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Thread: Why Do You Say Yeshua Instead Of Jesus?

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    Default Why Do You Say Yeshua Instead Of Jesus?

    Why Do You Say Yeshua?

    Several years ago, a meeting took place between Jewish and Evangelical theologians to address common concerns and discuss similarities and differences. At one point in the meetings, in the midst of all the dialogue, one Evangelical posed this question point blank: "Why don't you Jews just accept Jesus as your savior." At this question, the Jewish leaders picked up and left without further discussion.

    Messianic Believers use a different terminology than most other believers to express our faith. For example, We say YESHUA instead of JESUS. We call ourselves BELIEVERS instead of CHRISTIANS. We refer to our places of worship as CONGREGATIONS instead of CHURCHES. The reason for this is the anti-Semitic history of the Church. We say MESSIAH instead of CHRIST. We use YESHUA, the Hebrew name of Jesus, to express ourselves as Jewish believers, and to help our Jewish brethren to see that not only is the Messiah Jewish, but believing in Him does not make us non-Jewish, and is a fulfillment of God's promises to our People.

    More - http://www.hearnow.org/wy.html
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