Gold and silver are spiking up again with gold hitting $1670 an ounce or so and silver hitting $42 an ounce or so. It's been a "perfect storm" for gold and silver. Those manipulating our fiat currency system have tried to keep it all afloat but the mismanagement that has occurred is substantial and has gone on sufficiently long enough that the lame measures they are currently taking the equivalent of trying to put a band-aid on a severed artery. Political posturing and playing silly games back and forth show just how arrogant these people are and accomplishes little. People are scrambling for cover, people no longer trust their judgement... I sure as heck don't! This is all turning out exactly as was predicted long ago and I wonder what is going through the brains of those claiming that I was way off base with the statement that "Our global fiat currency system is nothing more than a giant, elaborate ponzi scheme that best serves only those at the top of it all and will ultimately lead to inevitable failure at some point".