague germs is enough to make them go out of your body. Diseases are nothing more than wars between man and lower creatures.

    II. Cholera

    In case of cholera, also drink 4*5 glasses of hot water in a row. Apart from that pour some water in a glass and add several drops of iodine tincture to it, then drink that water.

    III. Jaundice

    1. Eat lemons with their peels – several lemons per day, without any sugar.

    2. Avoid any fats.

    Apply the cures, described for liver treatment.

    IV. Mumps

    1. Place some crushed olives on the affected area and let them stay there overnight.

    2. During the day sunbath the affected area, keeping the head in the shadow.

    V. Chickenpox

    1. The sick person must be in a warm room.

    2. Make the affected person take a purgative — castor oil.

    3. Make him drink three glasses of hot water three times a day.

    4. Food — mainly boiled potatoes with a little salt, and sometimes potato broth. No bread, no milk etc.

    VI. Scarlet fever

    1. Drinking hot water – four glasses at a time, to reduce the temperature.

    2. The affected person must not eat bread or drink milk, because they increase the temperature. He must only eat boiled potatoes.

    Other Diseases

    I. Rheumatism

    First option:

    1. Let’s say that the affected person has rheumatism in the knee. Every morning he must spank his knee with a bunch of nettle. Do that four to ten times a day and rheumatism will disappear. It is good if the sick person picks the nettle himself, this has a curing effect, for its aura will affect him, he will feel as if he is surrounded by a jelly.

    2. Make warm cotton compresses.

    3. On fine and hot days, put a watermelon in the sun and eat it after that. Watermelons have a positive effect, curing rheumatism and many other diseases.

    4. Do some sunbaths.

    Second option:

    If you have rheumatism, take 7 red onions, cut them in small pieces or crush them, add 25 g of salt in the onions and then put that on the painful place and leave it there for 10*12 hours, then repeat several times. Onions have a strong healing effect.

    Third option:

    You have rheumatism in your knee and have been looking for a cure for many years. Take some bees, pray to the Lord then make the bees sting you and the knee will be cured.

    II. Sciatica

    Sciatica is caused by conflicts between the thoughts and feelings — the mental energies and those of the sympathetic nervous system are in conflict.

    1. Hot cotton compresses.

    2. Sunbaths.

    3. The body must be stirred well and this is done through excursions. When the body gets hot, there is a reaction and sciatica is cured.

    III. Purulent Abscess

    First option:

    If your leg swells, boil some milk, curdle it with lemon and use the curdled¬¬ milk to make a compress. So make several compresses in this way and if there is an inflammation, it will find a way and penetrate through the skin so that everything will be drained. Put some homemade leaven on the wound after that.

    Second option:

    Mix honey, flour and water and put them on the affected area, to suck out the pus.

    Third option:

    Let some corn flour boil with milk and the resulting mixture is placed on the painful area to suck out the pus.

    Fourth option:

    If your hand has infected and swollen as a result of a wound, make a linseed compress.

    Fifth option:

    Whenever there is an abscess on your body, put some of the best bread that you can find on it.

    IV. Blood poisoning

    The daughter of a sister fell ill from blood poisoning. She suffered from constant and severe pain. The doctors subjected her to a strict diet with fruit and vegetable juices, but the situation only got worse, the crises became more frequent. The Master gave the following advice:

    Drink hot milk and eat boiled maize for three days in a row, after those three days – raw veganism. This is repeated until the sick person gets well.

    IV. Eczema

    The eczema shows that blood is impure. The sick person must eat raw vegetarian food for some time: apples, pears, tomatoes, peppers etc. And some boiled wheat as well – no bread is allowed. Raw food cleanses the blood.

    1. Let some water boil in a large pot and put some sumac leaves; let them boil for some time. This water is then poured in a wash-basin and the affected area is dipped in it. If this is impossible, use some cotton or a piece of cotton fabric to repeatedly dab the affected areas with that water.

    2. Boil some water in a coffee-pot and put three sumac leaves in it; immediately remove the pot from the stove, cover it and leave it for some time. Drink one coffee cup in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

    V. Bruised areas

    If someone complains about a hurting leg or arm, put some roasted onions and a little olive oil on the affected area. Onions relieve pain and reduce the temperature. Do not overlook small things, so that you can make use of the benefits they can offer.

    Put some crushed onions and salt on the bruised area.

    Put some homemade leaven on the bruised area.

    When you feel pain, rub the area with some slightly warmed olive oil, and sprinkle a little black pepper and vinegar on tom, then ask someone more magnetic to massage you.

    VI. If an alien body penetrates a muscle or in case of deep purulent abscess

    1. Every morning make sunbaths in the first sun’s rays.

    2. Cut a tomato into slices, put it on the affected area and bandage the place.

    3. After twelve hours remove the bandage and make an elder bath — prepare a concoction of blossoming elder. Repeat the procedure until the pus penetrates the skin and clear blood appears.

    4. To make the wound heal, mix some flour with olive oil and an egg-yolk, make a cake and put it on the affected area.

    VII. Goitre

    Boil walnut leaves and drink the concoction. Use preferably young, spring walnut leaves. They have a slight pinkish coloration.

    VIII. White spots on the nails

    The white spots on the nails are an indication of a stressed nervous system — something bothers a person subconsciously, despite his will. They show that the nervous system and circulation are not in good condition. As soon as these improve, the white spots will disappear.

    1. Bathing the entire body with sun-warmed water for one month.

    2. The sick person must sunbath his face for one hour or an hour and a half in the morning, between seven and nine o’clock. Cover the head to keep it in the shadow.

    IX. Strengthening methods

    1. Mix 200 g. of fresh cow’s butter and 200 g honey. Take a tablespoon of this mixture every morning. In order to keep the material always fresh this dose can be taken in four portions, i.e. mix 50 g with 50 g honey. When it is over, repeat three more times. This strengthening is done in May and September.

    2. Boil some oats and drink the concoction. The oats water strengthens. Use lettuce, raw vegetables.

    X. Weakness in the legs

    A sister was unable to move her legs, due to weakness. Here’s what the Master recommended:

    Boil some wormwood blossoms in a coffee-pot and drink one coffee cup in the morning, for ten days in a row. Then make a twenty-day rest, sunbathing the spine throughout that time. Have a firm, vivid and invincible faith and everything will be fine. Food — vegetarian. Never drink cold water, but only warm and that at least an hour, a hour and a half after meals.

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    Red face Healing Recipes: Herbs, Food, Water VI

    Occult Treatment Methods

    Try to heal yourselves with the power of faith, when you feel pain: “In the name of my Lord, in whom I have great faith, I command this disease to go out of me!“ Every disease is alive and it understands what you tell it. If your stomach aches, this means that its cells are somewhat individualized, they have become more active and do not want to subdue to the entire body. I, knowing that, tell them: “You have gotten too conceited, you make a lot of fuss, now I will give you some food, but be silent, and do your job“. Some stomachs may be given some wheat water, some others – two tablespoons of olive oil. You can live perfectly only on olive oil or wheat broth. A spoon of olive oil contains enough solar energy, a lot of condensed, pure food.

    Pneumonia is a disease, which requires massages. What causes it, however? It is caused by an unnatural state of the human feelings. Whoever suffers from pneumonia, always has in him an unnatural disposition of his feelings.

    Whoever suffers from neurasthenia, has some kind of unnatural condition of his thoughts. The neurasthenia shows that a man’s thoughts are not what they should be.

    At last, when someone suffers from dyspepsia, a stomach disease, it is caused by misunderstanding of the physical world. The result of this disease is a liver disorder. So in the first case one suffers from tuberculosis, in the second— from neurasthenia, and in the third – from a liver disorder, which shows that the lower feelings in that person have dominated.

    You ask me what the cure for these diseases is. Here’s a remedy, a formula that you must write down: put a gram of mental energy in your brain, two grams of thermal energy in your lungs and three grams of physical energy in your stomach. This is a homeopathic remedy, which you must prepare. Try that to see what will be the result, whether it will be successful or not. Put 100 g. of water in a glass container for the one gram of mental energy, 200 g. water for thermal energy and 300 g. for the physical energy or the energy of motion, for the stomach. This makes a total of 600 g. Boil this water to 100 degrees. After that plug the bottle or close tightly the respective glass container and leave it for 10 days in the sunlight. Then every morning, before lunch and dinner, take a teaspoon of it, until you finish all the water. As soon as you finish this remedy, all the diseases that you have will be gone.

    Do not be prejudiced against this medicine, but try and see what results it will have. Here’s how to take that gram of mental energy: put three of your fingers on the temples, focus your thought and after that dip your fingers in the one hundred grams of water. Then put those three fingers of both hands on both sides of your lungs, focus your thermal energy in your fingers and then dip your fingers in the two hundred grams of water. After that put both hands, but mostly their three fingers, on the stomach, from where you will extract three grams of physical energy, which you will put in the three hundred grams of water. Do that in separate cups, which then mix in a larger container, which can hold 600 grams and boil that water at 100 degrees. Then pass your hands on top of the water, saying: “What has been said – let It happen!“

    Only those who have faith should do that. Whoever has no faith, should not even try. You can try that even in the most critical situation of your lived. Imagine that you are down with a very serious disease and all the doctors have given up on you and won’t even try to treat you. There is nothing else to do, except for getting ready for departure. In this case – do as I have indicated. If this proves successful, you won’t depart from this world, and if it is unsuccessful – you will be gone, as the doctors have said. Tell yourself: “I’ve made so many attempts, tried everything and did so many stupid things, let me do another stupid thing to see what results I will get!“ When you go to the other world, you’ll be asked: “What is the last stupid thing that you did on the Earth?“ You will say: “Oh, Lord, I put a gram of mental energy in 100 grams of water, two grams of heat in 200 grams of water and three grams o physical energy in 300 grams of water and drank that water“. The Lord will say that this is the least stupid thing that you have done, the most insignificant sin that you have committed.

    This is a practical attempt. Sometimes a person is in so bad a position that he gets mad and wants to commit suicide. Let him attempt this. Another suffers from tuberculosis, someone else — from neurasthenia, and yet another — from disordered liver. They all should try this in order to relieve their condition. It won’t cost them a thing that they have drunk 600 grams of water. You must believe in the law of Love.

    Now I will give you a recipe. Take the words of Christ: “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life“. Write that clearly on a parchment paper, take that paper and burn in, dissolve the ash in 100 grams of water and take 3 spoons in the morning, at noon and in the evening. Try that and see what will be your condition. You might say: “This is a superstition!“ Fine, why won’t you have another superstition. You buy lottery tickets expecting to win 50 000 leva – and you do that for 20 years.

    When you are trying to cure yourselves, you will sometimes use magical formulae and do that when the moon is waning. If someone is suffering from rheumatism – let him take half a kilo of salt in lumps, sea or rock salt, and put one lump of that salt in a clean container with pure spring water. Then he should get up early, before sunrise, put the lump of salt in the water and say: “As the salt is dissolved in water, so shall my rheumatism dissolve and disappear!“ Do that in the waning phase of the moon – for two weeks. This can also be done at sunset. While the procedure is being done, no one should see or know about it! The disease may be cured after using a quarter or half a kilo, and maybe more, what is important is to persist, until you are well again. Some may say that this is superstition. When the sick person takes a medicine – he is officiating, and when he is recommended an occult method – this is delusion. If you have faith and persistence, you will be cured by the salt.

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    Red face Healing Recipes: Herbs, Food, Water VII

    Breathing Exercises

    The Hindu have a breathing science, but it lacks something — it lacks willful breathing. This Hindu method is accompanied by great contradictions – it produces great profits, but also results in great losses. In this breathing method great crises are observed. These methods have been practiced by the Hindus for thousands of years, and as a result they have major achievements. Whatever these methods are and no matter how good they may be, they are not good for Europeans. They take a major toll. The Europeans do not have the experience of the Hindus.

    Usually breathing includes 15 inspirations and 15 expirations per minute. When you do exercises, you will try to gradually reach one inspiration, one holding of breath and one expiration per minute. If you achieve that, you will be able to cure all diseases, even tuberculosis.

    Breath calmly, easily, with a certain rhythm. Try to treat yourselves with breathing in the morning, before lunch and before dinner, doing 12*19 exercises. Each inspiration, holding and expiration of air is one exercise. While you are doing these exercises, your minds must be focused, your diaphragm must go up and down, shrink and expand. The diaphragm is the border between the spiritual and the physical world. One of the reasons for tachycardia, asthma and some lung diseases is the displacement of the diaphragm from its natural position. If it shifts higher than it is supposed to be, the heart and lungs won’t act properly. When a person takes a deep breath, his lungs are filled, they press the diaphragm and it takes its respective position. You can breathe and read “Our Father“ or the “Good Prayer“. Breathe slowly, deeply, without letting your thought wander.

    Those, who are not experienced in deep breathing, should hold their breath for 2*3 seconds and gradually increase that time by one second per day, until they reach 30 seconds. If you can hold your breath for 30 seconds, the air inside will take care of a lot of disorders and diseases — headache, lung diseases, stomach, palsy — everything goes away. Heal yourselves, before getting sick. If a person does not breathe deeply no medicines can help him. If one breathes properly, his breath and sweat smell nice and his circulation is proper. Whatever disease you may have, try to find help in the deep breathing. There is no disease which can’t be cured with breathing.

    The breathing¬¬ must involve the abdominal muscles, to give it an urge, pressure for the air, to drive it out. When a person breathes properly, he rejuvenates and relieves himself of both physical and mental disease.

    There are certain thoughts and formulae which you must say in your mind, when doing these exercises. For example: during inspiration, holding and expiration, you can say the following words in your mind: “Thank you very much my Lord, for all the goods you have given me“. You can also say “Our Father“ in your mind, during inspiration, holding and expiration. You can do 10 such exercises in the morning, at noon and in the evening. And you can also say in your mind the “Good Prayer“. During inspiration, you can say in your mind the words: “strength“, “life“, “health“ (3 times). You can do that as well during holding and expiration. You can do 10 such exercises in the morning, at noon and in the evening.

    While you are taking air in, say in your mind the word “life“, during the holding¬¬ of your breath, say the word “strength“ and while you are exhaling, focus your thoughts in the world “health“. Inhale slowly, calmly, hold, then exhale again slowly, while focusing your thoughts on the words I have mentioned.

    The vital energy, which must refresh your body, comes through the spine. The bone marrow in the spine has the ability to absorb the prana from the air and it can transmit it to the entire body. Write down the formulae, which you can say during inspiration, holding and expiration:

    Inspiration: “Thank you Lord for the Devine life, you have put in the air, which I take in with the air“.

    Holding: “This Devine life, which I take in with the air, penetrates all my cells and everywhere it gives strength, life and health“.

    Expiration: “This Devine life strengthens me and I express it on the outside, through my actions“. “Devine life“ here means prana. Imagine vividly how the prana oozes from cell to cell, from organ to organ and goes everywhere.

    Inspiration: “I praise the name of God in me!“

    Holding: “Let the Kingdom of God and His Justice be brought in me!“

    Expiration: “May God’s will be done!“

    Inspiration: “My Lord, thank you for coming in me“.

    Holding: “My Lord, thank you for being in me“.

    Expiration: “My Lord, thank you for leaving Your blessing in me“.

    Here’s a breathing¬ method: after taking pure air in your lungs, and keeping it there for 15*20*30 seconds, you must say in yourself the positive words: “My Lord, for the great good you have given me, I am ready to do Your Will!“ The vibrations, coming through the air go to the space and are recorded. And what you have taken in from the air, forms a reaction – the power, taken in from the air adapts in the body. The beings from the other world, when they listen to you, they will also adopt this formula, which is a good for them. Because they will receive the good from the air, along with you. You shouldn’t say these words only once a day, but as many times you breathe, you must always use a formula. A person must use several formulae when breathing¬.

    Breathing¬ can relieve a person from any painful condition. Here’s what else you can say, while breathing: “My Lord I rejoice and grief, together with those who rejoice and grief – I will be one with them “.

    If you have not eaten for three days, start breathing and say: “My Lord, thank you that I have not eaten for three days, to be able to think more and in a better way about You“.

    1st Breathing Exercise

    If your stomach or abdomen aches, do 6 exercises 4 times a day. While doing the exercises, put your left hand on the stomach, with the palm facing down. Put your left hand on the right, again with the palm facing down. Breathing deeply, you must feel the shrinking and expansion of the diaphragm. Whoever does not breathe deeply, he cannot be a disciple of the new doctrine.

    2nd Breathing Exercise

    The first thing to do in the morning is to avoid contemplating on the worries! Focus your mind on God, start breathing in breaths through the left nostril, because the flow through the left nostril are of the moon, of cleansing; then take a breath through the right nostril and exhale – this is the solar flow. Process what you take in through it, and return it back. Inhale through the left nostril, and exhale through the right, and remember to hold your breath. Do these exercises three times and you will ensure a healthy condition for yourself. Then works are well.

    Take some air through the left nostril. During that time the right must be closed. While inhaling air, say in your mind the formula: “Only God’s Love is Love“. Holding the air for some time, open the right nostril and slowly start letting the air out, saying the same formula. During that time, the left nostril must be closed. Do that exercise 3 times a day: in the morning, at noon and in the evening, when you are disposed and have enough time. During every such exercise do 3 or 10 inspirations and expirations.

    Inspiration through the left nostril. During that time say in your mind the words: “May God’s name be glorious in me!“ While holding the air say the words: “May the Kingdom of God and the Justice of God come upon me!“ During expiration¬¬ speak the following words in your mind: “May God’s will be done!“ Inhale 5 times through the left nostril. After that do the opposite thing – inhale 5 through the right and exhale through the left nostril.

    Inhale through the left nostril first, counting from 10 to 15, then close it and hold the air in your lungs for 30*40 seconds and after that exhale slowly, rhythmically. When inhaling through the left nostril, the right one must be closed, and when holding¬¬ the air – both nostrils must be closed. These exercises are necessary for all people, especially for those, engaged in mental labor. They are needed by both healthy and sick.

    3rd Breathing Exercise

    Slowly move the arms sideways, inhaling deeply, then raise the arms up and hold the air. Move the hands behind the head, then slowly move them down, exhaling slowly.

    4th Breathing Exercise

    Slowly raise your arms above the head and inhale deeply. While raising your arms, slowly raise your eye as well. Hold the air for a while. Slowly lower the arms, expire and slowly lower the eyes.

    5th Breathing Exercise

    Put your hands, clenched in fists, on your shoulders. Slowly move your hands sideways, inhaling deeply, hold the air and then slowly lower the hands beside the body and slowly exhale. In this way you take enough prana from the air and your blood is vitalized, the capillaries expand and circulation improves.

    6th Breathing Exercise

    Stretch your arms horizontally to the sides, with open palms facing up.

    1. Inspiration — slowly inhale, while bending your fingers, as the thumb is placed on the middle finger or the index finger. During that time focus on the thought that with air you take in God’s Love. It is in the air and in everything, because God is everything, God is Love.

    2. Holding the breath – hold your breath for as much time as you want, focusing on the thought that we take in Love, it penetrates our entire being. During the time of holding¬¬ the air inside, slowly bring your hands with bent fingers in front of your chest.

    3. Expiration — slowly stretch your arms sideways horizontally and, when they are fully stretched, slowly open the fingers. During that time exhale the air, thinking that we are sending to the world light, which comes from our Love.

    7th Breathing Exercise

    Inspiration — 16 units of time, holding air — 16 units and expiration — 32 units. Do that 3 times a day – in the morning, at noon and in the evening 6 times on each occasion. Inhale through the left nostril, hold the air and exhale through the right nostril. Continue doing that for 2-3 months.

    8th Breathing Exercise

    This exercise aims at improving your air-holding capacity. You won’t use any units, while performing this exercise — inhale slower and deeper, after that hold the air for as long as possible and exhale as slowly as possible. The time for holding the air is gradually increased: 1 min, 1 1/2 min, 2 min, 2 1/2 min etc.

    9th Breathing Exercise

    When you are nervous, angry, close your right nostril with your right thumb, and inhale through the left nostril, silently counting to 7. After that do not inhale any more air and silently count to 10. Then close your left nostril, and slowly exhale through the right, counting to 9.

    This exercise helps control the anxiety, calm the brain or improve memory. IN the morning and before lunch inhale through the left nostril and exhale through the right. In the evening inhale through the right nostril and exhale through the left. Do the exercises¬ 21 times a day: 7 times in the morning, before lunch and in the evening.

    The Six Main Gymnastic Exercises

    The exercises¬¬ that you do are necessary, because half of your body gathers negative energy, and the other half – positive. These exercises balance the different energies in your body. When a person is healthy, when he feels and thinks right, the energies balance themselves. But when a person is not healthy, nature causes the balances of these energies – it creates a disease, causing certain movements. A person, when sick, starts writhing about, moving, getting up, lying down, thus adjusting the energies. If adjusted properly, the person gets well, and if not – that person is gone.

    In the gymnastic exercises, in order to establish a contact with the invisible worlds, you must stretch your muscles. If the arms are relaxed you will acquire nothing. In order to adopt something, your arms need to be stretched.

    You must know that with every movement, you connect to nature’s flows. When you stretch your arm and hold your mind focused, you will have contact with these flows, and then on any occasion you will be connected with either the electricity of the earth or the electricity of the sun. With every stretching of your arm, you can be in contact with either the earthly or the solar magnetism. Magnetism, in general, is connected with the prana, i.e. the vital power of nature. So when stretching his arms and legs and focusing his mind, a person uses the vital energies of nature and becomes strong and healthy. The power of nature cannot be used if arms are held loose.

    You mind has to be put in all the exercises that you do, so that you attract the powers of nature that you need. If you move your arms mechanically, you make use of nothing. If you pass your minds through the forefinger, you will become nobler, people of dignity, of mercy. If you want to be just, you must exercise the middle, Saturn finger. For nobleness and musicality, for a sense of the beautiful exercise the fourth finger. If you want to put your things in order and to have fine relations with the others, then you should exercise the little finger. If you want to acquire something Devine, exercise the thumb. The hand is a great treasure.

    When performing the movements for regulating your body, it is good to accompany them with the vowels “a“ and “o“ — two powerful sounds. Rational movements regulate the nervous system, which carries the vital energies – it absorbs the vital powers from nature. When the nervous system is operating properly, all the functions of the body take place correctly.

    When you extend your arms this acts soothingly. And when you move your hands towards each other – this action balances the first one. That is why you must direct these counteracting forces upwards.

    First exercise:

    Raise both arms to the sides of the body, palms facing down, to the height of the shoulders. After that raise slowly the right arm at an angle of 45o from the level of the shoulders, while lowering the left at an angle of 45o from the level of the shoulders, then squat six times, focusing your thoughts during that exercise on the front of the brain. This exercise regulates the front of the brain.

    Second exercise:

    This exercise is like the first, with only the left arm raised up, at 45o from the level of the shoulders, and the right – down at the same angle, then squatting six times in this position. During this exercise, focus your thoughts on the heart. This exercise regulates the feelings.

    Third exercise:

    Move both arms back with palms facing each other and pull forward, squatting six times. During this exercise, focus your mind on the spine. It regulates the spine.

    Fourth exercise:

    Raise your left arm up and forward to the East, and stretch the right down. Rotate the body around the waste and make swimming movements with your arms, repeating that exercise 6 times. While doing that focus your mind on the stomach. It regulates the stomach.

    Fifth exercise:

    Place your hands on your waste. Support the body on the left leg, stretching the right out, to the right, shaping a semicircle with that leg from the right to the left – 6 times. After that step firmly on the right leg and do the same with the left, as you have with the right before that – again do that 6 times. During the exercise focus your mind on the nervous system. It regulates the nervous system.

    Sixth exercise:

    Raise your arms sideways, at the height of the shoulders and slowly move them up, until the fingers of both hands touch above your head. Lift your body on your toes and squat in this position, bringing your arms back beside the body. Repeat this exercise again 6 times. This is the completion of the first five exercises. It called magnetic undressing and redressing: down — undressing, up – redressing.

    These exercises are to be performed once a day. If you do them in the morning, it is great, at noon – it is fine, and in the evening – good. These exercises must be done very slowly and accurately, with stretched arms and legs, if you want to achieve good results. The movement of the arms is for the development of the heart and chest. Focusing of the thought strengthens the mind. And the performance of all the exercises strengthens the will.



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