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    Tarzan I like the video you posted and the demonstration of your abilities but your cohort has to work on his shuffling technique. It seems like your buddy is trying to riffle the cards in a manner that it was not intended to be done, he's doing it backwards from how it's normally done and it looks and feels very awkward. Once the deck is handled with both sets of fingers he needs to do a 50-50 split and square up both packets, then he needs to form a sharper "V" when he attempts to riffle both packets together instead of a wider "V" shape like your buddy is doing. If your buddy makes the change he should notice that it's easier and that both packets of cards will riffle together with more fluidity. The way you count down the deck in the video is and has been for months now the way I count down a deck of cards because it is much faster. I was able to shave off 6-7 seconds on a single deck countdown compared to what I was doing.
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