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    Default Ebola, Influenza and ... Norm

    While the big N0rm negated CP's post about Ebola and permanently banned him, here is N0rmanotic's discussion/recommendations for avoiding the flu.
    We find N0rm's post to be HIGHLY POLITICAL, siding with modern-medicine allopathy and devoid of any fundamental health holisim

    Our comments are [bracketed bold]

    (Note: While most of the QFIT peanut gallery regurgitated N0rm's conventional and wholly deficient allopathic propoganda, one poster "ZenKing" attempted to
    interject some holistic wisdom and was soundly banned for 14 days for daring to provide alternate health wisdom to an otherwise ignorant claptrap-babble.)

    N0rm: As flu season is upon us, ... I thought I’d make a few comments:

    • Flu potency varies substantially by year. An estimated 3,000 to 49,000 flu-related deaths occur in the U.S. each year.

    [In 2012 there were 7,463 serious adverse events reported for flu vaccines. Now multiply that number by 98.5, since the AMA estimates only 1.5% of vaccine reactions are reported. The actual number of serious adverse reactions to flu vaccines is probably in the neighborhood of 735,105. source: VaxTruth]

    • Flu season can start as early as October and last as late as May. But, typically it peaks from December thought February.


    • Hand-washing with simple soap and water is quite effective. Soap doesn’t kill viruses; but breaks down the oils that cause unpleasant stuff to stick to skin. Alcohol-based hand sanitizers (like Purell) do kill many nasty things. Personally, I’m not a fan of non-alcohol based sanitizers as some can cause bacteria to become more resistant over time.

    [Holy Jeebus, N0rm got ONE right! (even a blind squirrel can infrequently find an acorn)]

    • Keep your hands away from your face. All kinds of openings there.
    [Listen up CHILDREN.]

    • Flu vaccines have been available since August. Over 150 million doses will be manufactured this year – so there’s not likely to be a shortage.

    [While death and complete disability from a flu vaccine may be rare, so is dying from the flu itself. So I strongly recommend weighing the risk of suffering a debilitating side effect of the flu vaccine relative to the more likely potential of spending a week in bed with the flu...
    Also, it is important to remember that only about 20 percent of all influenza-like illness that occurs every year is actually associated with influenza viruses because many types of respiratory illnesses with flu-like symptoms can be mistaken for influenza. About 80 percent of cases of suspected influenza sent to the CDC for analysis lab test negative for type A or type B influenza. source: Mercola]

    • If you are 65, you should probably also get a pneumococcal vaccine.

    [Pneumonia Vaccine Shown to Actually Increase Bacterial Infections It Is Supposed to Prevent. Bacterial Infections on the Rise Since Introduction of the Pneumonia Vaccine. source: Mercola]

    • Not really relevant, but in your 60s, you should probably also get a shingles vaccine as shingles is incredibly unpleasant. But, don’t get the shingles and pneumonia vaccines at the same time as each weakens the other.

    [The N0rmal One is quite the proponent of witches-brew vaccinations promoted by big pharma, apparently]
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