There are many kinds of love, thousands states of love, different levels and also different expressions.

True love is not a feeling, it is a state of consciousness. You act in a different way, you behave and look at things in a different way, everything is different.
So if you fall in love with someone, if you feel a special connection, a kind of closeness, intimatety the question comes „how should you deal with that?“ Should you imitiately run to this person and confirm your feelings to him/her or should you wait? And when you decide to wait how long should you wait and why? What happens within you and in the other person who is involved when you talk with him / her about your attraction?

You have to recognize that every single person has a different point of view of the same situation and also the happenings he is involved. So also his/her reactions and feelings will differ from yours.

What does the spiritual teacher Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov recommend and how does he explains it? Let’s read the following thoughts:
Every man is a representative of the heavenly Father, the cosmic Spirit; and every woman is a representative of the divine Mother, the universal Soul. Yes, all the human beings around you, men or women, represent a divine principle: either the masculine or the feminine principle. Whatever their shortcomings and imperfections, therefore, surround them with light and love, imagine them in light and love. By considering them in this way you will influence them, and through them you will receive love and light in return. (JANUARY 15, 2003)

Most human beings believe that happiness lies in being loved. Of course, they agree to love a little, but they believe that the main things is to beloved. This is easy to prove: why do they suffer when they learn that the person they love does not give back that love or does not give back as much as they wish? They wait for the outside world to give them love. If it does not come or if it is taken away, they feel deprived: they do not believe in their own power, in their own force of love, they need love to come from outside of themselves. In reality, to find peace and joy, you must not wait for love to come from other people anymore, but decide to rely on your love: because inside of you lies the source of love and this source is inexhaustible.
(FEBRUARY 10, 2001)

Try to imbue your love with purity and light, for this is the only way to be sure that those you love flourish and fulfill themselves. True love bestows every blessing: joy, peace, beauty and health. Above all it gives meaning to life. If you see those you love wasting away, you must ask yourself what you are doing to cause this. You should be tending and caring for them, just as a gardener cares for his flowers, but if you have only succeeded in making them wilt, you have nothing to be proud of. On the contrary, it is time you started looking for ways to correct you mistakes. Your love should help those you love to grow, and it is only when you see this happening that you have a right to feel proud, happy and grateful to Heaven. (FEBRUARY 20, 2001)

Man (the masculine principle) and woman (the feminine principle) represent two poles and these two poles are creative because they make exchanges. These exchanges may take place in the physical plane, but they can also be made in the more subtle planes through speech, through thought or with the eyes, and they are just as vital as food and air. If human beings were taught the art of making exchanges, they would always be happy and totally fufilled. But since most lack this art, they poison each other. As for those who stop making exchanges all together, they die psychically, spiritually.
So how should we go about making such exchanges? Well, just as we do with the sun. The sun is far away, high up in the sky, and the exchanges we make with it take place in the subtle plane, with its heat and its light. If you went up there and embraced the sun, you would be burnt, so you must embrace it with your look, with your thought. And if men and women could also be content with simply embracing each other from afar, their lives would be filled with subtle, poetic love. (APRIL 2, 2002)

It is worth studying the behavior of two people in love because it teaches us many lessons. A young man meets a young woman, but she lives far away and they must part. He can therefore no longer see her, but since the first moment they met he holds her in his heart and in his soul, she is part of his life, and she constitutes a constant connection with the world of poetry, beauty and inspiration for him. Well, inwardly this young man is already experiencing spiritual life, in that an idea, a thought, an image is enough; he does not need a physical presence to be happy and feel inspired. In reality therefore, the idea we form of things and beings can be more powerful than the things and beings themselves. You should know this truth and know how to use it in your spiritual development. (JULY 16, 2002)

Heaven will never forbid you to love whomever you please on condition that you know how to love. To love someone is to want to cultivate all that is most luminous in oneself in order to share that light with them so that they too may advance on the path of light. If you love someone for their heart and soul and spirit, if you want to help them to advance and flourish and become perfect, Heaven will bless you for it. But it will not approve if you are only looking for the satisfaction of an instinct and are not concerned about that person’s evolution. In any case you will not feel very proud of yourself either; you will soon feel dejected and disconnected. Certain indications make it possible to see this for yourself. If you are spiritually uplifted and overflowing with vigour, gratitude and joy after an exchange with the man or woman you profess to love, it is a sign that you are on the right path; Heaven is within you and manifests its approval. But if you feel none of this it means that you have simply followed your animal instincts, and in the long run this will have very negative effects on you. JULY 30, 1995)

If you want to win someone’s love or friendship, never exert pressure on them by means of money, gifts, seduction or bribery. Everyone else uses these methods as they are successful and easy: but do not use them yourselves. The only method you have the right to use is light: it is the only truly effective method. Send gifts of spiritual light to those whose love you would like to win, and spread that light all around them. When you want someone to love you, to think of you, send him light: his soul, which will feel the presence of a beneficial entity, will appreciate you more and more. (AUGUST 1, 1999)

Do not concern yourself with knowing whether the person you love is also the person who loves you. Why not? Because love circulates; it goes from one person to the next. If you receive it, you also have to give it. What you give the person you love, he or she in turns gives to the person he or she loves, and so on. It forms a chain, a current that starts from you and comes back to you having passed through thousands of other beings. People who are content with simply returning each other’s love do not let the current flow. In fact, they do the opposite: they cut it off.

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