Death by Beinsa Douno

For each person, it is defined of what he is going to die and when he will die.

We understand the material life in three conditions: present, past, and future. Life, which is defined by such a situation, is always limited. No matter what you do, it is limited. You are not masters in that situation. One, who has past, present and future, is by all means sentenced to die as long as he has these three conditions in himself – the sentence is passed. No matter when, no matter who one is, he will still be executed. Someone will be executed after a few days or weeks. Somebody else – after months or years. Everybody will be executed one day. The sentences will surely come. We talk about the physical world, the physical life. Now you cry – the sentence is implemented on a child of yours or on a daughter of yours, or on your husband. It is implemented on somebody and you are not satisfied. Finally, you will be claimed guilty. You do not know who sentences you and who executes you. You do not know if there is an external judge. Sometimes there is a special court. One is sentenced and caught. He is sentenced like a criminal and put in prison. Some people are not judged at all and they are immediately executed.

Even if they give you 1000 years for living, you yourself would wish to leave Earth. It will become quite workaday for you. You would wish to go to other worlds. Earth is only one result. The world of feelings is a more beautiful place, but the world of thinking is even more beautiful. And once you have gone through these three lives, you will still want to come to Earth. In a world, you will live as long as it is needed for your development. Sometimes you will be expelled from Earth by somebody to go home. They will return you as a bride, who is turned back to her father. They will return you in the way a father sends his child to school. It has begun to play, and the father takes a stick and the child runs away. When it comes home, he gives it a good lesson.

Time for Work, Time for Death

The reasonable, Divine life is a life of the soul, where everything is done on its time. That is why, Solomon said, “There is a time for everything.” There is a time to be born; there is a time to die. One can be born only at the time that God has defined for that. Humans die after the same law - only when that is defined. If one knew the laws, he would have been able to skip the time defined for dying. It happens one to come to a freezing point in his life, when he must surely die. In nature, there are some places, where the powers are balanced in absolute rest. If a person comes upon such a place, his pulse will surely stop.

Whatever one has, he will leave it on Earth. You have rented a house for 5-10-20-30, 40-50-60-70 - up to 120 years at most, but once these years pass, you leave it and go to the other world. By that time you have to eliminate all you have. You say that someone has died quite young. He has rented a house for that number of years. Someone died at the age of 1. You ask, “Why did he live so little?” He has agreed on that. One agrees on certain conditions, on how many years he will live with his coming down to Earth. Agreements are prepared above, not on Earth.

At coming down on Earth, one has foreseen what should be done. For that purpose, he has his own specific plan that he has agreed to fulfill. If he does not fulfill it, he prematurely goes to the other world.

One does not have to leave for the other world before he has finished his job.

You say, “I will die.” Why do you put death in you? Put it out of you. When death comes, it is enough to say, “I have a job. I have not finished my job.” You will wait! Someone says, “I must die.” I die only when I finish my job. If you do not want to do a certain job, you die easily.

No one should go to the other world prematurely. You should fall like a ripe fruit exactly on time.

Young and old people solve the same questions from two points of view. If you cannot connect both ends of youth and old age in one place, life will remain not understood for you. If you do not know why you have come and if you do not know why you leave, you have not understood life. If you do not know why you go to school and if you do not know why you finish school, what have you understood? Nothing. It is not bad to go to school to learn everything. It is not bad to finish school when you have learned everything. School is not an eternal order. This life is a school, which you have to enter and finish on time.

Death itself is not scary. It is scary when a person dies and cannot rise. Knowing this, live consciously to leave for the other world on time to be able to rise. If you do not live properly, you will die prematurely. If you die prematurely, resurrection will not come. When a farmer does not sow on time, fruits do not ripen on time.

If you are one of the smart people, you will live in the world until your sun comes up to the zenith. When you come to the zenith, then you will leave this world and go to God and it will be sunrise again in the spiritual world. And then you will be happy. But if you wait to see the completion of earthly life, you know what the results for each of you would be.

While you are in the physical world, do not wish to die and run away from Earth. Where will you go? You will remain again here until you solve the contradictions of your life. Until you become masters of your thoughts, feelings, and deeds, you cannot enter the higher world.

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