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Thread: They really, REALLY don't want me playing in Reno/Sparks!

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    Default They really, REALLY don't want me playing in Reno/Sparks!

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    Default Just the tip of the iceburg

    Quote Originally Posted by Automatic Monkey View Post
    You're absolutely right, Mr. Monk. You should be sh*t'n your pants by now because I've uncovered even more disconcerting news regarding the local situation in Sparks.
    Since your last visit (rampage through) Sparks it seems that Mr. Ascuaga hired a team of loss prevention consultants in an attempt to thwart your terrorist activities. The resulting consensus was to develope a lethal backroom which could not be proven as such by County or State authorities. The perfect solution was to install a series of ultra high powered de-humidifiers along with super intense, mega watt spotlights to both dehyrate and bake you simultaneously without leaving a trace. The firm of Charles River was really conducting those very experiments when the news was leaked to the media. Rumor has it that the primate experiment was ultimately successful and the "snitch" had been mummified and is currently serving out his remaining eons as an ornament atop the new tower of the Peppermill.
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