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Thread: Oath Breakers and the Age of Treason

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    Default Oath Breakers and the Age of Treason

    JULY 25, 2010 | THE EXCAVATOR

    Oath Breakers and the Age of Treason

    "Patriotism," said George Orwell, "has nothing to do with conservatism." Love for one's country is not right or left; it is not the sole province of the poor, or the rich; and it can be expressed in different ways. Benjamin Franklin gave voice to the spirit of patriotism when he said; "We must all hang together or we shall most assuredly all hang separately." Today, patriotism is in need of greater allegiance than ever before. Almost all countries in the world, but especially America because it is the largest military power, are under the threat of a global dictatorial "new world order" that is being deceptively established as the coming together of nations in the interests of saving the planet, but in reality serves the interests of a private international banking cartel, and the global corporate elite. It is a war between two classes more than it is a war between two philosophies. Both sides, the nationalist patriots, and the globalist oligarchs, have much to gain, and lose.

    How did we get to this point in history? Telling the facts is complicated because they are not gossip material, and they are hidden from public discussion by the mainstream media, but once they are grasped, it is really quite simple to understand. Powerful elites have always dominated nations, from the Greeks to the modern world, and America is not an exception, but never have the top one percent of oligarchs acted so aggressively against the interests of the people.

    Since the end of WWII, America has been misdirected by its government controllers in the biggest way, and for the most evil designs. John F. Kennedy tried to change course, but he got shot in the head for it. It wasn't pretty. Forty-seven years after his death, and there still isn't any sense of national closure because his true murderers have not faced justice. In fact, they still rule America through the usual tricks of the trade: deception, secrecy, and fear. Largely unknown to them until now, the American people have suffered under a tyrannical and traitorous shadow corporate-state that killed their President, and which operates secretly behind a cowardly, and self-serving political class, in the name of "National Security." High treason, war crimes, and state terror are the defining features of this "National Security State." And it was created for purposes that are not much different from those of the Nazi regime; power, greed, and world domination for elite profits.

    In short, America was covertly overthrown by a tight-knit group of criminal insiders. The coup happened in stages, and achieved through deception, assassination, and terrorism. The seminal dates are 1913, when the private Federal Reserve Bank was established; 1963, which saw the assassination of a real and independent president; and 2000, the beginning of the Bush Administration and the reign of the neoconservatives, who got into power by stealing the election.

    From the fifties onward, with the honorable exception of John F. Kennedy's brief reign as President, the American people have been treated as slaves, and held hostage by their much despised government, public representatives, and shadow rulers. No more a constitutional republic, America became a totalitarian "top secret" empire that is guilty of the invasion and occupation of two innocent countries in the Middle East, and is waging the largest illegal war in history, a "war on freedom" disguised as a "war on terrorism."

    Outlandish language like the "war on terrorism" is the norm in Orwellian America, where everything is the reverse of what government leaders say. The "Patriot Act" of 2001 is actually the "Traitor Act." The war on terrorism is the war on freedom; the 9/11 investigation is the 9/11 cover up; Israel's acts of self-defense are in reality acts of criminal aggression; the financial collapse is the financial heist and con; hope and change is more of the same; national security is national tyranny; a new world order is the last vestiges of an old world's chaos. But the truth matters little, and instead, lies are cherished. Like sheep, the people are deceived into loving the traitors, and fearing the patriots.

    Mass propaganda, secrecy, and deception are the linchpins of the NSS. The American people are denied the full knowledge of the shadow government's crimes and lies, and since they lack foresight, knowledge of the past, and historical imagination, many of them can't anticipate future deceptions, and future acts of state terror by their two-faced criminal leaders.

    MORE- http://disquietreservations.blogspot...f-treason.html
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