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Thread: The Beginning Of The Olympics And The Third World War

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    Default The Beginning Of The Olympics And The Third World War

    The Beginning Of The Summer Olympics
    And of The Third World War

    Earl Of Stirling


    The Olympics are what is right about the world. On this last Friday, the eighth day of the eighth month of the eighth year of the new millennium we witnessed a fantastic spectacle, a peaceful gathering of the many nations of our small blue planet; a competition of the best young athletes from all over the world. The Olympics make us proud to be humans; proud to be citizens of Earth.

    Sadly, on this same day, we saw what future historians will count as the day that the Third World War began. It was designed this way, by the evil people who worked hard to begin the war under the cover of the Olympics.

    We all like to be right, myself included, but sometimes it is not so wonderful. I have written a series of articles over the last few weeks on the coming nightmare centered on the neo-con grand strategy. I predicted the outbreak of hostilities in Georgia and Russia and said that there is a strong link between what is happening there and to what is about to happen against Iran. I said that the war in Georgia was intended as a strategic distraction for Russia as America, the United Kingdom, France, Israel, and others assemble their large naval blockade of Iran, but a strategic distraction that would backfire. I also described the massive US Naval armada headed for Iran; the make-up of this extremely large and powerful force is as I described it several days ago (this has now been confirmed by Israeli sources).

    As Russian troops and air force pilots, and thousands of Russian civilians die in combat in Europe for the first time since 1945, only miles from their homeland (on land that was part of the Russian Empire and Soviet Union for centuries), the sleeping Russian Bear has been awaken and filled with a terrible resolve. The fact that only within the last few weeks have the 1,000+ American Marines - sent in to train the Georgians for this very war - left is not overlooked by the Russians.

    The fact that (according to DEBKA the well-connected Israeli strategy and military site) over 1,000 Israeli "mercenaries" are actively engaged in combat with the Russian Army on the side of the Georgians is also not overlooked. The fact that the American neo-con administration and the Israelis have been engaged in a fury of advanced arms sales and deliveries over the last year, and that these weapons are killing Russians on their own historic territory, is not overlooked.

    The fact that the Bush administration tried very hard to get its European NATO partners to accept Georgia as a NATO member without success (too many European nations saw the trap and smelled a rather large rat), and the fact that had this neo-con gambit succeeded NATO would be in war against Russia now ~ this also is not overlooked by the Russian bear. The fact that the Georgian Defense Minister is a 'former' Israeli and many current and retired Israeli generals are deeply involved in Georgia is also not overlooked by the Russian bear.

    The American-supported, Israeli commando-staffed, attack on the civilian population of South Ossetia ~ where Georgian troops conducted volley-fire artillery cleanings of a number of villages and settlements housing Russian citizens, destroying people's homes and killing 1,500 civilians (and killing 10 lightly armed Russian peacekeeping troops and wounding 30) in the opening stages of the attack ~ is also not overlooked by the Russians. This is the Russian 9/11.

    While the Russian 9/11 was taking place, the massive American/British/French naval armada was/is assembling to begin the blockade of Iran (a blockade is considered an act of war under international law), and the European Union, acting under cover of the media coverage of the Olympics, has formally approved a blockade of Iran (not using the word blockade but establishing tough new sanctions on Iran with cargo inspections and intercepts ~ in other words a BLOCKADE). Neither Russia nor China, which gets a large percentage of its oil and natural gas from Iran, are willing to allow this to happen. The strategic distraction for Russia is not going to work; nor is China going to allow its distraction ~ the hosting of the Olympics ~ to rob it of its strategic source of oil and natural gas, so necessary for its economy.

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    Everyone wants to be the one who prognosticates the beginning of the third world war. I guess that's supposed to be the sign of a real genius or something. The third world war will start when the third world war starts. Eventually one of these pundits will be correct.

    In the meantime, Russia is doing its thing with Georgia, which a highly placed source has told me it always despised as a country of inferior people in the first place, something akin to the bigotry against pre-1960's Afro-Americans in this country as characterized by the N word. I sought this clarification because at first glance it seemed Russia was well within its rights defending Russian citizens in Osetia. It became apparent there was more to it than this when Georgia signed a cease fire but Russia with all its far superior strength refused.

    And the so-called blockade of Iran is really only the enforcement of legitimate sanctions against a wayward nation. Anything might lead to the third world war. We can't live in fear that every right action we take might lead to some ultimate disaster. That would paralyze the world inviting some even greater disaster to take hold. My only reservation is that sanctions seldom work--I can't think of a case where they did work. But the world is pretty much limited as to what it can do to address the behavior of one of its nations. When diplomacy fails, it's either sanctions or war.
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