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Thread: Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Interview

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    Default Apollo Astronaut Edgar Mitchell Interview

    In this most significant interview with Apollo Astronaut Dr. Edgar Mitchell, one can certainly appreciate Dr. Mitchell's candor and courage in speaking out about UFO and Star Visitor reality, the government cover-up, and the role of disinformation in keeping this subject under a cloud of ridicule.
    His prediction that government documents revealing the reality of Star Visitors contact will be disclosed in 3-4 years was encouraging, and consistent with what I had heard from Dr. Michael Wolf of the National Security Council.
    - Richard Boylan, Ph.D.]

    Source: The People [London Newspaper] http://www.drboylan.com/emtchl2.html
    Date: Oct 25 1998
    Header: Yes, Aliens Really Are Out There, Says the Man on the Moon

    FORMER astronaut Edgar Mitchell is one of only 12 people to have walked on the moon. A
    highly-intelligent scientist, Edgar caused a sensation at a UFO conference in America this month
    when he claimed he has seen proof that aliens exist.

    In 1971, Edgar became the sixth person to walk on the moon. Now 68, he works as a consultant
    o the hugely popular science-fiction TV series The X Files.

    In an exclusive interview from his Florida home, Edgar told JOHN EARLS why he is convinced
    here is life on other planets and that aliens have, in fact, landed on Earth. I AM an American
    astronaut and a trained scientist. Because of my position people in high places confide in me. And,
    s a result, I have no doubt that aliens HAVE visited this planet.

    The American government and governments throughout the world have thousands of files of UFO sightings which cannot be
    explained. As a scientist, it is logical to me that at least some of these will have been witness of
    alien craft. As a former astronaut, the military people who have access to these files are more
    willing to talk to me than to people they regard as mere cranks. The stories I have heard from
    these people, who are more highly qualified than me to talk about UFOs, leave me in no doubt
    that aliens have already visited Earth.

    MORE: http://www.drboylan.com/emtchl2.html

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    Space is the new LSD ...
    During my time in Brazil I had the opportunity to get to know Dr. Edgar Mitchell. We co-paneled the Nucleus Integration of Science (NIC) Conference with consciousness-revolution authors, Marilyn Ferguson, Elisabet Sahtouris and Peter Russell, and we traveled to meet industry leaders and the local press. I was always impressed by Dr. Mitchell as unlike any “ex-military’ officer I have met, Ph.D or not. LOL!

    Forty years ago, today, Navy Captain Dr. Edgar Mitchell returned from a journey into outer space that resulted in becoming the sixth man to walk on the moon. The Apollo 14 mission was NASA’s third manned lunar landing. It was an audacious time in the history of mankind. For Mitchell, however, the most extraordinary journey was yet to come.

    read more:

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