Tuesday, April 15th, 2014 | Posted by Dean Henderson
Speculators, Cartels & Myths of Scarcity

by Dean Henderson

While governments around the world are told to “tighten their belts”, economies contract and the myth of scarcity (root word: scare) encourages a race to the bottom for the global masses. Alongside these calls for austerity, an historical concentration of power continues among the well-fed and fueled global elite.

The Rockefeller/Rothschild energy cartel and tax-dodger oil traders in Zug, Switzerland have spread well the lie of peak oil. Both know full well that while oil hovers near $100/barrel on the international casinos, oil companies pay around $18/barrel to get crude out of the ground.

Big Oil will soon ring up its usual quarterly record profit, while speculators led by Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley tack on another $50/barrel before the people get gouged at the gas pump.

In April 2011 the US Department of Energy reported that the main US oil storage depot at Cushing, Oklahoma was holding 41.9 million barrels of crude oil, very near its capacity of 44 million barrels. In other words, the US is awash in crude oil. We are now a net exporter and yet oil prices remain high.

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