"How does an illness start and how does it spread? It begins first of all with a microscopic germ which, as it develops, eventually overwhelms the entire person. This germ is an idea which attaches itself to the mental plane in an individual. From there it descends to the astral plane where it is expressed in emotions. Next it manifests as actions, and finally it settles in the physical body. It is imperative that each of you be sufficiently conscious to stop this process before it appears as an illness on the physical plane. Say to yourself: Im not thinking correctly, Im experiencing negative emotions which lead me to behave in deplorable ways, and these are the germs of future illnesses! To prevent this state from spreading to the physical plane, I will begin by attacking the causes on the mental and astral planes where they are found. It is by keeping watch over your thoughts and feelings that you really work for your health."

Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov