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Thread: Gulf oil spill ideas stalled by red tape

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    Default Gulf oil spill ideas stalled by red tape

    Dallas Business Journal

    A few companies in the private sector have pierced through the government and British Petroleum red tape that is keeping many organizations from helping with the Gulf Coast oil spill, but they are an exception to the rule.

    Apparently, unless you’re movie star Kevin Costner, it’s going to be difficult to collaborate with BP on the cleanup.

    The cold shoulder from those in charge of the cleanup has become frustrating for Dallas investment banker Fred McCallister, who feels like he’s jumping through hoops to offer aid in the Gulf of Mexico.

    McCallister, who works with Allegiance Capital Corp., remains frustrated by his inability to get permission to put foreign-flagged skimmer vessels on Gulf of Mexico waters to help with the spill cleanup.

    He has been pushing for the commander overseeing the cleanup process to waive the Jones Act, a federal law that requires ships operating on U.S. waters to be registered vessels. McCallister told the Dallas Business Journal he has filed two requests through two separate channels, but has had no luck getting clearance for himself or for other vessels.

    In addition, he has contacted U.S. Sens. Kay Bailey Hutchison and John Cornyn, as well as governors leading states bordering the gulf waters for assistance.

    Read more: http://www.bizjournals.com/dallas/st...ustry&i=energy
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    Default Pretty Slick (2015)

    "Filmmaker James Fox grows frustrated by the lack of plain talk and BP's inability to plug a gushing well after its Deep Water Horizon rig exploded and sank in the Gulf of Mexico. During the summer of 2010, Fox moves among locals across four Gulf states documenting the largest man-made environmental disaster in U.S. history. He flies over ground zero with Marine Biologist Dr. Carl Safina who warns him that BP is sinking the oil with the chemical dispersant Corexit, sweeping it under the rug. He investigates this further and conducts his own independent water tests to determine toxicity levels. The results show that public safety takes a backseat to a tourist-based economy and the symbiosis between big oil and government becomes clear."

    Documentary website: http://prettyslickthemovie.com/


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