Source: E. Jacobson:
The Top Five Ways To Win More and Lose Less

In a casino, winning more means optimizing game-interactions with profitable customers to drive higher revenue. Losing less involves recognizing that not every customer will be profitable; the casino must find ways to mitigate losses. In table games, the casino wins more when players play more rounds, make larger wagers, the games move faster, and the house edge is maximized. The casino loses less when the games are well-protected from advantage play and cheating, when the staff is well-educated, and when the focus is on what matters in game protection. Both of these aspects of table games operations are critical to increasing bottom line table game profits. This post summarizes the top 5 ways to win more and lose less.

Top 5 ways for your table games to win more:
  • Deal deeper through the shoe between shuffles.
  • Avoid unnecessary elements in shuffle procedures.
  • Get rid of the no-midshoe entry policy.
  • Encourage dealers to deal faster and put the fastest dealers on the highest-value games.
  • Optimize the rules and payouts to maximize return in your competitive environment.
Top 5 ways for your table games to lose less:
  • Learn a wide variety of methods advantage players are using to beat the games.
  • Redesign the physical layouts to avoid common problems.
  • Use cards and shuffling procedures that guard against card weaknesses.
  • Protect the games against their greatest vulnerabilities.
  • Be aware that every game can be beat.
The key to making more and losing less is to understand the costs and benefits of every policy, procedure, and strategic decision. Understand what’s necessary to protect games. Accept that there are useless procedures that eat at your profits and get rid of them. Make sure staff is educated on both yield management and advantage play. Get the right games, the right pay tables, the right layout and the right equipment. A few small changes will generate a dramatic increase in your table games profits.