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Thread: The USA: Military Arm Of The New World Order

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    Default The USA: Military Arm Of The New World Order

    The USA: Military Arm Of The New World Order

    Is there any doubt that the United States of America is the military arm of the New World Order (NWO), as it has been since World War I?

    Just as the City of London has functioned as the world headquarters for the financial arm of the NWO, and Vatican City has functioned as the religious headquarters for the NWO, Washington, DC has functioned as the military headquarters for the NWO.

    Surely you have read or heard by now that each of these city states was set up as an autonomous political entity so that no one could control them except their masters within the Global Control Matrix (GCM). When you understand this reality, you can clearly understand all that has taken place with the US of A for the past hundred years. Viet Nam (What on earth were we ever doing there?), Korea (Why was MacArthur willing to drop an atom bomb there?), Argentina and Chile (The CIA plot to assassinate Allende was also about what?), Iraq (Twice!!), Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran (Economic warfare and stealth bombings), Cambodia and Laos, Cuba and Grenada, Nicaragua and El Salvador, Honduras and Panama, East Timor and Suharto’s Indonesian, Serbia and Bosnia, Somalia and Yemen, Libya and Syria, etc. etc., etc. Will the bellicose behavior ever end?!

    If Americans only felt the pain and suffering caused by the US Government's war machine....

    Here’s a pretty comprehensive listing of most of the overt military aggressions, conflicts, interventions engaged by the USA since 1775. This listing of “Extraterritorial and major domestic deployments”, as Wikipedia calls it, is as lengthy as it is overwhelming.

    Timeline of United States military operations

    There is no country on earth, not even the once all powerful British Empire, that has been engaged in so much military aggression over the past 100 years. Clearly, America’s destiny was to act as the enforcement strong-arm for the World Shadow Government (WSG). And so it does. Right up to this very day in both Syria and Libya, Iraq and Afghanistan. Even when American troops leave those theaters of war altogether, the USA will still enforce the dictates of the WSG, carry out the orders of the GCM and follow the agenda of the NWO by proxy.

    MORE- http://cosmicconvergence.org/?p=1167

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    Dang! And all along I thought Jerusalem was the religious head of the NWO. At least, it should be the financial head of the NWO, shouldn't it? And doesn't it control US military might? You have to take these articles with a grain of salt.
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