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Thread: Aspartame="Rumsfeld's Disease"

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    Default Aspartame="Rumsfeld's Disease"

    Aspartame and "Rumsfeld's Disease"
    A Politically-Induced Biochemical Disaster

    by Don Harkins

    Among the many ironies of our modern world is that Gerald Ford awarded the Presidential Medal of FreedomAmerica's highest civilian honor to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld on January 19, 1977. Just a few weeks later on March 8, Rumsfeld became the CEO of G.D. Searle to take point on a mission to force the Food and Drug Administration to approve for human consumption a known carcinogen and neurotoxic poison. Mission accomplished: Today some 9,000 commonly consumed products are laced with this weapon of mass misery and millions of people live with chronic illnesses linked to the artificial sweetener aspartame. It is our belief at The Idaho Observer that if some guy named Parkinson can have a disease named after him, then Donald Rumsfeld ought to have his own disease, too. Hence the term "Rumsfeld's Disease".

    The look of a man who know-
    ingly poisoned millions

    Today, Donald Rumsfeld is known throughout the world as the zealous U.S. Secretary of Defense who is waging a global "war on terror" in search of "terrorists" and "weapons of mass destruction." Most people, however, are not aware that Rumsfeld himself unleashed a chemical weapon of mass destruction upon the world in 1981-and it's still out there destroying people all over the world. That "WMD" is aspartame and it has been scientifically and anecdotally linked to millions of chronic illnesses and deaths.

    The evidence shows that, with full knowledge of aspartame's neurotoxicity and carcinogenicity, Rumsfeld, as the CEO of G.D. Searle, Co., "called in his markers" to achieve U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval for the artificial sweetener aspartame, better known by its trade name "NutraSweet."

    ...continued here - http://web.archive.org/web/200605120...ewpoints2.html
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    Soon after the trials began, lab animals (monkeys and mice) began experiencing adverse effects ranging from brain lesions and tumors to seizures and death. Yet Searle petitioned the FDA for aspartame approval in February, 1973. According to Turner, Searle provided the FDA with over 100 studies claiming they proved aspartame was "safe." An independent analysis of these studies, however, proves conclusively that aspartame is actually a dangerous, neurotoxic, carcinogenic and highly addictive drug.
    I might try it on some ants over the weekend. probably works better than crap the govt will allow as ant killer.

    Trusting Searle's promise that aspartame was safe, the FDA approved the limited use of aspartame in dry goods on July 26, 1974.
    no independent studies?
    wtf is that?

    Not surprisingly, the same adverse reactions seen in lab animals in the 60s and 70s are now being seen in the general population. In his first book on aspartame (1990), Dr. H.J. Roberts stated that in five or 10 years we would have a world wide plague on our hands if we do not remove aspartame from our food supply
    heinous self-seeking cretins

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brutus View Post
    I might try it on some ants over the weekend. probably works better than crap the govt will allow as ant killer.
    As a matter of fact...

    Got an Ant Problem? Use Aspartame
    For all the dire health problems associated with aspartame -- the worst of them being cancer -- the original "anything-but-sugar" substitute may have an ideal purpose to exist, not as a food additive, but an ant poison.

    ...continued here - http://www.mercola.com/blog/2006/aug..._use_aspartame

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    After using a little "equal" on part of the driveway saturday afternoon, half of them are gone.
    this is great news. I usually use a product called "amdro" which works best on a fresh can, but then effectiveness dwindles with time. so my plan is to alternate between the two.
    thanks ZG for the link

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    Default "Once listed as a biochemical warfare agent."


    By Pat Thomas | THE ECOLOGIST
    Posted: 26 September 2005

    Aspartame is the most controversial food additive in history. The most recent evidence, linking it to leukaemia and lymphoma, has added substantial fuel to the ongoing protests of doctors, scientists and consumer groups who allege that this artificial sweetener should never have been released onto the market and that allowing it to remain in the food chain is killing us by degrees.

    Once upon a time, aspartame was listed by the Pentagon as a biochemical warfare agent. Today it's an integral part of the modern diet. Sold commercially under names like NutraSweet and Canderel, aspartame can be found in more than 5,000 foods, including fizzy drinks, chewing gum, table-top sweeteners, diet and diabetic foods, breakfast cereals, jams, sweets, vitamins, prescription and over-the-counter drugs. This means that there is a good chance that you and your family are among the two thirds of the adult population and 40 per cent of children who regularly ingest this artificial sweetener.

    ...continued here - http://www.wnho.net/the_ecologist_aspartame_report.htm

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    its been a few days since the ants got aspartame.
    the population is down about 75-80%

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brutus View Post
    its been a few days since the ants got aspartame.
    the population is down about 75-80%
    Finish 'em off - add a little FLOURIDE. zg

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    where is that available?
    is it toxic as well?

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    Default Fluoride: Wonder drug or super poison?

    Quote Originally Posted by Brutus View Post
    where is that available?
    is it toxic as well?
    Fluoride: Wonder drug or super poison?
    By Cameron Woodworth

    We’ve all seen it on TV a million times. This or that brand of toothpaste, made with fluoride! The wonder drug that’s going to save our teeth from cavities! If you hear it enough growing up, especially as an impressionable youngster watching children’s TV with its endless toothpaste commercials, you just might start to believe it.

    What the commercials don’t say is that fluoride was known in the early 1900s as an excellent rat poison. According to Robert Carleton, former scientist with the EPA, fluoride is more toxic than lead, and not quite as toxic as arsenic. It’s a waste product of many heavy industries—derived from the production of pesticides, fertilizers, aluminum, iron, steel, copper, lead, uranium, brick, cement and glass, among others.

    Studies over the years have pointed to fluoride as a possible carcinogen, a bone-weakening agent and even a reason for decreased fertility among women. As the Oakland Tribune writes, a few grams of the stuff are enough to kill you.

    And yet, most of us buy toothpaste with fluoride (it’s what our dentists usually recommend, after all). More ominously, two-thirds of the water supply in the United States is fluoridated, which some observers say is akin to forced mass medication.

    Fluoride has been banned in many European countries because of possible health hazards. However, the United States government continues to push communities to fluoridate their water supply. A growing number of people think this has less to do with preventing cavities than with helping industry handle a toxic waste problem.

    No more than a pea

    As it turns out, too much toothpaste may not be good for your health. ...

    ...continued here - http://www.naturalchoice.net/articles/flouride.htm

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brutus View Post
    where is that available?
    Just add a little colgate tooth powder to the brew. zg

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    Whistleblower On Original Aspartame Toxicity Studies

    From Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum
    Bettym19@mindspring.com | 10-12-6

    Dr. James Bowen was 30 in 1983, when he nearly died from drinking aspartame laced Diet Kool Aid. He began to research why this chemical is so destructive and when he went public it cost Dr. Bowen his medical practice, safety, freedoms and personal liberties. These vile consequences were triggered by his 1984 appearance on CBS Evening News when he warned America.

    Dr Bowen relates: "I was one of only two independent scientists, who ever read the original aspartame toxicity studies from FDA files. They were done at only 1/1000th the legally requisite dose. In that minuscule dosage the rat brain cancer was the worst ever caused by any chemical ever tested at any dosage! When they marketed aspartame for soft drinks in 1983, the next six months saw a 10% jump in the US brain tumor rate, and also a 30% jump in the incidence of new cases of diabetes.

    "It denies belief that FDA would consider this 52 week oral toxicity study as pivotal in the approval of aspartame. Five out of 7 of the infant monkeys had grand mal seizures and one died. http://www.dorway.com/raoreport.pdf All the study proved is that aspartame is poison.

    "If that wasn't bad enough, in those humans tested at a dose level of only three cans of pop per day it caused immediate 250% increases in visible human illness; both bone and breast cancer in those human test subjects, whose immune systems were so damaged. Two were dead within a year, in spite of all modalities - surgery, chemo and radiation therapy."

    "Reported by a translator, the original manufacturer, Searle, sacrificed people in poor villages in 6 countries. These studies showed aspartame destroys the brain and central nervous system. Victims suffered seizures and brain tumors within 18 months. How many studies have been done around the world but never reported. Aspartame brain tumor cases are now being taken by Mission Possible Intl from New Jersey and New York. http://www.mpwhi.com/aspartame_lawsuits.htm

    "Other whistleblowers should come forward as aspartame has caused all sorts of tumors and cancers and neurodegenerative diseases. I suffer myself from Lou Gehrigs triggered by aspartame. Recently I've achieved welcome mitigation of aspartame disabilities by a new and novel treatment protocol, a new nutritional stem cell releaser utilizing your own steam cells. After a 23 year journey into discovery of this deadly drug, I'm expert on every phase of aspartame toxicity, and its politics, and I'm always ready to listen and share what I've learned."

    Contact: James Bowen, M.D.,
    POB 988
    Kapaau, Hiawaii 96755
    808 889-1357
    drjimbowen@stemtechhealth.com #3470901

    Dr. Bowen can be seen in Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World, www.amazon.com
    Many of his reports are on www.dorway.com and www.wnho.net

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    Default First Aspartame, now Splenda

    Finally, A Great New Important Use for Splenda!!

    As well as dieting on blood, mosquitoes also like to snack on "sweets," generally nectar from flowers and nectaries on plant leaves and stems.

    Scientists are attempting to exploit this habit to help get rid of the pests.

    Researchers sprayed acacia trees with a solution of sugar mixed with the insecticide Spinosad. The result was the elimination of almost the entire mosquito population of the nearby area.

    Mosquitoes' habits would allow for targeted spraying. Of 77 flowering plants in Wisconsin, for example, mosquitoes prefer only four. However, desert and savannah regions, where malaria is on the rise due to such factors as environmental changes and the growing resistance of mosquitoes to conventional insecticides, would benefit most.


    Dr. Mercola's Comment:

    If you thought using an artificial sweetener like aspartame or Splenda as an insecticide was a bit far-fetched, consider this study.

    Although this article doesn't explore the possibility, obviously, given the chemical structure and history of Splenda, it certainly makes more sense to use it in that manner than it does for humans to ingest it ...

    Malaria is responsible for the deaths of an estimated 2 million people every year. (Some experts believe malaria may have killed half the people who ever lived!) The standard approach for malaria prevention is to kill mosquitoes with DDT. In many ways, however, Splenda is similar to DDT, as it is a chlorinated hydrocarbon.

    Also, many do not realize this -- and I learned of it while researching my new book Sweet Deception -- but Splenda was actually discovered by accident when researchers were working with compounds that were insecticides. One of the Indian researchers misunderstood his instructions and thought he heard taste the chemical, when it was test the chemical.

    And, as they say, the rest is history ...

    Since Splenda is already sweet, you wouldn't even need to mix it into a sugar solution as you would with Spinosad.

    My new book Sweet Deception is now officially available for pre-sale on Amazon.com.

    It has been absolutely amazing what we have been able to uncover. You will be shocked to learn that the absorption of Splenda into the human body was studied on a grand total of six men. That was the only human study performed that looked at this. From this the FDA allowed them to generalize this study to the entire human population.

    The study was published in a journal that accepted a number of studies that were entirely funded by the manufacturer. The study was so poorly designed that it would not even merit a rejection letter from a major peer-reviewed journal. Yet the company was able to convince the FDA that this tiny study could be extrapolated to the entire spectrum of humans on the planet.

    Right now there are absolutely no long-term safety studies for this substance in humans, only a two-year study on rats.

    I have much more startling information to reveal to you, but it will have to wait till the fall. I suspect this will be another NY Times bestseller, and there is a good possibility the book will run out of its first printing. So if you want to be among the first to know the truth, visit SweetDeception.com.

    You might want to take a look at the pages of testimonials from our own readers who feel they have been harmed by Splenda. If you have noticed any side effects yourself, there is a form you can fill out so that you can add your story to the hundreds of others that have been submitted.

    Related Articles:

    The Secret Dangers of Splenda
    Splenda Compared to a ''Biochemical Warfare Agent''
    Controversy Surrounding Splenda's Deceptive Marketing Campaign

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    Default Death By Aspartame

    Death By Aspartame

    By Carol Guilford

    Merry Kay Protheroe, of Wichita, Kansas, daily drank 10 diet Fresca, artificially sweetened with aspartame (Equal, NutraSweet). On August 31, 2006, Merry's husband, noting her lethargy and confusion, rushed her to an ER.

    According to the hospital laboratory report, Merry Kay was in acute renal failure, confused, combatant, vomiting, dehydrated, delirious and diagnosed with severe metabolic acidosis-methanol poisoning.

    Merry was put in full restraints because she was pulling out tubes, the catheter, everything connected to her. In her delirium, she kicked a nurse in the face.

    Merry believes it was one of the doctors in the ER who suspected she had been poisoned by her husband; this doctor reckoned her husband put antifreeze in his wife's food, for an extended period of time.

    Merry began to improve, according to a consultation evaluation by Ahsan Y. Khan, an MD at Via Cristi Regional Medical Center. "Mrs. Protheroe agreed to a mental status examination. The patient denied any suicidal or homicidal thoughts." In the interrogative, Merry was asked if a family member could have poisoned her.

    One night, Merry heard police talking outside her hospital room. "A really scary part of this was my family wasn't around on the third detail (at night) when the uniforms came in to check on me to see if I was going to live. If I died, which was certain, I heard them say, they could arrest my dear husband of 35 years and/or my granddaughter, one of my best friends in the world."

    After nine-days in the hospital, Merry Kay Protheroe went home. To date, no criminal charges have been pressed against any of her family.

    In 1993, the FDA, under the Freedom of Information Act revealed 92 symptoms caused by aspartame; Weakness is No.10, Blood glucose disorders are No. 63, Change in hair or nails is No. 66, Many lumps present is No. 71 and Death is No. 77.

    Since Merry has stopped using aspartame, she is stronger, her glucose levels are more stable, her hair is growing thicker, lumps on her arm have dried up and fallen off and she is alive.

    Merry Kay survived methanol poisoning but Charles Fleming, 37, in June, 2000 did not.

    Like Merry Kay, Charles (Chuck) Fleming was a heavy user of chemically-sweetened cola, drinking, every day, 10 Diet Cokes with aspartame. At night, Chuck switched to bourbon and diet Sprite, also with aspartame.

    For those unfamiliar with the methanol (wood alcohol) content of aspartame, it is 10% of the molecule.

    The aspartame manufacturers assure 'users' there is more methanol in a glass of tomato juice than in their product. The truth is, the methanol in aspartame is 'free' meaning the methanol is unaccompanied by ethanol, nature's antidote for methanol. In natural food sources of methanol, such as tomato or orange juice, ethanol is found at concentrations of 5 to 500,000 times that of the toxin. The most authoritative information about the methanol in aspartame is from Dr. Woodrow Monte, retired Professor of Food Science.*

    The Innocent Woman

    Although Diane Fleming passed a polygraph three times with 'flying colors', she was arrested, tried and convicted for 'spiking' her husband's Gatorade with windshield washer fluid, containing methanol. Sentenced to 30 years for murder and 20 years for adulteration, Diane has been imprisoned in the Fluvanna Correctional Center, in Troy, Virginia, for four years.

    An NFT1 test(gas chromophotography) or a Raman Microscope test can prove accurately where the methanol in the Gatorade bottles originated. The Chesterfield, VA. police have told Diane's counsel, David B. Hargett, they do not have to release the Gatorade bottles, still in evidence.

    What Diane's supporters want to know is: Why won't the Chesterfield, Virginia police department release the evidence?

    A year-and-a-half after Diane was convicted, her best friend, Betty Rickmond learned, surfing the Internet, that aspartame contains lethal methanol.

    Because of an antiquated law in the Commonwealth of Virginia, after a defendant is convicted, new evidence cannot be used in post conviction appeals to prove innocence. In Diane's case, this means no expert opinion can be brought in to establish the distinct possibility that Chuck Fleming died from aspartame poisoning.

    Diane Fleming's appeals for freedom are coming to an end. Diane's writ of habeas corpus (very few cases even get that far) was rejected by the Virginia Circuit Court and the Virginia Supreme Court. If the appeal had been won, Diane would have been granted an evidentiary hearing or a new trial where information to prove her innocence is permitted.

    On a personal note, this writer, a supporter of Diane's for more than three years, flew from LA to Richmond for the oral argument to the Supreme Court of Virginia.

    Prisoners do not attend their hearing appeals, but I was able to meet Diane for the first time, at the jail.

    Diane is a very brave, strong woman. She survives "lousy food and not enough of it", standing in "pill line" to get medicine, and "shakedowns" as prison guards go into your room/cell and throw everything out into the hall. Most of all, Diane has lost the pleasure of rearing her daughter, Meagan, now 13 years old.

    Diane Fleming's husband, Chuck Fleming became ill after playing basketball on a hot June Sunday afternoon; it was that Sunday he drank his first bottle of Gatorade. He and Diane bought the Gatorade to mix with creatine, a 'muscle-enhancing' supplement Chuck wanted to try. Note, Chuck used the creatine inappropriately by not drinking any water and by using 3 times the recommended amount, which can cause a dangerous 'creatine blast' according to Dr. Terjung, Professor of Physiology at Missouri University.

    Chuck told Diane he thought he had 'a little flu bug'; he ate only ice cream for dinner and went to bed early. Not until the next day did Chuck agree to go to the ER where he was diagnosed with the identical symptoms as Merry Kay Protheroe-- acute renal failure, confusion, combatant, vomiting, dehydration, delirium and diagnosed with the same fatal sickness-- severe metabolic acidosis, methanol poisoning.

    Important to know is it was Diane who first called the police because one of the doctors at the hospital told her Chuck had died from methanol poisoning. It was Diane who showed the detectives the (sealed) windshield washer fluid on the garage shelf and the Gatorade bottles in the refrigerator, where her then 7-year old daughter had access. Jeffrey, Diane's son was graduating from high school the next Thursday and Diane's parents were driving up from Missouri for the occasion. Diane had just bought Chuck woodworking table to surprise him for Father's Day.

    Six years after Chuck's death, five of Diane's closest friends and I listened to counsel, David B. Hargett's 10 minute appeal to the Supreme Court of Virginia.

    The Court rejected the appeal; a Petition for Rehearing has been filed.

    In his latest letter to Diane, Hargett writes: "I feel we have a strong argument, but the Supreme Court rarely changes its mind."

    The strongest argument and a primary reason Diane Fleming was wrongly convicted is "prosecutorial misconduct", legally called a "Brady violation."

    The Smoking Gun

    One can easily see Krystal Kleer windshield washer fluid is blue; when one adds this windshield washer fluid to a lemon-lime Gatorade, the flavor Chuck drank, the liquid turns green and smells bad. An affidavit from Virginia state toxicologist, Joseph J. Saady, swears he found no blue dye in the Gatorade bottles, but he decided not to send the bottles out for further forensic testing. The prosecution hid this exculpatory(proving innocence)evidence from the defense.

    Circuit Court Judge Cleo Powell, also the trial judge who heard counsel David B.Hargett argue the habeas the first time around, sided with the prosecution. Powell ruled the windshield washer evidence was not exculpatory because the prosecution, at trial, never argued the windshield washer fluid killed Chuck.

    Yet, in the one-day trial, the transcript shows 37 references to the windshield washer fluid and the windshield washer fluid, linked to the Gatorade bottles, is cited 113 times.

    In the pending Petition for Rehearing, David B. Hargett informs the Court that Diane Fleming's case is not the first time Diane Fleming's prosecutor, Warren Van Schuch hid evidence. The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals, in VA, admonished Van Schuch "This prosecution team displayed a disconcerting lack of respect for its sole responsibility to ensure 'that justice shall be done', as opposed to merely winning the case."

    In another case, prosecutor Von Schuch's misconduct resulted in a reversal. "The Court finds that Van Schuch acted improperly and in violation of prosecutorial obligations."

    In a best possible scenario, Diane will be granted an evidentiary hearing or a new trial where experts on methanol poisoning can testify; among them are, endocrinologist, Dr. H.J. Roberts ("Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic"), neurosurgeon, Dr.Russell Blaylock ("Excitotoxins: The Taste That Kills"), toxicoligist Dr. Hildegarde Staninger, Dr. Janet Hull ("Sweet Poison") and former Judge Mary Nash Stoddard, consumer advocate.

    Most importantly, the Gatorade bottles, still in evidence, must be obtained for testing.

    The injustice done to Diane Fleming must be rectified.

    Carol Guilford is an LA-based writer and author of "The New Cook's Cookbook", "THE Diet Book", "Carol Guilford's Main Course Cookbook" and "The Easiest Cookbook."

    * http://www.dldewey.com/monte.htm

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    It was Diane who showed the detectives the (sealed) windshield washer fluid on the garage shelf
    the "sealed" washer fluid?

    Joseph J. Saady, swears he found no blue dye
    who were the detectives?

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    Default FDA Lied [Again] About Aspartame

    FDA Chief Von Eschenbach - Going Once...Going Twice...

    By Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum
    4-1-7 /RENSE

    Dr. Von Eschenbach,

    Is it FDA policy to lie when the truth will do better? Affirmative!

    FDA lied to the New Mexico legislature about aspartame with full knowledge of its toxicity.


    I filed a formal petition for the banning of aspartame five years ago. The law requires an answer within 180 days. The response I received was a letter stating FDA has more important things to do. A global plague - Aspartame disease * rampages and is ignored, disabling millions. Read Aspartame Disease: An Ignored Epidemic by H. J. Roberts, M.D.


    Indeed FDA has more important things to do, like approving Vioxx for a body count of 55,000.

    Since my deeply documented petition, aspartame's diseases have skyrocketed: birth defects, retardation, autism, brain cancer, seizures, sexual dysfunction (count the Viagra ads), lupus, MS and death. A 1038 page medical text gives hundreds of case histories. Even FDA once listed of 92 reactions including death from over 10,000 consumer complaints, more protests than ever before received on a "food additive". Our sleeping watchdog's response was to kill the report 10 years ago, and deny it ever existed.

    Could any of this be connected with the parade of FDA officials who got fat jobs in the aspartame biz? Is the ocean wet?

    The horror reports didn't stop when FDA closed the complaint window; I've received tens of thousands about this addictive, neurotoxic carcinogen. To FDA's Mitchell Cheeseman I reviewed their crimes in the approval process together with the damning protest of the National Soft Drink Assn against aspartame approval published in the Congressional Record. I called his attention to the adulteration issue NSDA brought up, then I reminded him that it's against the law to market an adulterated product or ship it interstate.

    Cheeseman cavalierly announced: "We can get around the adulteration with section 409". FDA doesn't care how lethal aspartame is, only how to get around the law. He couldn't respond to the statement of FDA's own toxicologist, Dr. Adrian Gross, who told Congress that aspartame, violates the Delaney Amendment, which forbids anything in food that produces cancer in animals.

    Break the law, ignore the law, get around the law; it's all the same to the Fatal Drugs Allowed gang!

    Aspartame is sold as an additive tho FDA knows it's a drug that interacts with all drugs and vaccines: I told Cheeseman: "If anybody knows how deadly aspartame is, it's FDA, since they revoked the petition for approval in l980." He lied and said there wasn't any petition. I emailed him a copy and he changed his tune.


    When the 3-year Ramazzini Study on 1,800 rats confirmed FDA's original records by showing aspartame is a multipotential carcinogen, FDA lied once more.

    When FDA was interviewed by the New York Times it all came out, they spoke from the heart and whined that "The economics would hurt the manufacturers if they banned it." Kill the consumers but don't hurt Big Daddy's checkbook.


    Dr. Von Eschenbach, what does it take for FDA to tell the truth?

    So now, Dr. Von Eschenbach, you're under investigation for lying to Congress. Be proud that your tenure has endured beyond the 2 months of your predecessor, dog doctor Lester Crawford. A veterinarian, over a sleeping watchdog, it fits!

    Why, you've been our FDA Commissioner 3 months already!

    All's well that Ends!


    Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum, Founder
    Mission Possible International
    9270 River Club Parkway
    Duluth, Georgia 30097 770 242-2599
    www.mpwhi.com Aspartame Information List
    The Aspartame Toxicity Center

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