ZenGardner socks it to us. zg

The events of late only tell one tale. The US is finished. Its impending implosion couldn’t be more obvious. If nothing else happens with their many other carefully engineered detonation devices placed in the American infrastructure, the inevitable economic collapse alone will bring the old whore to her knees. Very sad for the good folks still there but that’s the price an evil empire inevitably pays - Its downfall. If you’re in their building you’d be smart to get out, or have your escape route to higher ground well thought out and a new location prepared.

9/11 – Archetype of the American Collapse

Big buildings don’t fall easy. In fact, just as 9/11 foretold, the Masonic structure of America as symbolized by the twin tower pillars is so well built it has to be brought down by massive demolition with a whole lot of carefully fabricated “reasons” to pull the caper off. This time it’s not just a couple of kerosene filled drones. As the economy implodes, the structure of each and every citizen has been meticulously weakened after decades of mental and physical poisoning while the fabric of their society has been carefully unstitched at every seam.

There is no way the US structure can maintain any sense of integrity. The next seriously ground shaking event of any sort will likely topple the whole thing. If a food stamp card glitch causes widespread panic and a staged government shutdown causes nationwide problems, what will something serious do? And they have a massive array of weapons at their disposal.

Patriotism Will Have Nothing to Cling To

When America is eviscerated no matter how patriotic some people may be, rebuilding what they conceive as their inherent country won’t be possible. Let’s face it, the vast majority of Americans aren’t willing to work, never mind fight, to keep what’s left of it now. How will they retake it? Especially when there really wasn’t any foundation for it in the first place. However this pans out, the paradigm once called the American Way, or more aptly the American Dream, will be no more and more distant in memory than the pre 9/11 world. Whatever is left will be redefined every which way from Sunday and history rewritten to fit the new paradigm.

They’ve had this in progress since its inception while the worker bees performed their task of providing the will and manpower to equip the world to come. One they were told would be a better and free one. Yes, but not for them.

The whole idea of this implosion is to bring the US into a Eurozone concept, what they’ve called the NAU or North American Union, in a single combined unit comprised of Canada, the US and Mexico. At least for starters. It’s going to be such a mess I don’t know how far down the road that might be if it happens at all. The “big idea” as they call it is to dissolve all national sovereignty everywhere, and the US is the reigning symbol of independence.