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Thread: my 1st trip to Vegas

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    Default my 1st trip to Vegas

    Hi @ all,

    i will spend my holidays in two weeks in Las Vegas. It's my first visit in USA and hope i will enjoy my trip. Because i think some of you has visited Las Vegas much more then i have i would appreciate to hear what is a must see in Las Vegas? Where can i buy some cheap trousers, shoes and stuff like this (G-Star, Levis, Diesel, Nike, etc.) - well i hope these things cost not as much as in germany. Is the Hover Damm a good choice or should i spend my time elsewhere? Of course you can give me some hints. Thank you for your time and help.

    Regards from Germany

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    Default Single Minded

    Chris, I'm not going to be much help to you on this question. I'm afraid that when I go to Vegas, I'm pretty much single-minded in that the only thing I'm looking for is a good Blackjack table. I do not know about stores where you might find inexpensive clothing. I do know that Hoover Dam is something like 30 miles from the south end of the Strip. I went there once. Looks like a dam to me . Traffic was pretty bad with a long line of backed up traffic in both directions. The tour that used to take you deep inside the dam has been extremely restricted...or was when I went. But as you get close to the dam, the scenery around the mountains there is very nice.

    The unique thing about Las Vegas though is not the scenery in the mountains. It's the scenery on the strip. There is so much to see in that 4 mile stretch. Many of the casinos have shows going on that are free....Treasure Island, Mirage, Bulagio, and don't neglect the Flamingo "penguin habitate." But again, I can't tell you a lot about activity on the Strip. I usually spent 95% of my time when in Vegas on Fremont St.
    Mike A

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    Default shops and stuff

    I hope this helps. There is a shopping centre called Belz which is worth a visit, off the south strip past the Mandalay Bay. Don't get a bus it takes ages.

    However, the newest one (can't remember the name) is close to Downtown, you can get a bus or a taxi (around $5-10) from Fremont Street. It is a out of down designer type of place, but there are loads of shops and it is worth visiting. If you look on www.lasvegas.com or www.vegas.com. the shopping info is posted there.

    I got some great bargains in january this year.

    enjoy vegas

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