After Death by Beinsa Douno

Often people worry about what will happen to them, where they will go when they die. It is strange: when you were born, whence did you come? “Where am I going?” You are going whence you have come. Whence did your father come? Everyone goes whence he has come.

There is a distinction between life and death. I define life and death in the following way: death is the biggest restriction, in which a rational being can be placed. Life is the greatest freedom, in which the human mind can be placed. Therefore, humans are between these two poles. So, death is defined as the greatest restriction. This restriction is necessary for the humans-animals and the humans-beasts. Humans-animals and humans-beasts will pass through death, through the thinnest tube that exists in living Nature. It is planting. Therefore, when Nature wants to get rid of such types of people, it passes them through the thinnest tube, where even evil does not stop. When evil reaches up to there, it also stops. Evil cannot get to the other side of that tube, i.e. on the other side of death, because on the other side of death, it is already life there, the life of immortality.

The only immortal thing in you is your mind. In death, human feelings are terminated and he does not feel anymore. He does not feel things as a living person, but only some impressions of his desires, certain intensity remains in him. That person is externally passive, but he can awake. He is like an embryo outside; he is passive. However, if you put that dead person in a body and if he comes into contact with that living person, certain instincts will immediately occur in him. When a sinner dies, he remains the same. Death does not change him at all. He changes when he goes to the other side of death, and namely in life. While he is in death, he is the same. Therefore, until the mind comes in a person and he starts thinking, he cannot change. The only thing that can change human nature is his mind.

Passing Beyond

Bulgarians have a custom to light an icon-lamp in the evenings. Why are icon-lamps needed? They light them mainly for the deceased in order there to be light for them in the other world. Many of those, who have left to the other world, are in darkness, persecuted and tortured by their enemies - evil spirits. If one does not want to suffer both in this world and in the other one, he must have an icon-lamp, which have to be constantly lit. Therefore, one, who suffers, does not have an icon-lamp. Everyone should carry in himself the icon-lamp of wisdom, filled with the oil of truth and lighted by the fire of Love.

In music you have seven tons, and in light you have seven colors. There is also a second range of light. You can pass the light from outside through your mind. If you pass the red color through your mind, you can see it in a much nicer form than outside in the rainbow. The first range of seven colors is on the physical plane. Once we go to the second range of light, we already reach the consciousness – we perceive the seven tons objectively. Those people, who make experiments by moving from one of the ranges to the other, pass through a dark zone.

When people are closer to death, they say that it is becoming dark for them. When they pass the first range of the light of seven tones, it is the physical world. Then the dark zone comes. Some people pass through the dark zone and say that it is becoming bright for them. They will move from the first range of the light into the second range of the light. By passing through, one enter the other world. And the light of the other world is softer and more beautiful. Compared to it, the physical light is harsher.

I say: there is a way of concentrating. You can move from one of the ranges of light into the other one, but to go through, you should liberate from all impressions of the physical world. You must isolate from your mind all impressions that the physical world has in you. Once you isolate your mind from them, you will go to the other world. If there is anything, which worries your mind, you cannot go to the other world.

There are contradictions in the other world, too. There is one zone, in which you will be responsible for every hard word from centuries ago till now. You will pass through such hardships, through the whole hell, the worst things. You should be armed by tanks there. You shall have masks somewhere. It is not easy to pass from this world to the other one. Sometimes an angel sits and will take you in hands, but sometimes you will go out – there is no an angel and then spirits will go after you. Now I do not want to scare you, it is only for clarification. It is partly true. They will go after you. You shall study the law of humility. You will become smaller and smaller and finally – they will not be able to see you, you disappear, but you will also lose the form. Sadness will fall upon you. You have saved yourself, but everything is taken, nothing has remained. You pass and nobody wants to know you. You are forgotten. No one pays attention to you. You are a foreigner.

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