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Thread: Ion Saliu (aka Parpaluck), Advantage Gambling Renaissance Man or Charlatan?

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    Default Doug Grant Speaks

    Depending upon the game and the rules and the system, it would not take very long for any card counter to play the amount of rounds necessary to prove card counting would win or lose against real world casino conditions. Moreover, if as you claim a card counter can still win, then he would be making big money all that time. So what's the bitch again Ed? Not enough time to make big money? You are starting to sound more and more like Stanford Wong...that is his typical whine whenever anyone asks him why he is not out there making big money with all those "winning" systems he sells.

    So what excuse are you going to use now Ed? Card counting systems have been proved a miserable failure against real world casino conditions. I have offered you and any other the opportunity to prove me wrong in real world casino, or by using good BJ simulator software that will include ALL of the tactics the casinos use on a regular basis against suspect blackjack card counters. Real world casino or simulator, both reveal the truth that card counting systems can no longer win.

    Doug Grant (Tm) dggrant@worldnet.att.net"

    I, Ion Saliu, hereby posted my real name, email, and credentials. I am waiting for potential challenge-takers to do the same. How about you, Doug? Ready to prove your casino gambling system? You must have a really good gambling system. Otherwise, it would be impossible to fool 60,000 people and still be free, even alive...

    Gambling is all about streaks — the foundation of gambling mathematics, blackjack included. Software name: Streaks.exe. It is a component of the best collection of mathematical, probability, statistical software known as Scientia.exe.You might also want to take a closer look at the entire collection of blackjack software I've written.

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