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Thread: The Secret Story of LV Downtown Renaissance

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    Default The Secret Story of LV Downtown Renaissance

    Steve Miller saves the day!

    Diverted Disaster Leads to Renaissance of
    Downtown Las Vegas - An Untold Story

    Gutsy Mayor orders SECRET removal of boxcars full

    of rocket fuel parked in the middle of the city

    INSIDE VEGAS by Steve Miller

    On Wednesday, May 4, 1988, the city of Henderson, Nevada was almost wiped from the face of the earth. Had it not been for the small valley surrounding the Pepcon rocket fuel plant that diverted most of a horrendous explosion upward into the atmosphere, what was later termed as the most powerful non-nuclear blast ever recorded within the United States would certainly have had a much more devastating effect.

    On Thursday following the blast, I used my Las Vegas City Councilman credentials to gain access to the site where Pepcon once stood. I suspected there was more ammonium perchlorate rocket fuel nearby at the adjoining Kerr Mcgee factory, and I wanted a closer look.

    Only fifty drums containing fifty-five gallons each of ammonium perchlorate was what it took to turn part of the southern Las Vegas valley into something resembling Ground Zero at the old Nevada Test Site. I wanted to know if Kerr Mcgee was still producing the powder. My suspicions were confirmed!

    After driving my truck inside the perimeter set up by the Henderson Fire Department, I followed a dirt road around the tangled remains of Pepcon and the adjacent marshmallow factory to access the rear of the Kerr Mcgee plant. Through the telephoto lens on my camera, I focused on a loading dock stacked with hundreds of yellow fifty-five gallon drums stenciled with the words AMMONIUM PERCHLORATE.

    MORE- http://www.americanmafia.com/Inside_...ide_Vegas.html
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    What? No conspiracy theory? No mob/city collusion in the blackmail of Union Pacific executives?
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