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Thread: Giant, Walking Vaginas Protest!

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    Default Giant, Walking Vaginas Protest!

    No, this is not from some surrealistic Godzilla flick, this is Tampa, Florida, 2012. I fully expect
    a counter protest of Penises to follow soon. I can see it now: Penises of the world, rise up!


    2012 Republican Convention: Protesters Dressed as Vaginas Greet Delegates (Video)
    10:48 AM PDT 8/27/2012 by Paul Bond

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    Pro-choice protesters accost delegates at the Republican National
    Convention as they arrive to party with country star Rodney Atkins.

    TAMPA, Fla. -- Giant, walking vaginas have descended upon the Republican National Convention.

    Several demonstrators from the feminist group Code Pink wore frilly pink costumes while others adorned with cardboard cutouts resembling the sexual organ were milling about Sunday looking for Republicans.

    PHOTOS: The 20 Biggest Political Players In Hollywood

    A Florida website called Shark-Tank.net captured video of some of them during their preparation (video below). The protesters carried signs saying such things as, “Read my lips. Leave my vagina alone,” and argued that pro-life Republicans are waging a war against women.

    But with the official proceedings, along with two Lynyrd Skynyrd concerts and the premiere of an anti-Occupy Wall Street movie canceled Sunday and Monday due to weather, it wasn’t until Sunday night at The Welcome Event that the protesters found a large group of Republicans to confront.

    As several thousand conventioneers arrived in buses at Tropicana Field, an indoor stadium where baseball’s Tampa Bay Rays play, they were met by about 400 protesters -- some of whom were in their vagina costumes. By that time, though, convention-goers hardly took notice of the crowd, and well-armed police and military personnel kept the demonstrators away from the party inside the stadium.

    PHOTOS: Will Ferrell, Zack Galifianakis at the Premeire of The Campaign

    Inside, delegates chanted the Pledge of Allegiance and sang along to "God Bless America." Many wore red, white and blue, and some dressed in unusual costumes of their own: cavalry uniforms, kilts and, Tampa Bay being the home of the NFL’s Buccaneers, more than a few pirate outfits.

    There were even a few Democrats roaming the floor, some obtaining credentials through the St. Petersburg/Clearwater Film Commission.

    The show included short sets from American Idol alum Shannon Magrane and The Voice veteran Karla Davis.

    Headlining was Rodney Atkins, singing songs about “freedom, family and the good Lord -- and the right to bear arms.”

    Keeping his set family-friendly throughout, Atkins even cleaned up some fairly harmless lyrics (“bustin’ our asses" became “bustin’ our backs”) and earned some of the loudest applause when he toasted “the men and the women at home and abroad defending this country” before launching into his song "If You’re Going Through Hell (Before the Devil Even Knows)."

    Email: Paul.Bond@thr.com

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    I don't think those women have anything to worry about. NOBODY will go near their vaginas. Maybe a giant douche bag would consider an encounter with those lips and help them clean up their act.

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    Default Take Your Vagina to the RNC

    Dogma schmogma

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    I hear they tried to do a citizens arrest on Condalisa Rice. I guess these lefties are like any others. They can't abide successful black people. They believe blacks are supposed to stay poor and vote the way they tell them. If they don't they call them Uncle Tom's or Oreos. How dare they think for themselves. They are supposed to stay on the plantation doing their liberal masters bidding. The ones that are able to become successful learn the truth to this and see how the left keeps their people down. Then they either become independent or Republican. You don't see many successful black Democrats.

    The diversity was on parade yesterday at the Republican convention. Latinos and blacks were featured speakers. I tuned into the major networks to see how this was reported after the day's events were over. MSNBC was saying where is the diversity. I commented to my friend that they must not have even watched the convention. He tells me they broke from the coverage every time a nonwhite speaker spoke so they could lie to the viewing audience by saying it was all white. I guess they don't care about their credibility anymore because anyone with a brain has figured out how full of it they are. The others are so gullible they will believe them no matter how badly they ruin their credibility. It is interesting how people will watch what they know is a lie as long as it bolsters their viewpoint. they don't care about being informed just that their intolerance is enabled. It will be interesting to contrast the FOX network coverage of the Democratic convention.

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