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Thread: Apology to zengrifter and more

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    Default Apology to zengrifter and more


    I apologize about my misunderstanding of you and hope we can start all over. I appreciate the "New Improved" Jstat site" posted on Bjinfo and the debate it has created. The apology is also on the "JSTAT blackjack count" Group on Facebook posted today.

    I also noticed you replied to "Harveys Lake Tahoe stung by Thorp and JSTAT" asking "Could it possibly be true? How would he know?" It was true and don't appreciate the "Ted Baxter" of blackjack FLASH1296 calling this "utter nonsense." I made a YouTube video called "Card counting at single deck 21" recently, which explained how to determine blackjack frequencies using the JSTAT Count. Many times the hi-lo count will be minus while blackjack frequencies will be higher than normal. Sometimes the hi-lo count would be high while the BJ frequencies would be low to impossible, and bet low. So I fired away using this scenario knowing surveillance used hi-lo as a skills check. This is the art of playing 3:2 single deck. This did fool Harvey's, but why beat a dead horse.

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    Apology accepted. zg
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