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Thread: The truth about Alex Jones and his "InfoWar" & "PrisonPlanet"

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    Default The truth about Alex Jones and his "InfoWar" & "PrisonPlanet"

    The truth about Alex Jones and his "InfoWar" & "PrisonPlanet":

    Alex Jones is close friend and socialize with Papel SMOM Knight of Malta Patrick J. Buchanan, and a lot of other SMOM members, Charlie Sheen`s father Martin Sheen is educated on the jesuit Fordham university.

    Get the point folks?

    Alex "CIA" Jones Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor, "Alternative Media" Master Gatekeeper

    Alex Jones Connection to Project Mockingbird through Pat Buchanan and Thomas Braden

    CIA, Knights of Malta, Alex Jones and Bill Cooper:

    William Cooper was a sincere Patriot. When he foretold that there would be a great attack on America and that the attack would be blamed on Osama Bin Laden he explained exactly why.

    It was because about five months before 9/11 a CNN reporter walked right in on Osama and got an interview where Osama allegedly stated that there would be a huge attack on America and/or Israel.

    Cooper pointed out that Osama was a wanted man and had been successfully hiding from the "world's greatest intelligence apparatus" as Cooper put it. Yet a Journalist from CNN (CIA) walks in a gets an interview with him as explained by Cooper here.

    Common sense like this is not needed in the spin driven, historically bankrupt "Alternative media" that has been so completely hijacked that it's a total joke at this point. (Ha! and I get called cointelpro for pointing out highly suspicious aspects of "Alternative media". that tells me that there is no cointelpro against Jones. Or the Cointelpro is the Alex Jones movement itself.)

    Cooper was onto the biggie 'agent' in the movement. Alex Jones. He called Jones a liar. If you are in the patriot movement which is synonymous with exposing 'TRUTH' and a great patriarch like William Cooper calls you a liar you can pretty much expect that Alex Jones would not be able to 'take off' the way his movement did.

    Cooper's legacy is turning out to be an important one. The spotting and outing of a phony in our midst. Alex Jones, this one's for you. You lied about Cooper to the patriot movement. You are the liar, the divider, the wolf in sheeps clothing. You are the phony, the entertainer, the magician and ringleader of a multi ringed circus.

    You are the Jesuit infiltrator so carefully groomed and placed in out midst with falsities guiding your every move from the very beginning.
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    "Alex Jones IS Operation Mockingbird"? ...
    ...Actually he does seem like a mockingbird, now that you've pointed it out! zg

    What is Operation Mockingbird? SpirituallySmart.com VS Alex Jones (Jesuits, CIA, Knights of Malta)

    "The dogs bark but the caravan moves on."
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    The Zengrifter / James Grosjean Reputation Debate
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    I have not every listened to much of Alex Jones's productions: radio or video... maybe twenty hours or so--little to nothing about real solutions amid the fear-mongering.

    Interesting critique of AJ on another thread at another site: http://www.reactorbreach.com/showthread.php?tid=1056

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    I am somewhat knowledgeable of the reporters that Alex has on his news production staff and I can tell you that I could not identify the voice of the reporter in that video you posted in the link. I don't think the guy works for Alex or Inforwars for that matter. That video was all doctored up. Alex operates totally on donations given by his supporters, unlike the billion dollar corporate media. I believe that Alex is legit as far as disseminating information to the masses as an alternative to the mainstream media who don't have a clue on how things are being run. To back that up he has credible guests on his show to discuss issues that are plaguing our society. I've been in tune with Alex for years and the guy runs a better news network than any mainstream corporate media giant that I have seen. Infowars is number 1 in news along with The Drudgereport, LiveLeak, KingworldNews, and a host of others. In my opinion Alex Jones gave the best interview in television history when he debated Piers Morgan on CNN a few years back... The interview was incredible! https://www.youtube.com/watch?featur...&v=_XZvMwcluEg
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    Default VT Knows

    Some articles from Veterans Today...

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    Default Filth Watch

    "'Filth Watch'

    "American investigative journalist Stew Webb is has compiled a list of purported 'free speech' news sources funded or controlled by intelligence agencies and organized crime. Most are heavily 'anti-Obama.'

    "They became such when the rift between the Obama administration and Israel widened. Efforts to cleanse the US military and CIA of 'Israel firsters' including those tied to the theft of nuclear weapons or supplying terrorist groups with weapons and training, are railed against.

    "The Iranian news platform Press TV, often seemingly unknowingly carries articles attacking President Obama for opposing sanctions against Iran.

    "Alternative media, at this juncture, is almost entirely right wing, a 'sea change' few noted. The powerful and well financed Alex Jones/InfoWar group is broadly supportive of the right wing 'police state' that it supposedly opposes, while peddling 'fear porn' and Islamophobia. Under careful scrutiny, InfoWars and many other such publications are thinly-veiled Israeli psychological warfare operations.

    Webb's 'Filth Watch' has identified dozens of would be activists or 'progressives' as FBI informants, many with 'cookie cutter' personal histories of petty crime and fraud, arrests and charges put on hold while the 'FBI stooges' are reborn infiltrators, agent provocateurs or, recently, race war agitators."

    Read the full article at: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2015/04...s-have-failed/

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    "A few months ago, Cruz made a number of comments criticizing the Neocons, but now he and the gangs are sleeping with each other. And what does that tell you about people like Alex Jones who promoted Cruz as some kind of Hercules who would rescue America from the abyss of debt and political manipulation? Will they ever come to terms with the way things really are?

    "Last year, Jones promoted a Cruz video in which Cruz declared, 'It's a time for truth. A time to rise to the challenge.' Will Cruz and Jones rise to the challenge? Will they even suggest that Israel is an enemy of the United States and therefore should be morally and politically challenged?

    "If Jones does not have enough backbone to say something meaningful about the Israeli regime, why should people trust him? Why shouldn't we say that he too is in cahoots with the Khazarian Mafia?"

    Read the full commentary at: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2016/03...re-in-cahoots/

    Jones censors others who repost his materials such as that found in the thread at: http://www.zenzoneforum.com/threads/...-to-Alex-Jones

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