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Thread: So You Wanna Write? Write Here

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    Default So You Wanna Write? Write Here

    I'll go first...

    "The Hebrew Bible is a collection of writings by ancient Jews to promote themselves. It’s filled with absurd stories of rivers turning into blood (Exodus 7:17 ), unicorns (Isaiah 34:7), talking donkeys (Numbers 22:28 ), etc. But threaded throughout this Hebrew Bible is a game plan for the Jews like Leo Strauss, the Kristols, Wolfowitz, ad nauseum, to take and keep the high ground in society and in world affairs". (From Deism's Bob Johnson)

    Now look at this quote, written in 1928, mainly as a response to Hitler's Mein Kampf which he wrote while in prison in 1924...

    Name:  jewblah3.jpg
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    Marcus Eli Ravage is spot on isn't he?... Well, not exactly but almost. His piece reeks of Jewish superiority, Jewish dominance and a sort of Nazi Superior Race ideology. But Eli seems to have forgotten a few things. There is no evidence for a large group of Jewish slaves ever being held captive in Egypt (unlike Babylon).

    There is no evidence for the Moses of the Hebrew Bible ever having existed. Same goes for several other Jewish mythological heroes. So it looks like much of Jewish history was fabricated by themselves in their scriptures, so as to give them some heroes and some noble events which otherwise would not exist.

    Even their Hebrew God of the Hebrew Bible is another of their inventions. This is the genocidal maniac who orders all first-born of the Egyptians (as well as all first-born livestock!) to be killed for his own diabolical reasons. Not content with mass infant killing, he orders ten plagues upon the hapless Egyptians. Enter hero Moses who (after the ten plagues) leads G*D's CHOSEN ONES into Palestinian land which god has given them.

    Hey wait, you can't give somebody else's land to your favorites! Oh yes you can when you are a racist, murdering, infant-killing, jealous, vindictive, bullying, sexist, misogynistic, ethnic-cleansing, plague-sending lunatic Hebrew gawd called Jehovah. This illegal (fabricated, religious) land transfer of title continues as the cause of much mayhem in the Middle East and even yet, threatens to escalate into a major world catastrophe.

    All because of rank bullshit, masquerading as The Word of God. This Hebrew Bible is chock full of gibberish, atrocities, gross immoralities, silly parables, dragons, unicorns & cockatrices, absurdities and pure nonsense. How the Jews must laugh at the stupid Gentiles who have swallowed all this Hebrew bullshit as having emanated from God himself...

    The effects of this are probably best seen when Reagan was President. Fundy Loonies Falwell and Boone had the President's ear. Bible Revelations garbage impressed Reagan that Armageddon was nigh. That Armageddon crap also continues to impress a vast number of credulous Christians world-wide. Apparently-intelligent people who are convinced the Bible is the word of god continue to astound non believers.

    How could any sane person pretend ANY of that stuff was ever written or inspired to have written by a so-called loving, compassionate, forgiving deity? The answer seems to be, they probably haven't read it. That's the only explanation I can think of... (apart from the mass delusion of those that are seriously-taken-over by the dread Religion Virus.)

    Christian America today is heavily-influenced by Hebrew Zionism, all scripture-based. Many Americans believe the Bible to be the Word of God and therefore, Israel rightfully belongs to the Israelites. Too bad for the Palestinians, they can go to hell. Over time, Zionists have crept into positions of power in US politics, media and movies. America today is joined at the hip to Israel. Tiny Israel wields disproportionate power and influence in the USA, and America continues to pay for the privilege.

    This influence all came about through, and because of, a certain Book of Gibberish, Lies and Hebrew self-promoting fabrication. No matter that the so-called 'Word of God' was written by anonymous primitive, superstitious tribal Hebrews and later rewritten, edited, forged, added to, countless times over 1500 years... resulting in the disgraceful and shamful hotchpotch we see today, known as the Holy Bible.
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    Recently the Pope was awarded Time Magazine's Person of the Year... whoopdey doo. The short list of their other candidates reads Edward Snowden, Edith Windsor, Bashar Assad and Ted Cruz. Since he 'won', much propaganda has been trumpeted by the Vatican of his use of a cheap Ford Fiesta (instead of Benedict's bulletproofed gift from Mercedes-Benz), of his easing up on 1600 Vatican years of anti-gay rhetoric, his stance in favor of poverty and his moving out of the Vatican palace into more modest digs, but still close by Theology Central.

    Why, he has even intimated how the Vatican needs to further study 'theology of woman', whatever the fuck that means. (I suppose we are to assume there is also such a thing as the theology of man...) That was as far as he wanted to go on the subject of women priests.

    Before they gave him a traditional dead Pope's name of St Francis of Assissi, he was plain ol Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires, born Dec 17 1936. (You can send him a card for his birthday soon.)

    See below how he felt about women in the past, during his incarnation as one of the many elderly idiot cardinals and bishops who daily wander around the Vatican pretending they are doing something useful, like studying 'Catholic Theology' like as if that is a real subject??, as Thomas Jefferson referred to more than once.

    Name:  aa popeuu.jpg
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    The Hebrew Bible used by Christians is resplendent in and famous for its sexism and misogyny... despite continual denials by deluded fundies. But here we get the goods straight from the horse's mouth himself; his royal majesty the King, pope Francis.

    So what intelligent woman in her right mind would put up with this superior, sexist, misogynistic bullshit emanating from the halls of that den of misogyny, the vatican? In this day and age of so-called equality of gender, how dare this sordid world's richest organization cling to way-outdated doctrines such as men-only priests and celibacy, purely for the sake of blind, stupid tradition posing as doctrine...

    Their sexist crap comes from their Bible, which over 1600 years Catholic forgers, revisers, editors, interpolaters and fraud artists combined in an outrageous conspiracy to present to their deluded followers what is called the word of God. Yeah, right, this word of God is plainly not only full of gibberish and atrocities, it is sexist gibberish and atrocities. The Catholic church simply continued the fine old Judaism tradition; even fine-tuning and embellishing it to better suit the Catholic white straightjacket of doctrinal beliefs.

    The Vatican continues to enjoy status as a member of the United Nations (since 1964), enabling them to attend all General Assembly sessions, as well as Security Council sessions. WTF? I thought they were a damn church, for gwod's sake. Imagine if Islam had the same status? Or Mormons? Or the Hindus? So what influence should a church - run by elderly, single, celibate, protectors-of-pedophile-priests-for-centuries - have? Considering RCC terrible history, this sordid church organization has not earned any right at all in my book.

    Apart from the many problems this church has at the moment, the whole muppet show that it is, has this Book of Lies (pic below) as its fundamental guiding principle. What a surprise, it's that fine old book of Bullshit and Gibberish, their HEBREW BIBLE...
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    Default Fukushima Fucked

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    From the UK Guardian: http://www.theguardian.com/environme...el-rod-removal

    ..."Tepco's president, Naomi Hirose, said the fuel extraction "represents the beginning of a new and important chapter in our work", and thanked plant workers for the "ingenuity, diligence, and courage that made this achievement possible".

    The utility believes that a specially chosen team of 36 men will need until late 2014 to remove all of the fuel assemblies from the pool, located 130 feet above ground, and place them in submerged protective casks. The casks will then be taken to ground level and transported to a more stable storage pool nearby.

    Each cask can hold up 22 assemblies comprising between 60 and 80 fuel rods. Workers will remove the fresh fuel assemblies first because they are easier to handle.

    "The extraction work started at 3:18pm and the first fuel completed its extraction from the fuel rack to the cask placed inside the pool at 3:57pm as planned, following thorough safety preparations with the co-operation of many partner companies and individual workers," Tepco said in a statement.

    But antinuclear campaigners have voiced concern over Tepco's ability to complete the work without incident following revelations that up to 300 tonnes of radioactive water are leaking from the site into the sea every day.
    The utility also came under fire this summer for installing poorly designed tanks that leaked toxic water.

    "We are concerned that Tepco may not be capable of conducting this risky operation safely, and that there are significant risks involved in this operation," said Kazue Suzuki, a nuclear campaigner with Greenpeace Japan.

    "Tepco's inability to solve the problems with leaking tanks that store contaminated water, and the continued flow of contaminated water from the site to the ocean adds to our concerns about its ability to handle this dangerous operation to remove spent fuel.

    "If Tepco makes mistakes again and can't handle this task, workers could be exposed to excessive levels of radiation and in a worst-case scenario there could be a massive new release of radiation to the atmosphere."

    The head of Japan's nuclear safety agency, Shunichi Tanaka, recently warned that removing the fuel involved huge risks, particularly if any attempt were made to force fuel assemblies that have become impeded by debris. "The process involves a very large risk potential," he said. "In a sense, it is more risky than the radioactive water crisis."

    According to Tepco, the specially designed handling equipment has inbuilt mechanisms to prevent the fuel from being accidentally dropped, and that even breakages in a small number of fuel assemblies would not pose a risk to areas around the plant.

    Local authorities in Fukushima will send emergency notifications to residents via mobile phones and other devices in the event of an accident.
    Even if the fuel removal ends without a hitch, Tepco faces the even more difficult task of locating and removing melted fuel from deep inside the three reactors that suffered meltdown.

    Radiation levels inside those reactors are still too high for humans to enter, and the technology has yet to be developed to carry out the unprecedented operation. As a result, Tepco says it will not be able to begin removing melted fuel from those reactors until 2020 at the latest."...

    Well, there you have the short version summary of what one British scientist has called the worst catastrophe in human history. All this because of a magnitude 9 earthquake and tsunami on March 11 2011. An earthquake also in or near that volatile region caused a tsunami that killed 230,000 on boxing day, 2004. Earthquakes in Japan are not rare. Like California, there is a major fault line in the Earth's crust in that area. So we can expect more earthquakes and tsunamis; it's only a matter of time...

    Now let that Guardian piece above sink in, after you read it again...

    Here's a link to the world's top ten nuclear disasters (and that's only the top ten; there are more... not bad for only 60 years, hey... ) http://blog.processindustryforum.com...leardisasters/

    Do we need any more proof (after adding Fukushima to the list) that the human cost of the nuclear power industry is simply too great to bear, and will ultimately kill us all?

    So we see some plants will be stripped of their rods by late 2014, or so we are asked to believe by the now-state-owned Tepco corporation that has already been proved to be inept and totally incompetent in everything they have done or tried to do since the disaster 33 months ago. Yeah, so that highly-dangerous job will be finished by late 2014 they hope... IF THERE ARE NO MORE ACCIDENTS AND THERE ARE NO FURTHER LARGE-SCALE EARTHQUAKES. I guess we all better start prayin right now...

    But wait, there's more. What about the three reactors that suffered meltdown and for which technology does not yet exist to even begin that task until 2020, and will likely take 40 years? Then the Mary Poppins Japanese Tepco scientists say all will be fine then... (Provided, AGAIN, there are no more large earthquakes and/or tsunamis nearby...)

    They don't bother mentioning that IF/WHEN there is a human accident or more during the long operation (!) and if/when there are no more earthquakes and tsunamis, then all will be well... You better believe it, baby!... WHAT.. THE.. FUCK..????

    If all those bets don't work out as planned, then a massive radiation contamination of vast parts of Japan is inevitable, along with a major part of the Pacific Ocean, and then on to the United States.

    That doomsday scenario will make the 300 tons of radioactive water being daily dumped in the sea look like well, nuthin... Better hold your breath, pray again, and good luck to all.
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    Default Technology is Killing Us


    Posted in: Breaking News

    Every single day, 300 tons of radioactive water from Fukushima enters the Pacific Ocean. That means that the total amount of radioactive material released from Fukushima is constantly increasing, and it is steadily building up in our food chain.

    Ultimately, all of this nuclear radiation will outlive all of us by a very wide margin. They are saying that it could take up to 40 years to clean up the Fukushima disaster, and meanwhile countless innocent people will develop cancer and other health problems as a result of exposure to high levels of nuclear radiation.

    We are talking about a nuclear disaster that is absolutely unprecedented, and it is constantly getting worse. The following are 28 signs that the west coast of North America is being absolutely fried with nuclear radiation from Fukushima…

    1. Polar bears, seals and walruses along the Alaska coastline are suffering from fur loss and open sores
    Wildlife experts are studying whether fur loss and open sores detected in nine polar bears in recent weeks is widespread and related to similar incidents among seals and walruses.

    The bears were among 33 spotted near Barrow, Alaska, during routine survey work along the Arctic coastline. Tests showed they had “alopecia, or loss of fur, and other skin lesions,” the U.S. Geological Survey said in a statement.

    2. There is an epidemic of sea lion deaths along the California coastline…
    At island rookeries off the Southern California coast, 45 percent of the pups born in June have died, said Sharon Melin, a wildlife biologist for the National Marine Fisheries Service based in Seattle. Normally, less than one-third of the pups would die. It’s gotten so bad in the past two weeks that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration declared an “unusual mortality event.”

    3. Along the Pacific coast of Canada and the Alaska coastline, the population of sockeye salmon is at a historic low. Many are blaming Fukushima.

    4. Something is causing fish all along the west coast of Canada to bleed from their gills, bellies and eyeballs.

    5. A vast field of radioactive debris from Fukushima that is approximately the size of California has crossed the Pacific Ocean and is starting to collide with the west coast.

    6. It is being projected that the radioactivity of coastal waters off the U.S. west coast could double over the next five to six years.

    7. Experts have found very high levels of cesium-137 in plankton living in the waters of the Pacific Ocean between Hawaii and the west coast.

    8. One test in California found that 15 out of 15 bluefin tuna were contaminated with radiation from Fukushima.


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    Name:  Past-World-Population2.gif
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    As I write, world population is probably past 7B now. How quickly that graph went up in just 500 years. This was despite all the numerous wars of history, the invasions such as Genghis Khan, the Romans, the Vandals/Goths, Muslims, Japanese, Nazis and many others. There were times when diseases are said to have wiped out as many as half the human population of Europe; and that happened more than once.

    Doctors during the Black Plague in 1252 London wore masks with a beak, breathing through herbs that were thought to offer some protection from the lethal disease. Jesus had promised in the Bible that whoever had faith and belief in Him and thus prayed, they would be saved. This proved futile as even priests were also dropping like flies. So much for the superstition of prayer to a false god. Not all the best scientific and rational minds of the time were burned at the stake as heretics, by a church hell bent on control.

    After the Reformation fired by Luther, the Roman church began to lose its grip. Science and Free Thought suddenly had access to the printing press and minds could freely relate without fear of being murdered by Catholic priests, Dominicans and Jesuits. Science found that the bubonic plague was spread by rats. As a result, the filth that rats thrived on in cities began to be cleaned up. While priests continued praying, selling indulgences and favors and molesting altar boys, science continued the evolution of humanity.

    Science became so proficient that we clearly see the result in that graph. Fast forward to the 20th Century... where AIDS continues to devastate Africa. There are some who believe AIDS was man-made and deliberately planted in Africa (and among Western gays) so as to get rid of 'inferior races and homosexuals'. I don't believe that for a second. Where is the evidence? I do believe the Catholic church's policy of condoms is inhuman and absolutely shameful; but totally in line with their shameful history.

    With the 1938 discovery of nuclear fission, Germany had a two-year head start on developing nuclear energy; the Americans' fear was that the Nazis would shape it into a weapon of mass destruction. Germany also had in its grasp two materials critical to its development -- heavy water and uranium. They were available in abundance only in Norway and Czechoslovakia, both under Nazi control.
    In August 1939, Leo Szilard and fellow Hungarian physicists Eugene Wigner and Edward Teller urged Albert Einstein to sign a letter they had drafted for President Roosevelt.

    Einstein's letter noted that the work of Fermi and Szilard "leads me to expect that the element uranium may be turned into a new and important source of energy in the near future." President Roosevelt responded by appointing an Advisory Committee on Uranium. The Office of Scientific Research and Development was established on June 28, 1941, under the direction of Vannevar Bush, to develop atomic energy.

    And so was born the Manhattan Project. Nagasaki and Hiroshima saw Planet Earth's first nuclear holocausts. The birth of the nuclear industry was for military purposes. Nuclear use for peaceful purposes followed.
    I wonder what might have happened if the Nazis had first developed the Abomb? Einstein was to comment: "Using nuclear energy is one hell of a way to boil water."

    Exactly, Albert. Nukes and electricity-producing nuclear power plants have their energy source in common: they use the same uranium.

    I believe Planet Earth is shortly to divest herself of maybe several billions of humans. Earth may well be overpopulated. Our science/technology has proved so successful that it blinded us to how it should be used. We harnessed the power of the atom and now it is about to kill many of us. The ongoing uncontrolled meltdown of three Fukushima nuclear reactors will see to that in a few short years, because we do not possess the technology to control the disaster. How insane is that?

    The USS Ronald Reagan received a plume of nuclear radiation when it was just 80Km from Fukushima on that fateful day. Some US helicopter crews were contaminated. Some are suing TEPCO, now owned by the Japanese government. The USS Reagan was out of commission for 18 months while it was de-contaminated. http://islandbreath.blogspot.com.au/...fukushima.html And that was only on day one and day two of the catastrophe.

    We humans - especially those of us with so-called superior intelligence - have now reaped a whirlwind of our own arrogance and greed. We thought we could safely handle nuclear energy. Even after the Chernobyl disaster we still thought that. But now it's too late and the horse has bolted. We were like children playing with matches inside a warehouse with a mountain of gunpowder to play in.

    We really had no idea what we were doing. We kidded ourselves it was 'safe.' We still hide spent rods away pretending they are 'safe' but they are not. The government of Japan (just like the Chernobyl Russians) continue to lie about the real risks of Fukushima. (The real risks to the entire world.) Other governments keep the lid on in a conspiracy of silence.

    This is why FOX and CNN don't say much at all on the issue. Mass panic is only one truthful press conference away. Planet Earth is getting ready to shuck off a few excess billions of us. But truth is not the realm of the nuclear 'industry', of politics, nor of governments.
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    The Manhattan Project began it all...

    Name:  the manhatt.jpg
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    Fukushima Forever

    SUBHEAD: As radiation from Fukushima Daiichi heads our way, our governments turns a blind eye.

    By Michael Collins on 7 June 1012 for EnviroReporter -

    Image above: An ominous sunset along Big Sur, California. From (http://www.wildnatureimages.com/Big%...0Coast%202.htm).

    [IB Publisher's note: This article is over one year old but seems pertinent. It is about California but it affects us here in Hawaii. Fukushima is Forever. It is clear the our government and that of Japan have abandoned the public's interest and safety. By either not measuring (or not sharing the results) they continue to coverup the risks to those who will be affected by nuclear radiation from the catastrophic events in Japan. Let's admit it - this shit will continue to poison us forever. Nuclear power (and weapons) are a dead issue (or we are). We need to know the truth to protect our Ohana, our Aina, the sea Kai, and beyond the underworld sea Po. Not sharing the truth in this matter is utter treachery.]

    Millions of Southern Californians and tourists seek the regionís famous beaches to cool off in the sea breeze and frolic in the surf. Those iconic breezes, however, may be delivering something hotter than the white sands along the Pacific.

    According to a recent U.C. Davis study, uranium-filled nanospheres are created from the millions of tons of fresh and salt water used to try to cool down the three molten cores of the stricken reactors. The tiny and tough buckyballs are shaped like British Association Football soccer balls. See also (http://anngwyn.wisrville.org/2012/03/12/beware-the-bucky-balls)

    Water hitting the incredibly hot and radioactive, primarily uranium-oxide fuel turns it into peroxide. In this goo buckyballs are formed, loaded with uranium and able to move quickly through water without disintegrating.

    High radiation readings in Santa Monica and Los Angeles air during a 42-day period from late December to late January strongly suggest that radiation is increasing in the region including along the coast in Ventura County.

    The radiation, detected by this reporter and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, separate from each other and using different procedures, does not appear to be natural in origin. The EPAís radiation station is high atop an undisclosed building in Los Angeles while this reporterís detection location is near the West L.A. boundary.

    Both stations registered over 5.3 times normal, though the methods of sampling and detection differed. The videotaped Santa Monica sampling and testing allowed for the detection of alpha and beta radiation while the sensitive EPA instrument detected beta only, according to the government website.

    A windy Alaskan storm front sweeping down the coast the morning of March 31 slammed Southern California with huge breakers, a choppy sea with 30-foot waves and winds gusting to 50 mph. A low-hanging marine layer infused with sea spray made aloft from the chop and carried on the winds blew inland over the Los Angeles Basin for several miles bringing with it the highest radiation this reporter has detected in hot rain since the meltdowns began, over five times normal.

    MORE: http://islandbreath.blogspot.com.au/...nightmare.html

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    So the three reactors melted down into what they call a 'corium' for each... a total of 350 tons... which has melted through steel and concrete into the earth below, (just like in the movie The China Syndrome) and contacting the water table below the surface; all the while technicians futilely continue to pump sea water in to try to keep the coriums from overheating and massively adding to the already-dire disaster. A Tepco worker (who will probably die soon) recently described large cracks under the reactors, with large amounts of steam billowing out. Extremely dangerous radioactive steam venting into the atmosphere.

    The best of Japanese scientific technology sees them continuing to pump daily, more than 300 tons of sea water onto the coriums to try to keep them cool. In so doing, that water becomes highly radioactive and runs back into the Pacific ocean, every. fucking. day. The Pacific Ocean is dying a toxic death.

    But every day also, that toxic steam is wafting away in the wind, making huge areas of Japan uninhabitable for thousands of years; while at the same time drifting across to North America and contaminating the entire world's air as well.

    But all that will pale into insignificance if - as is very likely - the #4 reactor building collapses. The building is unstable because of earthquake damage and hydrogen explosions. It is listing and sinking on its foundations because of the tsunami and the vast amount of water pumped each day into the nearby coriums.

    The inept and corrupt electricity-seller (Tepco) has minimal expertise in engineering and they recently began the extremely delicate task of extracting 1300, 4-metres-long spent fuel rod assemblies totalling 400 tons of radioactive material. These sit 80 feet above ground in a damaged pond. If one rod is dropped or damaged during this long operation, the whole lot will blow and that will be the end of life on this planet as we once knew it. (Of course it will take a while for the winds to spread massive, lethal dose of radiation over most of the earth and oceans, but in the end, we will all die of radiation poisoning.)

    But wait, there's more. #4 building is teetering on the brink of collapse, listing as it slowly sinks. If even a medium earthquake hits during the 3-year rescue operation, the building will almost certainly collapse.

    Well then, at the moment, the future of the human race does not look promising. Is it any wonder news outlets don't carry Fukushima news these days...

    Name:  fuk747.jpg
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    Default Rise of Japanese Fascism Tells Press: STFU


    [IB Publisher's note: Nothing to see here! Keep on moving! Our highlight in red.]

    Associated Press, Nov. 26, 2013: Japan’s more powerful lower house of Parliament approved a state secrecy bill late Tuesday [...] Critics say it might sway authorities to withhold more information about nuclear power plants [...] The move is welcomed by the United States [...] lawyer Hiroyasu Maki said the bill’s definition of secrets is so vague and broad that it could easily be expanded to include radiation data [...] Journalists who obtain information “inappropriately” or “wrongfully” can get up to five years in prison, prompting criticism that it would make officials more secretive and intimidate the media. Attempted leaks or inappropriate reporting, complicity or solicitation are also considered illegal. [...] Japan’s proposed law also designates the prime minister as a third-party overseer.

    Mainichi, Nov. 27, 2013: The ruling coalition’s ramming of a controversial special state secrets bill [...] through the House of Representatives on Nov. 26 has stunned the public. [...] it could discourage citizens as well as journalists from seeking access to such information for fear of harsh punishment, blocking government information from circulating in society [...]

    Japan-based Investigative Journalist Jake Adelstein, Nov. 29, 2013: [...] even politicians inside the ruling bloc are saying, “It can’t be denied that another purpose is to muzzle the press, shut up whistleblowers, and ensure that the nuclear disaster at Fukushima ceases to be an embarrassment before the Olympics.” [...]

    And most tellingly, Masako Mori, the Minister of Justice, has declared that nuclear related information will most likely be a designated secret. For the Abe administration this would be fantastic way to deal with the issue of tons of radiated water leaking [...]

    There seems to be no end to stopping the toxic waste leaks there but the new legislation would allow the administration to plug the information leaks permanently. As [it] continues to pour into the ocean and our food supply, it is an ominous sign that the Japanese government refuses to disclose information about the levels of pollution [...]

    Mainichi, Nov. 27, 2013: Under the bill, ordinary citizens who aid and abet or conspire with others in leaking information classified as special state secrets could face up to five years in prison even if the information were not actually revealed. If citizens were indicted for obtaining special secrets under the legislation, they could be convicted without the content of the information being clarified.

    Mainichi, Nov. 27, 2013: One of the [Fukushima] residents angrily said, “How far are they going to go in fooling us?” [...] a member of the Diet’s investigation committee on the Fukushima nuclear disaster, said, “I hope information involving the lives of residents will not be made secret.”

    Bellona, Nov. 29, 2013: [...] The current condition of the Fukushima Daiichi plant is precarious – arguably worse off than it was directly following the initial catastrophe [...] seemingly continuous leaks of highly radioactive water [...] The disposition of the fuel in the melted down reactors is unknown [...] no real consensus on what on what might stop or at least diminish the leaks of some 400 metric tons a day of radioactive water into the Pacific. [...] it’s understandable that Abe would like to stuff a sock in the bad news [...]

    “Stuff a sock in the bad news."


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    Fukushima apocalypse: Years of ‘duct tape fixes’ could result in ‘millions of deaths’

    Published time: August 17, 2013

    Damaged Tokyo Electric Power Co (TEPCO) number 1 daiichi nuclear power plant at Okuma town in Fukushima prefecture (AFP Photo)
    Fukushima nuclear disasterTags
    Accident, Children, Earthquake, Ecology,Election, Japan

    Even the tiniest mistake during an operation to extract over 1,300 fuel rods at the crippled Fukushima nuclear power plant in Japan could lead to a series of cascading failures with an apocalyptic outcome, fallout researcher Christina Consolo told RT.

    Fukushima operator TEPCO wants to extract 400 tons worth of spent fuel rods stored in a pool at the plant’s damaged Reactor No. 4. The removal would have to be done manually from the top store of the damaged building in the radiation-contaminated environment.

    In the worst-case scenario, a mishandled rod may go critical, resulting in an above-ground meltdown releasing radioactive fallout with no way to stop it, said Consolo, who is the founder and host of Nuked Radio. But leaving the things as they are is not an option, because statistical risk of a similarly bad outcome increases every day, she said.

    MORE: http://rt.com/news/fukushima-apocaly...l-removal-598/

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    Default Damn Traitors and Criminals

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    Does that look like jet fuel burning? I don't think so. It looks like thousands of tons of steel, concrete, glass etc vaporizing to me. The official reason for the collapse of the twin towers that day was aircraft collision and fire caused by jet fuel. Seeing as jet fuel burns at a temperature less than half of that required to melt steel, that conclusion is a huge stretch of belief when you look at that photo.

    So how does burning jet fuel cause steel and concrete to vaporize? Look at the photo again and engage common sense, or in this case uncommon sense. It's obvious this massive explosion is not fuel burning, HALF AN HOUR AFTER THE AIRCRAFT COLLISION. Once again, common sense says that by then, the fuel has already burned. So if not fuel, then what caused the collapses?

    I'm not American but I clearly remember that awful 9/11 day. At first I was outraged with the bad Muslim jihadist terrorists or so the story went. I was even in favor of wars and going after the Islam fuckers who did it (Bin Laden & co.) I felt this crime of the millennium affected the whole world and not just America.

    But as the years rolled by I began to realize I had been conned, and so had everyone else. It turned out that 19 Saudi suicide terrorists were the bad guys. (So why did Bush attack Iraq?) Later we find 9 or more of the 19 turn up alive and well home in Saudi Arabia... none of whom were terrorists. WHAT. THE. FUCK.

    There is a huge body of circumstantial evidence linking Israel (Mossad) with rogue US elements (CIA/Military/Neocons/Zionists) as the real perpetrators of the crime of the millennium. Just a few (of thousands) questions here, I have...

    * Larry Silverslime bargain-bought the twin towers knowing they were past their use-by dates and were slated for demolition. Asbestos used in the 1970s construction made demolition a very expensive project. What a surprise, they were both demolished that day at no cost to Larry. Why he even made $7B from his insurance policies for the acts of terrorism. But wait, it gets better.

    Neither Larry nor his daughter turned up for work as usual that day. Neither did thousands of Jews working in the WTC who had received a message on their secret Jew emails saying that day would be a good one to call in sick.

    * 5 dancing Israelis were arrested as they filmed the burning buildings from a few miles away, while they whooped it up. They said they were there to film the event. WTF? It turned out they were Mossad agents. (MOSSAD AGENTS WHOOPING 9/11 UP!) After spending a few months in jail in NYC, they were suddenly released and feted as heroes on their return to Tel Aviv.

    * The aircraft vaporized as it hit the buildings. But a passport apparently belonging to one of the jihadis somehow miraculously survived and was found on a street nearby.

    * Boston airport has extensive security camera coverage, as does every major airport in the world. We never got to see any photos of the alleged hijackers going through check-in, buying tickets etc.

    * The Pentagon was hit by a cruise-type missile. See the pictures of the fresh, small hole in the wall it made, before the wall collapsed. See how it penetrated deep inside the Pentagon, which would not have been possible for a flimsy, aluminium-shell airliner.

    I still look forward to the day when the US traitors who helped organize and carry out these atrocities on their own people are revealed. They should all be lined up on the White House lawn, near a wall and shot to death by a Marine firing squad... however many there are remaining in what was a large gang of insiders.

    As for the Mossad agents, the Zionist/Neocons and those still hiding behind AIPAC, well this lot should spend the rest of their miserable lives being tortured every day in Gitmo.
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    And it beggars belief that this 911-perpetrators-nest-of-vipers wanted the whole crime of the millennium to be blamed on the stupid, dumb-ass Muslims... so that America might exterinate a large % of them, thus favoring er uknowwho... and not for the first time has this false flag deception been used before then, and since. Evil bastards the lot of em...

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    Creeping Panther says that humanity is a failed species. This time I take the affirmative.

    Yes, we are a failed species. We are programmed to FAIL. Our history is one long FAIL. We have never been able to get along with each other. War has been our constant companion since the first caveman decided to rob, rape and steal. War has been our God. In fact, the Hebrew Bible says the Hebrew God is a God of War. Our species has always worshipped war. War gave - and still gives - the warrior inside a reason for being. He can become a hero or he can die a glorious, hero's death, even more glorious than his close relatives or ancestors ever did. And he can collect medals to wear the rest of his life, especially on Rememberance Days where he can relive glory once a year, until he departs himself for Valhalla.

    And war has always been great for the economy. It stimulates economic growth and creates jobs. Oops, I'm kinda arguing for the success of our war mentality in that it has always created more wars and a healthy economy. Dick Cheney would love me.

    Scientists tell us that around 98% of species on this planet became extinct. We are programmed to fail and we will also become extinct sooner or later, and probably sooner seeing as I write, the Fukushima disaster is showing promising signs of causing us all to become extinct sooner rather than later. FAIL nuclear industry.

    Modern times are showing that war is not the only tried and tested way for mass killing. Chemtrails, smog, pollution, superbugs, crime, shit and corruption are all endemic and rising. Prozac is the drug of dependence for tens of millions today. How FAIL is that? The Medical/Pharma/Psychiatry juggernaut is totally our of control and is no longer any use for most of us. In fact, they are killing us in droves.

    Our history shows we live on a dangerous place, this earth. Planet Earth was once a fiery ball of molten iron, caught in a solar system with other planets all orbiting a massive nuclear furnace called the sun. Here we can see the madness of all this already. We live on the outer cooled rim of this ball of molten iron, hurtling along through space round and around the sun. How crazy is that? Even the sun is dangerous as it can kill you with skin cancer radiation. Melanoma is the one that kills you quickly... invented by God.

    An earthquake or tsunami could kill you tomorrow when the bridge collapses on your way to work. The tsunami that hits a little later might wash your lifeless, crushed body out to sea for the fish and crabs to eat. You go to the park and you might be killed by a falling tree branch or a piece of falling space junk. Maybe a mugger might open fire when you are too slow producing your wallet.

    None of that happens and you get run down by a bus or a drunk driver wipes you out. Tough luck. One guy I used to see a lot got hit on the head and killed by a piece of wood that flew off a high building in a strong wind and it brained him on the street below, as he walked to work at 8:53AM. That time was etched in my memory because if he had been ten seconds earlier or later, the wood might have brained somebody else. But that piece of wood just had to kill him. If only he had been late for work that day.

    I wandered off the track there again. Greed is why we are a failed species. The Vikings liked to plunder, pillage, rape, steal and generally cause mayhem wherever they felt they could get away with it. Sort of like renegade bikie gangs these days. It was difficult in those days to try to defend your house or village against a band of large Nordic madmen intent on killing everyone and taking whatever they wanted. This was a greedy race, too lazy to settle down for some honest work and producing things to sell, instead they preferred to steal from others after smashing skulls with large axes. Maybe they needed religion and Jesus.

    Then came the church to save us, but what did we get? Control freaks. Anyone who stepped out of line would be burned at the stake. They also managed to slaughter 9M Muslims and Jews during their Crusades to the Holy Land, but could not keep Israel. Religion was and is another massive fail for humanity. They still try for control, but without burning anyone these days; but they are still peddling the same tired old bullshit. Religion is greedy as well... Religion, you may join the Vikings.

    More greedy bastards invaded America. As a result 60M NAmerican Indians perished. Another 50M died because in the Euro invasion of Central and South America by the Christians again... the Spanish and their Catholic priests with them every step of the way. And slavery. Don't start me on slavery, when the Bible is clearly in favor of it. WTF? And some deluded hundreds of millions of this failed species believe that book of Hebrew gibberish to be the word of a Hebrew God? OMFG. Religion? What a joke.

    Where was Jesus and God to save the indians when they needed saving? Nowhere to be found. God and Jesus were on the side of the murderers. They had guns, bibles and friggin priests. That's all you needed to get rid of damn heathen savages.

    Then Gordon Gekko showed up in Wall Street, saying greed is good. He was only expressing what certain tribes have always believed; the tribes of bankers, politicians, lawyers, stockbrokers, casino owners, real estate developers, entrepeneurs, scam artists, TV evangelicals, AIPAC and my car mechanic. They all want what's in it best for them and to hell with everyone else.

    Derivitaves. Did I mention derivitaves? Said to owe I don't know how many quadrillions. And here I had only just got used to trillions, after Rummy famously said $2T was missing from Pentagon funding on the day before the Pentagon financial accounting department was hit by a Cruise missile. What a coincidence. Now they're talking quadrillions. WTF? How much is that? Now that is FAIL. Slam dunk, derivitave, Viking, Spanish, Slavery, Warmongering, Religion, Gekko Goddammed Freaking FAILED SPECIES.

    And now for my ace in the hole. We are all programmed to die. EPIC FAIL

    CP, you are right.

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