Three engineers were discussing the finer points of religion and philosophy one day, when they turned to debating what sort of engineer God is. First came an electrical engineer and he told his fellows "God must be an Electrical Engineer! Just look at the nervous system in the body, how intricate and complex it is. It could only have been the work of an electrical engineer!"

The chemical engineer responds: "While I do see your point, I must disagree. Look at the human body and I dare you to tell me that God is anything but a chemical. The delicate pH balance of the blood, the extraction of energy from food. He had to be a Chem-E!"

Finally, they turn and look at their third compatriot, a civil engineer. He chuckles, looks thoughtfully at the other two, and says: "You boys have it all wrong. Only a civil engineer could run a waste disposal line through a recreational area like that."

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